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The last one is a hilarious prank - a great idea, too.
3 Jul 2006
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Shopping tips and gift suggestions for everyone and every budget this holiday season New York - November 29, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- For most people, the thought of holiday shopping brings about stress, panic and severe anxiety. We worry about how to satisfy the hard to please and tend to always go over budget. But all is not lost. Strategic shopping tips can help eliminate stress, save money and break the Holiday Gift-Giving Syndrome! "Before you start your holiday shopping, always keep in mind three strategic shopping tips: you should set a budget; purchase items with cash not credit cards; and shop online to avoid crowds, rising gas prices and traffic and parking lot horrors," says Victoria Pericon, Lifestyle Correspondent. "To pick the perfect gift for everyone on your list, you should get gifts that relate to the individual's interest and hobbies," Pericon says. "A Swatch watch is a great gift idea for someone who wants more time," says Pericon. Swatch's current collection reflects the flavors of the season. They come in sparkling crystals, icy snowflakes, braided stainless steel bracelets and winter white leather straps. You can purchase these watches at your local Swatch store. Pericon says, "For something a little more exotic yet personal, a great idea is to give a customized bottle of Kahlua. All you have to do is go online to www.kahlua**** and you can create a personalized message that will be professionally printed on the authentic Kahlua label. You can then apply the label to the Kahlua bottle and give it to friends and family or even the host of a party." For someone who appreciates great dining experiences give them new certificate gift packs from www.Restaurant****'s gift center," says Pericon. The gift packs offer bundled gift certificates for 8,000 restaurants nationwide and include gourmet food and lifestyle products like steak, seafood, coffee, wine, fruit, cookies and even spa treatments. The gift packs are available in a variety of bundled quantities. Budget-friendly options are available such as a $25 value restaurant gift certificate for $10, or a $125 value gift pack for $50. They can be customized, printed out or sent via email within seconds for easy last-minute gift giving. Pericon says, "You can give the gift of 'peace of mind' with fashionable medical identification jewelry from American Medical ID. They have styles ranging from charm bracelets and dog tag necklaces to more elegant pendants traditional bracelets, children's sport bands and even watches — all in a variety of materials. You can give these medical ID bracelets to anyone with health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, heart conditions or those with food, drug or insect allergies. They should wear these bracelets in case they are involved in an emergency and unable to speak for themselves. The American Medical ID bracelets and gift cards are available online at www.IdentifyYourself****."
16 Dec 2006
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This is a great idea!!!
20 Apr 2009
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This is the first video in an EPIC video series about the teleportation properties of food items. Its a great idea! trust us!
20 Feb 2007
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This one is a classic. We saw this scantily clad girl (She only had cotton covering her "areas", hence the name of the video). Daniel had the great idea to ask her if he could vacuum her. Naturally he chickened out and I had to step in as it was just to much of a good idea to pass up. (Afest 05)
1 Apr 2007
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Five years ago, an automaker would have to completely design, engineer and build a car all in the same country. Now, plants, assembly lines, design studios and engineering studios are all computerized, making it possible to design a car in Korea and have it engineered in the U.S. Advancements in technology have interconnected economies around the world- the effect being better prices on consumer good, especially cars. At this year's New York Auto Show, General Motors is showing off three mini concept cars collaborated from their design studios in ten different countries. The network of studios they have is far more powerful than if they were working individually. If a design team in Brazil comes up with a great idea, all the other design teams, be it Australia or Germany can all see it in virtual reality and can share their feedback. With a thousand designers around the world living the local customs, culture and driving conditions, General Motors and Chevrolet is opening the final design decision up to their consumers to chose which of the three vehicles debuting at the New York Auto show they'd like to see built. Produced for General Motors
15 Apr 2007
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A guy at an outdoor evening dinner party gets a great idea while his friend is at the buffet getting more food.
10 Jun 2007
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Do you think you could inspire the public to take action on climate change? If so, we want you to make a short film that encourages us to do just that. If you've got a video camera - even a mobile phone - and lots of great ideas, you could have your piece broadcast exclusively on Sky, reaching one in three homes across the UK. Want to know more? Of course you do! Go to *******www.skycast****/greenshoots
9 Jul 2007
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Mom Matters is to easy-to-watch, anytime minutes of practical ideas for more productive parenting. Cooking together is a great way to have fun and share some productive time and experience with your kids. However, with the potential dangers and mess, some parents find the experience too stressful. Cooking educator, Sharon Tomlinson, will talk about how to set up and manage a safe cooking environment with your kids. She'll discuss some hidden dangers and how to avoid them. Sharon will also give you great ideas to make healthy dishes together that the entire family family can participate in and enjoy. For more information about this and other Mom Matters episodes, visit our blog at *******mom-matters.blogspot****
12 Jul 2007
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me and my brother had a 15 pound wieght and threw it at the wall. not a great idea
8 Aug 2007
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Key Phrases: rain check = 雨票 to let your hair down = '把头发放下去' ; 放轻 ; 玩一下 Example Conversation: Joan: John, congratulations on closing the Smith account. John: Thank you very much. But now the hard work really begins. Joan: That's true John. But, why don't you let down your hair and come enjoy some beer with us tonight? Let's celebrate. John: Hmmm, Joan. That's a great idea. But I really have to get busy. Tonight, I need to speak with the office in Shanghai; they'll start work while we are sleeping here in the United States. As such, can I have a rain check? Joan: A rain check? John: Yes, a rain check. I'd like to go out for beers with you guys next time if that's OK. Joan: That's fine. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
1 Sep 2007
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Scrapbook mini album pictures made from *******scrapbook-crazy****. Free instructions and great ideas to make mini books and altered art.
2 Sep 2007
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Great idea!
20 Sep 2007
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a great Idea to keep car thieves away.
22 Sep 2007
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from www.Hawaii-Activities-Information****: Combine the Circle Island Tour Hawaii with a visit to Pearl Harbor. Great Idea! An Oahu bus adventure that is affordable too.
27 Sep 2007
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View this great idea. A cool and funny Halloween snack for kids.
17 Oct 2007
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