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Michael Jackson - Greatest Show on Earth.
5 Sep 2017
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Dhyan Chand Singh, popularly known as Dhyan Chand, will always remain as the greatest field hockey player that India ever had, and it’s not just about Hockey, Dhyan Chand is also regarded as one of the most influential sportsperson that the nation ever produced. Not only Dhyan Chand took India to new heights in a sport that is the country’s national sport, but he was also one of the most feared players on the field and his goal scoring abilities are still a benchmark for active players, all around the world.
31 Aug 2017
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Whitney Houston , Celine Dion, Mariah Carey - Greatest Hits.
11 Sep 2017
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Probably The Greatest funny Boxing Match Ever
16 Sep 2017
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The secret that lies beneath all magic tricks and illusions is that people actually do want to be tricked and to believe in magic. The voice of reason tells us that it is simply impossible to saw a woman in half and then just glue her back together. Nonetheless, we smile joyously as children and give the magician a round of generous applause. We’re sorry to upset you, but this video is going to shatter a myth of the existence of magic as it reveals a few secrets of some world-renowned illusionists. So, these are 5 famous magic tricks revealed.
1 Sep 2017
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The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile. - Plato. A subconscious mind can do wonders, if you learn to access and control it. Alpha state of mind is the doorway to access your subconscious mind. Learning to reach alpha state of mind conquer oneself and take advantage of it. 1 Lie down comfortably and stare at a point. Close your eyes. 2 Breathe deeply and slowly. Visualize that with every breath you take in, you take in positive energy and every breath you breathe out, you breathe out the unwanted negative energy from your body. Relaxation is very simple. You should let it go. Let go of all the worries, problems. Let your body be limp and muscles be relaxed. 3 Imagine a white angel light entering your body through your legs. As the light enters your body, your toes become much heavier and relaxed. Watch the light go to the other toe and getting it relaxed. Now this light moves up to your ankles, calf muscles and thighs. Your legs are completely relaxed now.
7 Sep 2017
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Breaking Bad is the greatest TV show ever created! Fight me! I will defend this show’s honor! From the breathtaking cinematography to the awe-inspiring narrative, each episode is an absolute treat and takes film making to the next level.
28 Aug 2017
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PV Sindhu has been one of the most talked about Indian sportsperson on the internet these days and from making India proud at Rio Olympics by winning a silver medal to becoming the No.2 female Badminton in WBF rankings, in just over seven years, PV Sindhu has scaled new heights and has even been regarded as one of the best players to have ever played the sport. Be it her aggression, her talent or the skillful swing, PV Sindhu has always maintained her flawless stance on the court and has given her opponents a run for their money. In her most recent outing, PV Sindhu had to settle for a silver after losing 19-21, 22-20, 20-22 to Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara in a hard-fought final of 2017 World Badminton Championship in Glasgow, Scotland. However, the match lasted for an hour and 50 mins, and Man!! It will go down in the history books for being one of the greatest shuttle battles of all time.
29 Aug 2017
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Clearing an IELTS exam in 1st attempt is one of the greatest achievement of all, to do so, you need to find a perfect place where you can learn all the tips and techniques to get upto 8.5 band. Sir sm imran's IELTS institute provides brilliant training to boost up your performance. Here students have got 8.5 salman 1st position
30 Aug 2017
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Our society has been meddled with false contemporary ideals surrounding the gender binary that it has led to inevitable confusion in our interactions with the opposite sex. This incongruous logic has proliferated for over a century and has corrupted the psychology of the masses to the extent as to where the greatest perspective of the gender binary has been suspended and relatively nonexistent. Until now.
30 Aug 2017
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Live chat services is one of the greatest customer support solution for various business, but there are certain tips to keep in mind for enhancing the growth of customer experience . In this PPT we will see some of the do's and don'ts of live chat support.
1 Sep 2017
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The excitement of New cars under 10000 is considered as the people greatest dream this year for the well-crafted and gathered feature and performance. It has been a while since the last issue of next generation Ford Taurus that will be created. Therefore, some speculators try to reveal and seek the camouflaged prototype testing. Its greatness, design and overlook quality, it looks like an oversized Fusion/Mondeo which shouldn’t come as a big surprise given Ford’s most recent designs which share the Aston oversized front grille.
3 Sep 2017
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