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Scenes from The Andaman Players performance of the original one-act comedy - "Adjoined" - at the Green Man Theatre, Phuket. Originally broadcast on Phuket Today.
20 Oct 2008
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Afternoon teas are great, but see how the crowd and ambient change at Quixote's Green Man Pub at night! To know more about Quixote, the Euroburners and NOWHERE, go to www.qccb****, www.euroburners****, www.goingnowhere**** and www.nowheredays****!
3 Oct 2007
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People who knows me already know I'm totally hooked by this killer whistling tune by Peter, John and Bjorn - so of course, as soon as I plugged in as dj at the Green Man Pub I just dropped it! We were at the end of the night, and the atmosphere is one of a pub, not club - but people were happy and nodding their heads to the tune!!!
3 Oct 2007
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He recycles empty cans…brings groceries home in re-usable bags…even unplugs electronics when not in use. It’s a super-hero! It’s an energy-saving star! It’s Super Green Man! He may look like any ordinary renter, but this apartment super-hero is a true friend to not only his roommates but also to the environment. He tends his own organic garden and shares the yield with his roommates, uses natural light and keeps his engine running lean and mean by walking instead of driving. Cast your vote now for Hasan or your other favorite roommate at *******www.roommateoftheyear****. Hasan Abdullah from Raleigh, NC is a finalist in the second annual national Apartments**** Roommate of the Year Contest. The voting stage is open now through July 30, 2010 when the votes will be tabulated, narrowing down the competition to five fabulous roomies, one of whom will be named the Apartments**** Roommate of the Year and win the grand prize of free rent for one year plus $10,000.
19 Jul 2010
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Recorded the morning before Halloween, "Samhain: Green Man of Death" [2005] is more a warning to Christians to refrain from following this wicked "way of Cain." Pastor John Visser examines the origins of the Fall festival known as All Hollow's Eve and looks into the Green Man bard in the process. This is an anti-witch study about death itself as Samhain is considered Satan's evening.
19 Jun 2012
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Kitchy loves flowers, but kitchy is special, very special!
18 Jul 2007
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Join the Quixote Cabaret Camp at Burning Man 2007 for an afternoon tea - check out the mice crowd, and stay in line for a chilled coffee-milk shake (booze available too). The Quixote Cabaret Camp (my camp this year, and from now on) has been on the playa for 4 years. Quixote is run by the EUROBURNERS, the European burners collective who also runs the European Burn event NOWHERE, in the Spanish desert of Monegros. If you want to know more and get involved with Quixote Cabaret, the Euroburners posse and NOWHERE, go check www.qccb****, www.euroburners****, www.goingnowhere**** and www.nowheredays****! See you at Decompression London 2007 and NOWHERE 2008!
31 Dec 2007
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sorry about the ending , for some reason i lost some pics and had to start over and i also lost the background, and i didn't have good lighting, and well its good in the beginning an it only bad for 7 clips. Enjoy!
6 Oct 2007
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10 Jan 2011
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Original music and playing instruments by Marcus Nalgaber and Mora Amaro Vocals by Mora Amaro and Marcus Nalgaber Lirycs by Mora Amaro Music production and mixed by Mora Amaro and Marcus Nalgaber © All Rights Reserved by Onacarom Music *******onacarommusic**** ********vimeo****/onacarommusic ************/channel/UCAaK7mFK7fUpf1E99I1Qtow ********dreammy****/profile&u=onacarommusic ************/playlist?list=PLqkZkoXbumbmD4fqKgHbmiK-15eDk67CX ********vimeo****/channels/onacarommusic
25 Oct 2016
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True Horror In Front Of You
24 Dec 2008
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Lightwriting in London by the Lichtfaktor crew. An amazing new technique achieved by setting the camera to long time exposure and writing with flash lights on the landscape. Music by The Green Man / Basswerk. www.skymovies****/starwarsVstartrek
8 Aug 2007
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