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Green Flash - Le Freak *******www.greenflashbrew**** *******www.mybeerquest**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Jan 2009
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This episode we take a look at Green Flash's Hop Head Red Ale, which asks the consumer to decide between its worthiness as a pale ale or amber ale, and Thirsty Dog's Siberian Night Russian Imperial Stout, which wins high marks with both of us!
20 Jan 2009
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Green Flash (2009)
8 Mar 2009
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from *******www.beachconnection**** . The Manic Tour Guide goes in search of zombie whales, ghosts on the coast, glowing sand, the green flash at sunset...and strange, alien bar life. What is found includes crazed Space Kittens (from Space Room in Portland), a Tom Green-like moment at the Whale Watch Center in Depoe Bay, strange atmospheric anomalies, wacky coastal weather, bits of road rage, culinary atrocities and wonders, and glowing phytoplankton on a nocturnal Oregon coast beach. Also, almost the green flash at sunset.
1 Sep 2009
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Maximum Ride fanvid to Evanescences 'Sweet Sacrifice' Sorry for the repetetiveness; I only have a few clips at the moment. Also, sorry for those random green flashes. I have no idea what they are or why they're there; they only appeared after I had save the video in a format suitable for uploading. Song (c) Evanescence Max Ride (c) James Patterson Movie clips are (c) their respective owners This video is NOT a trailer for the Max Ride movie, it is a purely fan-made thing I cooked up in a few hours with clips from YouTube. Do not come and comment on how so and so isn't much like so and so, or asking if clips are actually from the movie. The clips with Max in are (and as a fan, you should know this) from Night Flight and the trailer for the third book.
26 Feb 2009
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[ *******www.ankaka****/532nm-mini-green-disco-laser-lightnew-stage-fashion-for-party_p46862.html ] Manufacturer Specifications * Material: Plastic * Green flashing lights * Project distance: 0 ~ 500 M * Laser wave length: 532nm * Power supply: 2 AAA batteries * Dimensions (L x W x H): 93 x 46 x 23 mm [ *******www.ankaka****/532nm-mini-green-disco-laser-lightnew-stage-fashion-for-party_p46862.html ] To see more Ankaka Wholesale Laser Gadgets: [ *******www.ankaka****/Wholesale-laser-gadgets_c10032 ]
17 Sep 2010
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*Recorded March 7, 2011* Like I said in the video, and like I always say, the lashes are up to you! For some reason it still really bothers people that I choose to wear wings for lashes, just adjust to your liking!! I used- NYX White eyeshadow base Make Up For Ever green flash color Sugarpill Absinthe loose eyeshadow INGLOT 59 eyeshadow *******www.inglotusa**** (for US only) INGLOT 463 Sugarpill Midori pressed eyeshadow *******www.sugarpill****/ Kryolan Sea Green creme liner Urban Decay Perversion black liquid liner Red Cherry 304 for the top lashes, thanks to petrilude for helping me figure it out! OCC Interlace lip tar *******www.occmakeup****/ Stila Sugar Plum lip glaze My personal channel - ***********/notoriousqob :) *OCC and Sugarpill were provided, I am not being paid for this, and I am not associated with any of the companies who's products I used.* -Lauren *******www.queenofblending.bigcartel****/ - "I Love Makeup!" Tshirts for sale!! *******www.twitter****/queenofblending *******www.queenofblending**** - QOB eyeshadow palettes for sale! *******www.myspace****/queenofblending Facebook- Queen Of Blending
30 Apr 2011
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My first Paint Animation I made in 2006, and the start of my RVB series... BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/pages/Lubin/163339170398156
27 Sep 2011
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Steve enters the world of Minecraft and meets an unexpected friend. Should I make this into a series? Music Credits: Shawn Garlick - Survival Required: *******www.newgrounds****/audio/listen/384317 Javier Arnanz - Veterans day: *******javierarnanz****/?p=8 NubbyCakums - Minecraft Forest: ***********/watch?v=PHx_RAjcy2I DJ Cafe - Creeper: ***********/watch?v=6Tk3lEQcnS0
20 Feb 2012
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A Short Student film directed and developed by Dylan Maranda... based of a written piece by Dylan the film tells the story of a lone musician... Marcus Berelowitz Acts This is the written piece it was based off: It Was Starting To Rhyme By Dylan Maranda It kinda all started when I got my first guitar, writing songs at the tender age of fourteen. Chords, lyrics and notes all fired into the right side of my brain like a cannon. Then it was like I jumped on a god damn roller coaster. Lyrics, thoughts, mind-mouth-page. Places I had never dared to reach became chords, became music, First gig, I sang from the heart. A nightmare was something that would pull me away from my music, what makes me tick. A, B, C, D# Blows to the head, my mind is dead. Nothing comes out, Ive hit an end. Bags of green flash, smoke everywhere. Ive gone so low I cant take the way Im is like a deep pit. Will someone help me out of what I have become! I cant go on. But music brings me back. I pick up my guitar instead of drugs. A saving grace that puts me on the right track. Mind and music is one again. Surprised to see myself revised, new strength inside me builds, like soaring over hills. It was starting to rhyme. Strings and frets combined like space and time. Record deals, pay checks, dreams becoming a reality. Slip. Fall. Down to depths unknown the realization that we need a microscope to see ourselves in a world as big as ours sets in. I cant go on. There is nothing for me here; this is bullshit. deaths face starts to look pretty when you stare at it so much. I get caught in the moment. A bit too much. Istart to trip. Its like I hear a melody but I cant hear where its coming from. Stars start to dance before my eyes. I start to fall into nothing... nothing at all. (the poor grammar is intended)
25 Feb 2009
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Jet Li Rise To Honor Music Video I know thier's green flashes that shows up and it could be a problem with Youtube or something but I don't know. ~My first Music Video! ~No Idiotic Comments! ~Please Enjoy! ~Song Name: Transformation Artist: Subarashiki Konosekai
6 Sep 2009
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The explicit music video Lyrics: Oh yeah Flocka (a bunch of stupid ass ad-libs) Waka Waka Flocka Flame Wacka Flocka Flame Waka Flocka Flame Waka Flocka Flame [Verse 1] I fucked my money up, damn! Now I can't re-up Ran off in his spot just to get my stacks up Now I'm back on deck, so shawty what the fuck you want Heard he talkin shit but this ain't what the fuck he want Locked my CEO up, now it's back to coka Niggas talkin shit bruh, hang him by a ropa Hit em with the choppa, call that shit hot lava Call me waka flocka aka young wild nigga Aka young drug dealer Got purp, got kush, got pills got white In the trap all night with the hard and the soft Stacks on the flo' make you wanna get with em Shook it to the left then he shook it to the right So icey brick boys got it all night These lame ass niggas ain't got no fight Kick in my door we gon shoot out all night Home of he Braves shawty shoot em with a K [Chorus] YEAH, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it YEAH, drug dealin music, Ay I influence, Ay I influence YEAH, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it YEAH, drug dealing music, Ay I influence, Ay I influence [Verse 2] One shot man down, his brains go ka-pow Ow, that shit hurt, so don't fuck around But that happen often off in riverdale georgia You gone pay the life you live off in riverdale georgia They gone lay yo ass out rock you to sleep like a baby Hit squad shawty in the hood we got them babies Ever since they killed my nigga Trav, start poppin pills and actin crazy Ever since they killed my nigga Trav, start poppin pills and actin crazy [Chorus] YEAH, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it YEAH, drug dealin music, Ay I influence, Ay I influence YEAH, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it YEAH, drug dealin music, Ay I influence, Ay I influence [Verse 3] Yeaaah, Flocka said lets do it And this real money, so we getting to it And yo bitch, she choosin', but if you aint talking dollars, keep it moving Catch me on the south, with flocka flame And we got a problem if you saying Wocka lame Cause we off the chain, you see my green flash You wont be O lets do it, cause you aint bad Happenin music, is for the drug dealers Happenin music, influence thug niggas Okay, so if you gettin to it Ay, o lets do it, ay o lets do it [Chorus] YEAH, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it YEAH, drug dealin music, Ay I influence, Ay I influence YEAH, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it Ay, O let's do it YEAH, drug dealin music, Ay I influence, Ay I influence
6 Jul 2011
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From the movie Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - As Cal (Rex Reason) attempts to land his jet, he loses control and experiences a series of strange green flashes.
26 Jul 2011
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Don't take this list to seriously, I didn't, oh and the swearing in this isn't bleeped out. Sorry, anyways enjoy! (btw, sorry about the green flashing bits, do not know what they are or how they got there)
26 Jun 2012
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