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Benefits of Washing Face With Green ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PURPOSE OF THIS CHANNEL Health and Beauty Tips. In this health channel "Health and Beauty Tips" you will find natural remedies of medicinal plants and natural medicine to maintain health and enjoy the good life. Remember! Health is first enjoy good health and live the good life !!! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: The information on this channel does not replace the personalized diagnosis of a health specialist, nor does it replace its treatment. Never stop consulting your doctor for the supervision of any disease, it is the doctor who has the authority on health; This channel has an exclusively educational purpose and to share personal experiences with the duty and with the purpose of exchanging information.
21 Feb 2018
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Planet Ayurveda's DE-GREASE Face Wash is made in the serene location of the Himalayan Mountains in a GMP certified unit. This product is prepared as per the Ayurvedic principles and guidelines by our MD Ayurveda expert & Dr. Vikram Chauhan from Chandigarh, India. Product bases, colors and ingredients are natural plant extracts emitting natural aroma and soothing effects on the skin. The product colors are also 100% natural and made as per the European standards. The products are devoid of harmful sulphates, parabens and other chemicals.
9 Mar 2018
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Massive Blizzard is on its way for South Dakota on Monday March 5, 2018 and it will bring 20 cm of Snow or More which as 12 Inches of Snow Especially in Pierre South Dakota and Streets, Roads, Highways and the Interstate Highways will be Snow Covered and it will Cause Zero Visibility and Whiteout Conditions and it will Bring Big Huge Snow Drifts in South Dakota Especially in Pierre. People in South Dakota Be Prepared Have your Winter Boots, Winter Jackets, Hats, Gloves, Scarfs and Ski Pants Ready. Order your Pizzas and Chinese Food and Buy Cases of Pepsi and Coke. Do your Grocery Shopping Don't Wait until the Last Minute Do it Right Now. Have your Samsung Galaxys, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Smartphones, Cell Phones, Laptops and Tablets Charged and Have your 3G and 4G Internet Ready. When you Are Driving your Car Take your Time Driving your car and Slow Down so you Don't Get in the Car Accident. When you are Walking Be Very Careful while you are Walking so you Don't Slip and Fall. Have your Furnaces Ready and Turn on the Furnaces to Keep the House Warm. Drink Lots of Green Tea, White Tea, Red Tea and Drink Lots of Green Tea to Keep you Warm. Have your Extra Blankets Ready to Keep you Warm. Have your Shovels, Snow Scoops, Snow Blowers, Snow Plows and Salt Trucks Ready. If you Have anybody Living in South Dakota Be Prepared for Massive Blizzard on Monday March 5, 2018. Take Care and Stay Safe and Don't Get Caught in the Major Winter Storm Stay Warm and Be Safe.
5 Mar 2018
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.Our objective is to give the most perfect blend of tea to every consumer. We have our own Tea gardens in the Nilgiris and also source the best leaves from other suppliers for manufacturing of Tea. When our Tea was well accepted in the global market, we decided to expand in retail bussiness with the goal of delivering a fresh, unadulterated product to the consumer directly. .At present we offer, Black Tea and Green Tea and our Team is working on Herbal Teas with experts in the market which would be launched very soon.
13 Mar 2018
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Flower Green Tea
14 Dec 2006
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How do you find out what the ingredients in your Green Tea re for? Sometimes you need to go far...
5 Feb 2007
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When you receive the Seal you will begin to take better care of your health. One thing you can do is start drinking more green tea, which has been found in a recent study to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
2 Feb 2008
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Acoustic therapy can help soothe nerves, Green tea helps beat super bugs Study shows TB bacteria accumulate ‘fat’ to survive and spread, Probiotic drinks: Not very safe.
2 Apr 2008
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1:37 - Green Tea Hp is a delicious instant green tea supplement for health and weight loss. This is a behind the scenes look at our first shoot.
9 Apr 2008
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Kris Johnson, President, Streamco Media, Bahamas, visited the famous Makino Las Vegas seafood restaurant recently and was hooked by both the Seafood and the special formula Green Tea. Will he move away from the Bahamas for it? That what he says.
19 Apr 2008
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******* - This is a short intro to our health benefits of Green Tea section. In this section we will be discussing several articles on the health benefits of Green Tea.
22 Apr 2008
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Mark Quatrale, Innovative Hair Replacements Las Vegas, discusses favorite beverage, Makino Green Tea. Makino brand Green Tea is available at any Makino gourmet seafood restaurant.
22 May 2008
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