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Extended SunnyD chorus with Ray William Johnson!! ***********/watch?v=EBB7sYeCPoE his channel: ***********/raywilliamjohnson What is more satisfying, more precious, more soothing to the body and soul than one's favorite adult beverage*, fixed to perfection, poured to one's liking? One woman's specialty cocktail becomes the inspiration for a song. That song becomes the inspiration for millions. Cheers. ORIGINAL VIDEO ***********/watch?v=9VsXe3Pu1fE ^make sure to give u8a22 some love for writing such a catchy hook^ FOLLOW the Gregory Brothers for more remixes/songifications: ***********/autotunethenews *******www.twitter****/autotunethenews *******www.facebook****/gregorybrothers 2ND CHANNEL ***********/thegregorybrothers Shirt link coming soon SunnyD'n'Rum recipe: ******* CHORDS Intro: Absus - Ab All the rest: Ab - Fmin - Cmin - Db - Ab LYRICS Woah SunnyD and rum Yum yum It's a flavor I just thought of Woah SunnyD and rum Yum yum It's so good I can't get enough Woah Oooh SunnyD and rum Yum yum Think I'll run and get me some Woah SunnyD and rum Yum yum It's so good I can't get enough Woah Oooh Woah SunnyD and rum I think I'll run and get me some Woah SunnyD and rum Yum yum I think I'll just drink me some Yum SunnyD and rum Yum yum Yeah SunnyD and rum Yum yuuuum It's so good I can't get enough *The Gregory Brothers neither endorse nor condone underage drinking.
30 Sep 2010
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DEAD,GIVEAWAY,Hero Charles Ramsey Songified! Click Here,,,*******www***pypasteads**** Leprechaun Song - I Want The Gold,,,,,smash, Smash, SMASH! (now on,,,,Patriot Game - OBAMA VS ROMNEY,,,,,Purina Cat Chow 50th Anniversary,,,,the gregory brothers, auto-tune the news, auto-tune, songify, songified, charles ramsey, dead giveaway, cleveland
8 May 2013
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iPHONE & iPOD GAME: TSHIRTS: TWITTER: www.twitter****/annoyingorange FACEBOOK: www.facebook****/annoyingorange MY WEBSITE: www.annoyingorange**** WATCH MY EPISODES!****/view_play_list?p=F7804CA8F551DF96 CREATED by DANEBOE:****/daneboe DANEBOE GAMING CHANNEL:****/superboebros DANEBOE 2ND CHANNEL:****/user/gagfilms
27 Jul 2012
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iPHONE & iPOD GAME: TSHIRTS: TWITTER: www.twitter****/annoyingorange FACEBOOK: www.facebook****/annoyingorange MY WEBSITE: www.annoyingorange**** WATCH MY EPISODES!****/view_play_list?p=F7804CA8F551DF96 CREATED by DANEBOE:****/daneboe DANEBOE GAMING CHANNEL:****/superboebros DANEBOE 2ND CHANNEL:****/user/gagfilms
27 Jul 2012
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mp3 available: ******* itunes apple auto tune news michael evan andrew sarah gregory brothers schmoyoho jackson palin drugs john boehner nancy pelosi michele
13 Jan 2010
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Jimmy Kimmel Live - T Pain Obama Auto-Tune Additional production assistance provided by: the Gregory Brothers
3 Oct 2009
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Auto Tune Cute Kids and Kanye toad the wet sprocket gargaman997 fred nigahiga charlie bit my finger auto-tune AutoTuneTheNews KanyeWest BalloonBoy CharlieBitMyFinger GregoryBrothers TaylorSwift TPain Kids remix dance parody schmoyoho MichaelGregory auto tune cute kids and kanye west gregory brothers michael evan andrew sarah charlie bit me balloon boy CharlieBitMe AutoTuneTheNews KanyeWest BalloonBoy Autotuned GregoryBrothers TaylorSwift TPain Kids remix dance parody schmoyoho MichaelGregory
17 Nov 2009
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BY: JACQUELINNE MEJIA You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Next New Networks COO Liam Collins has a reason to be dancing in his seat - or on the conference table - the web video start-up announced a partnership with Google-owned video giant YouTube - to form YouTube Next. Video: Beet.TV On YouTube’s blog, Tom Pickett wrote that the partnership will not be focused on creating content. Instead it will focus on providing tools and resources for semi-professional video producers to develop higher quality videos - and reach a larger audience. Started four years ago, Next New Networks, originally created in house productions - but then started promoting user-generated content. The Los Angeles Times reports on Next New Networks’ transition - and how it allowed them to be successful. “ the last 18 months, the company shifted its focus to outside talent, including music video DJ Mike Realm and the Gregory Brothers band. It has a stable of 75 video creators. The shift also helped the 17-person company become profitable at the end of 2010.” YouTube’s acquisition comes after an effort to increase the quality of content on its site. In the past, YouTube partnerships have created a win-win situation for both parties. A writer for Entrepreneur**** explains the benefits of these types of partnerships. “For some people, the partnership can be big business. YouTube recently said it is running ads on videos more than 3 billion times a week, an increase of 50 percent over last summer.” While many tech analysts are praising the merger, a blogger for Internet Evolution says this may be the end of an innocent era for amateur videos. “The beauty of YouTube has always been how easy it made it for anyone to share a video, no matter how bad. This purchase represents a new philosophy and a new direction. [...] I fear some innocence and perhaps a bit of the grit will be lost, and that will be sad if it happens.” YouTube currently has an estimated 15,000 partnerships, leading some users to make six-figure salaries on their uploaded content. 'Like Newsy' on Facebook to receive daily updates. Get more multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
12 Mar 2011
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Bruce went out to interview YouTube's biggest fans and stars at Vidcon 2012 in Anaheim, California.See interviews of The Gregory Brothers, Olga Kay, Smosh, Lisa Nova, ShayCarl, Steve Kardynal, Yo Mama, the Double Rainbow guy, and many many more! Watch the EXTRA FEATURES here: *******tinyurl****/ckwkwbx SUBSCRIBE HERE: *******tinyurl****/885ntzj TWITTER: *******tinyurl****/c6c2rx6 FACEBOOK: *******tinyurl****/ckqz6ql INSTAGRAM: *******tinyurl****/cpnxrzm www.badweatherfilms**** Royalty Free Music by *******audiomicro****/royalty-free-music
12 May 2013
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The Gregory Brothers let you peek behind the magic curtain and reveal the secrets behind Auto-Tune the News. Auto-Tune the News #11 coming on Monday (April 5th)! To see the rest of the series click here: ***********/show/autotunethenews Find us on the site of your choice: *******www.thegregorybrothers**** *******www.facebook****/gregorybrothers *******www.twitter****/autotunethenews
13 Aug 2011
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The Gregory Brothers *******youtube****/autotunethenews of Auto-Tune the News recap Season 3 as only they could do. Please subscribe to them at When it came time to do a recap of Season 3, we thought we'd do something new and different. Everyone at The Guild had become big fans of The Gregory Brothers, creators of Auto-Tune the News, and we got to meet them in person at this year's Streamy Awards where they won three Streamys and rocked the audience with their live performance and Magical Streamys Remix Video (watch it, it's awesome).
31 Oct 2011
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The Gregory Brothers have achieved extraordinary fame through their viral YouTube videos in which people who are talking are made to appear to sing. How did they do it? David Pogue visited their Brooklyn studio to uncover what goes into the creation of one of these wildly imaginative and popular videos.
10 Sep 2012
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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Season: 2 Episode: 776 After football fans submitted videos of themselves yelling "Woo!" and shouting out their favorite team, Jimmy and The Gregory Brothers collaborated on the "Late Night Superfan Supercut."
2 Feb 2013
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To celebrate YouTube's 8th birthday, the Gregory Brothers imagine how it would feel to discover YouTube for the first time. SUBSCRIBE to *******youtube****/schmoyoho WATCH YouTube Comedy Week videos *******
21 May 2013
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mp3 available: *******amiestreet****/music/the-gregory-brothers/auto-tune-the-news-number-6/?pytr=gregorybrothers ATTN shirts now available: *******www.districtlines****/Auto-Tune-the-News disclaimer: DON'T TAKE PILLS WITH GIN! YOU WILL DIE!! the beat is a lightly remixed version of 100th Sight by Kapluckus (a Gregory Residence band consisting of Constance Waddell, Michael Gregory, Jamie Forrest, Stuart Harrison and Jacob Crigler)--find the original song here: ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=287197640&s=143441 Lyrics: NG: Hey-ohhhh! Congress! Climate change bill! Let's get our debate on--1,2,3 MB: It is time to stand up and say We get to choose We get to choose It's one of the two liberty or tyranny EG: can we please choose something in between? mediocrity? MG: chastity? HW: puppetry? OB: obesity? JE: marijuanity? pretty please?! MB: The underlying bill represents the tyranny of the government It's our choice, what will we choose today? Will we choose liberty, or will we choose tyranny? MG: it all depends--who gets to be the tyrant? SG: I thought this bill was about the climate NP: Just remember these 4 words For what this legislation means Jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs Let's vote for jobs CC: and jobs NP: and jobs CC: don't forget about jobs Speaker: Those in favor say "aye". CC: AAAAYYE! Speaker: Those opposed, "no". JB: Hell no! Hell no! Hell noooooooo!! The fight that we have between the 2 sides of the aisle boils down to one word: JB: freedom CC: freedom! JB: freedom CC: freedom! JB: freedom that will allow the American people to live their lives hell no! Nano Man: hell no! JB: hell no! Nano Man: hell no! JB: hell noooooooo! Nano Man: hell no! Let's allow America to flourish to allow jobs to flourish, and allow freedom to flourish! hell noooooooo! --------------------- SP: I'm not wired to operate under the same old politics as usual. With this announcement that I'm not seeking re-election, I've determined that it's best to transfer the authority of governor to Lieutenant Governor Parnell. RS: Hey, could she be pregnant? EG: Pregnant with ideas bout how to run for president! CW: Interesting and perhaps successful strategy to win her the presidency. MG: To win you gotta quit! EG: To quit you gotta win! MG: the chips are on the table - WK: She's really all in. But it's high risk. JL: The people who like her Are still gonna like her The people who have doubts about her Are just gonna have the same doubts EG: No doubt JL: Same doubts MG: SHAWTAYEE All: Same doubts! ---------------------- Couric: What do you do if you have Tylenol and other medications with acetaminophen? JE: I take a fistful of pills and get busy mixin em in my gin What about Vicodin and Percocet? Will they be banned ultimately? JE: Not if I can help it! You know it's unconstitutional To take away my God-given pharmaceuticals ----------------------- BO: I have warned that one day Michael Jackson would wake up dead Wake up, wake up dead Meredith, I had warned everyone-- SG: --He told you so BO: --one day we're going to have this experience I feared this day And here we are Keith, people often die for very strange reasons They wake up dead Wake up, wake up dead EG: wakin up MG: wakin up BO: wakin up KC: wakin up EG: wakin up is a strange reason to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie .......whoo! --------------------------------------------------- find us on facebook: *******www.facebook****/gregorybrothers and/or on twitter: *******www.twitter****/autotunethenews
5 Aug 2009
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mp3 available for download: *******amiestreet****/music/auto-tune-the-news/auto-tune-the-news-number-3?pytr=gregorybrothers Zach McNees helped mix: *******www.zachmcnees****/ Lyrics: EH: I think this is an ignoramus statement Umm, I was even a person who thought You know what, power to Joe the Plumber at that point SG: Before he went around laying his pipe all over town EH: Well, Joe the Plumber is not invited Anywhere around me EG: Does baby need a tissue? Thinking about the time the plumber kissed you Before you caught him creeping with the Shih Tzu RM: As republicans, the party does seem to be in chaos RP: They need to change their attitude, attitude Their attitude, attitude MG: Ay, tells us what your homeys can do To make a change RP: You know, they talk about personal freedoms They have to believe in it, you know MG/RM: We know! RP: To believe in it, you know MG/RM: We know! RP: To believe in it, you know MG/RM: We know, we know, we know you just got to believe RP: To believe in it, you know MG/RM: We know! RP: To believe in it, you know MG/RM: We know! RP: To belieeeeeeeeeve! Lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve! MG: You saying Republicans on crack Are you cozy with the Democrats? RP: I just don't think that either party Right now offers a whole lot MG: You'll see some real change From the 3rd party at my house Poppin champagne, bacardi; gettin crunked out Triple rhymin with Joe Biden While we Imbibin Hennessy Come on over--drinks on me, homey HK: We'll be friends with you AZ: And bff with you Main Damies with you HK: And colleagues with you AZ: I'll be in your crew HK: I'll be in yours, too AZ: Jumpin rope with you HK: Playin Donkey Kong with you AZ: Hatchin plans with you HK/AZ: invade Tajikistan with you HC: We do not believe either Afghanistan or Pakistan Can achieve lasting progress Without the full participation of all of your citizens Including women and girls AZ: Having a barbecue HK: Grilling a goat with you AZ: Grilling terrorists, too HK: Getting matching tattoos HC: The rights of women must be respected and protect-- AZ: --Picking flowers with you HK: Hot showers with you AZ: Falling in love with you HK: Nude at the zoo AZ/HK: Making memories at the pottery wheel, rubbing clay on you all afternoon KC: It would be one of the most dramatic Foreign policy about faces ever AG: To what do you refer, shawtayee? KC: A bipartisan bill in Congress would end The 47-year-old trade freeze with Cuba AG: Ojalá congreso le gusta esta KC: It has only spotty support so far But President Obama's already taken some baby steps Letting Cuban Americans visit family members And send them money But for most of us it's still a place that is Strictly off limits AG: Not for this G I just went there illegally Speaking of which, will you buy drugs from me On national TV? Don't fret--the people think I'm joking But guess what (what?)? I've never joked in my life; ooh-wee, shawtayee KC: The trade embargo made sense a half century ago AG: That's 50 years KC: During the Cold War Fidel Castro took sides with the enemy But the Soviet Union is long gone AG: Disbanded: KC/AG: Long gooooone! SG: Dick Cheney. Rush Limbaugh or Colin Powell. Who's your damie? DC: Well, if I had to choose, uh In terms of being a Republican I'd go with Rush Limbaugh My take on it was Colin had already left the party SG: I don't think that actually happened [awkward silence] This is an awkward silence; I guess I'll fill it with ad libs Oh! Shawty! Yeah EG: Whoo! Aaaah KC: Now it's up to Fidel and Raúl Castro AG: Esos Castros locos. Cuidado KC: President Obama says he wants to see Democratic reforms Particularly on human rights and free speech So congress will be looking for signs of change After almost 50 years AG: Ay, that's half a century KC: U.S. policy will not reverse overnight Relations remain chilly But for the 1st time in generations A thaw is possible AG: A thaw, but what sort of thaw? What exactly is thawing? KC: Very, very, very, very Very thin ice AG/KC: Very thin ice, very thin ice, very thin ice Follow us on twitter: *******www.twitter****/autotunethenews or facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/The-Gregory-Brothers/46060559283
15 Aug 2009
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