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This African grey parrot is very clever and good at mimicking. She also knows how to turn on the lights using Amazon Echo.
15 Nov 2017
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medical malpractice
22 Nov 2017
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Watch Fifty Shades Freed Final Full Movie Click The Link =====>>>> streamup(.)pro
3 Dec 2017
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Info from Licensor: "My two dogs were playing with my cat in my living room. The brown dog is named Boris and the grey one is named Sophie. The cat is named Nacho."
17 Nov 2017
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Relief From Chronic Pain With Eye Exercises in Orem Utah 801-225-1311 Orem Chiropractor - R Ned McArthur, D.C. This is Dr Ned McArthur. Today I'm going to be talking about relief from chronic pain and eye exercises. How does our body stop pain? There are two structures in our brain stem that work to stop pain. Our brain stem is between our brain on top and our spinal cord below. If you've ever had a stalk of broccoli, the green leafy, tree like part on top is our brain. It then goes down into a stalk. Our brain stem is the stalk of our brain. The brain stem has three levels. In the top section is a structure called the periaqueductal grey matter or PAG. In the middle and bottom section is the pontomedullary reticular formation or PMRF. Here's the really cool part. Right next to each of these are nerves that help move our eyes. So by moving our eyes in a certain way the nerves that move our eyes bump into the nerves that help stop pain. So by exercising our eyes in a certain way we turn on the structures that help stop pain.
30 Nov 2017
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Harish Amilineni is Security Editor Harish Amilineni is Security Editor, where he oversees coverage of malware, computer espionage, botnets, and hardware hacking. A journalist with more than 15 years experience, he has been chronicling the exploits of white-hat, grey-hat and black-hat ha harish amilineni, harish kumar amilineni, harish amilineni hyderabad, teleonto, teleonto technologies, harish amilineni patents
4 Dec 2017
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4 Dec 2017
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Here is my african grey who was only 3 months at the time this video was taken.she is barking at me while trying to play with me. She learned it from the dogs barking when people was around the house when the dogs bark, when the dog barks she barks with them as if shes being a watch bird :)
4 Oct 2006
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In this video, my grey is going nutz while playing with a piece of leather, the dogs are looking on like she is crazy, once she stops and goes after the dogs, the dogs just take off in fear lol.
21 Sep 2006
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A couple of grey dove bird outside of my window.
17 May 2007
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African Grey Parrot Paka identifies an Apple
29 Jun 2007
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Grey's Anatomy - Izzy
2 Jul 2007
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This is a remake of Grey's Anatomy, Its the one with bomb,called"It's The End of the World".Meredith removes the explosive from the patient and the girl from the bomb squad removes it and leaves the room. Shortly after leaving, she and another member of the squad are killed, when the bomb explodes, and MIKE G, who followed the bomb squad officer into the hall, is knocked unconscious.
31 Jul 2007
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Take a peek at an african grey breeder's nest box, plus some other fun pics of their pets.
26 Sep 2007
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