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Fifty shades of Freed
8 Apr 2017
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The Lost Wolf Tactical​ Kit from Betsy Ross Kydex​. Comes with a Emerson Cobra buckle belt, A Quick Mag, and is the only place you will be able to get your hands on the unreleased Generation 3 Lexington. Developed hand in hand with shooters from Lost Wolf this set is the Apex of Concealed Carry. The Emerson Belt comes in multiple Colors and Sizes. The Gen 3 Lexington and Quick Mag will come in Black or Dark Grey Kydex. 
30 Mar 2017
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Ezymats is a leading supplier of EVA interlocking jigsaw mats and safety flooring in Australia. Ezymats supplies quality mats manufactured to ensure maximum protection for its users. Ezymats also offer quality vinyl tatami mats. The tatami mats are 1×2 meters and are available in either black or grey. Ezymats tatami mats are available on special order in other colours. We can also supply tatami mats which are 1×1 meters if required.
25 Apr 2017
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Experience a relaxing fun filled dolphin safari to spot wild dolphins in Arabian sea. Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins and Finless Porpoises are the commonest species you will find here. Watch them frolicking in the Arabian sea and experience the special moment with your friends and family. Finless Porpoises During our dolphin safari, you get to spot the friendly Indo – Pacific Humpback dolphins and shy Finless Porpoises. The Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins are mainly coastal and are found in tropical and subtropical regions of South and South East Asia. They are grey coloured with pink patches. They are called humpback dolphins because of the hump behind their dorsal fin. They are one of the most social and friendly species of Dolphins. Then we have the shy Finless Porpoises . They are black to gray in colour. As their name suggests, they have no dorsal fins. They are not so friendly and are difficult to photograph as they do not surface high out of the water and are very fast. Fun Filled Dolphin Safari Our fun filled dolphin safari is for 45 minutes and you can also enjoy while star gazing at The Millionaire’s Palace ,Aquada Fort, The Portuguese Jail and Asia’ first light house. while you get immersed in feasting your eyes with these pods of darlings. These little babies will never leave you bored and watch your stress melt away with their cuteness.
25 Apr 2017
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Here is my african grey who was only 3 months at the time this video was taken.she is barking at me while trying to play with me. She learned it from the dogs barking when people was around the house when the dogs bark, when the dog barks she barks with them as if shes being a watch bird :)
4 Oct 2006
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In this video, my grey is going nutz while playing with a piece of leather, the dogs are looking on like she is crazy, once she stops and goes after the dogs, the dogs just take off in fear lol.
21 Sep 2006
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Performance put on by the Grey Company at the Medieval Festival held this year at Balingup, south of Perth, Western Australia.
8 Nov 2006
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Anime: D.Grey-Man Music: "Blurry" - Puddle of Mudd
18 Apr 2007
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A couple of grey dove bird outside of my window.
17 May 2007
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Patagonia Grey Glacier south of Chile, see the most beautifull place in the world. Enjoy it!
3 Jun 2007
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African Grey Parrot Paka identifies an Apple
29 Jun 2007
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Grey's Anatomy - Izzy
2 Jul 2007
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This is a remake of Grey's Anatomy, Its the one with bomb,called"It's The End of the World".Meredith removes the explosive from the patient and the girl from the bomb squad removes it and leaves the room. Shortly after leaving, she and another member of the squad are killed, when the bomb explodes, and MIKE G, who followed the bomb squad officer into the hall, is knocked unconscious.
31 Jul 2007
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grey horse
16 Aug 2007
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Take a peek at an african grey breeder's nest box, plus some other fun pics of their pets.
26 Sep 2007
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African Grey Parrot Spouts Off 13 Sounds & Phrases
26 Sep 2007
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