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The clip Griffin's nefarious plans Part 2 from The Invisible Man (1933) Yes, sir. Thank you. Good day. Morning. Morning, sir. There you are. A present from the invisible man. Money! Money! Money! Money! # Up and down the City Road # In and out the Eagle # That's the way the money goes # Pop goes the weasel! Money! Money! Money! Money! 20 men of the search parties have been killed, and 100 in the train disaster. The invisible man has been reported in a hundred different places. Now I appeal to you to help us keep the public calm. What plans have you got for capturing him? 100,000 men are searching and watching. But have you any special secret means of getting him? The police have offered ?2,000 for the first effective means. Why not bloodhounds? The bloodhounds have lost the scent. Why not put wet tar on all the roads, then chase the black soles of his feet? Because he's not a fool. Now, we've got one hope, gentlemen. But I daren't say a word of it here. He may be standing there beside you listening.
3 Jan 2012
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