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Visit *******www.tileandgroutcleaningtx**** or call The Groutsmith at 832-730-2551 today to see why we're the best grout and tile cleaning company in Houston, TX. We provide Free Estimates and Demonstrations and we are committed to providing the highest quality tile cleaning, grout cleaning, tile restoration, tile preservation and grout sealing services. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured and we even offer a ten year guarantee!
11 Jun 2013
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Are your worn entry way's, bathroom or kitchen tiles in need of a little tile cleaning or torn out and new tile installed? One of our sales representatives would be glad to come to your home and provide a free estimate at no cost to you. ProSand believes you will find us to be one of the best in the flooring business with excellent pricing and quality work. Call today to schedule an appointment. (317) 220-6944
19 May 2011
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How to grout tiles brought to you by *******www.ultimatehandyman******
11 Dec 2010
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1 Mar 2010
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******* (321) 216-1442 WE CLEAN CARPETS, TILE, AND GROUT! GREAT WHOLE HOUSE SPECIALS! Orlando Tile and Grout Cleaning - Sealing Orlando Royal Blue Services LLC., offers cleaning services that range from carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery & furniture cleaning to window cleaning, Estate, Construction, Apartment and Move out cleaning, mattress cleaning and pressure wash cleaning. Although the surfaces we are cleaning may vary, one thing remains the same: Our quality work! (321) 216-1442 Orlando tile & grout cleaning tile & grout cleaner tile & grout sealer tile & grout repair tile & grout caulk tile & grout Orlando clean tile & grout tile & grout magic how to clean tile & grout tile & grout cleaning services tile & grout cleaning companies ceramic tile grout grout sealer grout cleaning tile grout cleaner tile grout sealer removing grout grout repair how to lay tile
4 Oct 2009
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561-756-4910 -- Adilson Andrade *******www.CeramicTileFlorida**** We are tile floors specialists. If you are looking for tile experts, ceramic tile installers or carpet tiles, tiles, glass tile, bathroom tile you came to the right video. Here are the common problems that when you hire non-experienced professionals you will encounter: - We've seen work from other installers that didn't care about the floor preparation. For house younger than 25 years, there's a chance that cracks will appear. During the floor preparation, it's critical that proper measures are taken. For example, crack fillers must be used to eliminate the transmission of cracks from the concrete base slab. You can count on us to to always make sure that cracks will not appear some time later. - Hallow tiles. Tiles that were not properly installed. Our 8+ years of experience will guarantee that it will not happen. - No bumps. We are very strict when flattening floors and walls. - You may take your time to select a good color of the grout/tiles. If, at the time before the installation you change your mind, don't worry, you may another one. You may even test a few grout colors before we initiate installation. - When steps are being built by ACIS Tile & Marble, all effort will be applied to prevent exposed sharp edges. All surfaces will be as smooth as possible. - Other installers will leave big gaps between tiles and finished parts (baseboards, kitchen cabinets, cuts around ceiling, metal threshold by sliding doors...) and will fill it with grouts. That is ugly. Our team of professional installers will not accept that. Cuts are performed with ultimate precision, leaving very small gaps to be filled with grout, giving a nice look. Ready to have the Bath rooms, Kitchen counter tops, floors, fireplaces, walls, entryways, steps. inside and/or outside your home or business of your dreams? Choosing the best tile and ceramic setter for your project is the most crucial decision you will need to make. Let ACIS Tile and Marble help make that decision easier for you, here's what to expect from my company: Ceramic Tile Alachua Ceramic Tile Altamonte Springs Ceramic Tile Anna Maria Ceramic Tile Apalachicola Ceramic Tile Apopka Ceramic Tile Atlantic Beach Ceramic Tile Auburndale Ceramic Tile Aventura Ceramic Tile Avon Park Ceramic Tile Bal Harbour Ceramic Tile Bartow Ceramic Tile Bay Harbor Islands Ceramic Tile Boca Raton Ceramic Tile Bonita Springs Ceramic Tile Boynton Beach Ceramic Tile Bradenton 561-756-4910 -- Adilson Andrade
16 Oct 2008
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11 Aug 2008
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For all your trade and DIY tools and materials visit - *******www.tradessupermarket**** For DIY videos, expert advice and a great shop all in one visit - *******www.tradessupermarket****/secrets Learn how to grout tiles quickly and easily with this video tutorial.
17 Dec 2014
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How to Grout ceramic tile
24 Jul 2011
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Noel Marshall, inventor of the Bricky, Masons Mate & Pro-Pointer now brings us this comprehensive production. With absolute clarity this excellent new 90 minute DVD takes you through all the stages of tiling a bathroom in 11 easy to follow chapters. * Introduction * Setting out * Tiling the walls * Games Room * Cutting tiles * Fitting a border * Fitting angle beads * Tiling the shower * Grouting * Tiling the floor * Cutting curves
11 May 2010
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In case you can't read what the pictures say, I rewrote it below: Picture 1-Original 1962 shower floor. Shower leaking into crawl space over entire area. Picture 2-Using a 4.5 inch diamond blade angle grinder, cut at grout line of first tile from floor; the floor was easily removed with hammer and chisel since the water soaked mortar bed was soft Picture 3-The original waterproofing membrane was similar to heavy roofing felt and rested on the wood floor. This membrane only came up on the sides to this cut line- it did not overlap the threshold. The original membrane was completely removed. Picture 4-View looking toward the front of the shower showing the water piping and remains of the water proofing membrane Picture 5-Layer of roofing felt put down against the wood floor and "floor mud" (essentially mortar, sold at tile stores) put down to form the "pre-pan". The plumbing drain consists of PVC drain assembly (3 pieces) with the first part put down with the prepan mud. The prepan has a 1/4"/ft slope toward the drain as measured from the longest direction (the back) and then that height is transferred to all the sides. Floor mud to water ratio as directed on the mud package (a dry mix). Picture 6-Orange PVC waterproof membrane placed on pre-pan and up the sides. Membrane is folded in the corners and attached to the sides at the top (fasten as high as possible to avoid holes in this membrane). Spacers and then cement board placed on the sides- screws go into the studs in the walls. Caution: take special care to adjust the cement board and spacers so that when tile with its normal mortar bed is installed , the new tile will be flush with old tile- do not rely on extra thick mortar bed to get the new tiles flush with the original wall. The bottom of the cement board is approx 1/2 inch above the membrane The drain ring clamps over the membrane- cut small holes in the membrane for the screws and cut center hole for drain flow. The drain top screws into this ring and its height can be adjusted. Small pebbles placed at drain assembly weep holes so any water between membrane and mud and easily drain. Picture 7-Approx 1.5 inches floor mud w/same slope toward drain as pre-pan is installed over the waterproof membrane. Mud is installed up to the bottom edge of the drain top which is the same thickness as normal mosaic tile with its mortar bed. Picture 8- 2 inch by 2 inch tiles installed in a mortar bed- shown before grouting. Tiles laid out to minimize small cuts around the drain. This required extensive cuts around the perimeter but the score and snap tile cutter is very fast compared to using a tile saw. Tile comes in sheets with mesh backing holding the tiles together which maintains even spacing but makes it difficult to remove excess mortar from between the tiles- where the grout goes. Tile cost roughly $6/ft ^2 or $80 for this job. Picture 9-Based on discussions with Augusta Tile Center personnel, grouted with epoxy grout which is stain resistant and virtually waterproof, thus serving to further reduce the chances of water leaking thru the pan. Note: ordinary grout is not waterproof and the waterproofing membrane must be watertight to protect the subfloor. Cost of epoxy grout was $25 (roughly 20x times the cost of ordinary grout). Grout has short worktime- 1 hr or so, but installs easily and did not tend to lift out when wiped off during the installation process. Let my know what you think, thanks for watching.
15 Nov 2009
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