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Lesley is with the latest Guess 'it' girl; and we hear that she could be the next household name.
23 Sep 2010
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Everybody, calm yo tits. All you Karkitties just need to slam a faygo. It's just a video, and a 2 year old video at that. Also, the people who are calling me a retard, don't you know what "Titles" and "Descriptions" are? C: ......God I love you Kasha1 for making this wonderful meme. I shall use it forever83 ....And yeah, I know she's in a bikini. XD Hey, at least her neck is working fine. And it makes everything in here more smexeh;3 In then anyway, he does just dream it all. Sorry everything is so fast in the end, I'm a n00b trying to add stuff to things. But you get the ideax3 Tomorrow, I'm gonna start making the other guy. Ichiro. And I'll try to fix Karin's skirt. Please halp me on that! I've already tried the starter miku skirt, the C'mell miku skirt, and the skirt that you've seen wearing! (don't know what the model is called^^;) Give me an idea or help me with it if you guys are like a master at pmd. Well I guess the info-credits I guess-.- Models: MINE|:O Girl is Karin, and smexeh guy is Hiroshi Meme: Kasha1 who is very smexeh by doing this(no homoXD) Song: World Is Mine - Hatsune Miku No Copy/Steal/Use my video. -- Candy:3
12 Jul 2013
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