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Three cats play a guessing game at figuring out what their baby talking owner is saying.
2 Nov 2008
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D1 SPAS DEBUTS LIMITED-EDITION SWEETHEART OF A LOVE TUB FOR VALENTINE'S 2008 WITH ONLINE GUESSING GAME You've heard of winning a prize for guessing how many jelly beans or marbles are in a jar? Well, this Valentine's Day, Dimension One Spas is taking the idea a big step further. They've filled a hot tub with those popular heart-shaped candies, and the person who guesses the number of candied hearts inside wins a fantastical home spa! And not just any hot tub: The Love Tub is a limited-edition, candy apple-red, $20,000, state-of-the-art Amoré Bay hot tub from Dimension One Spas. The Southern California-based hot tub company is manufacturing only 100 of these "Walker Signature Series" Amoré Bay spas, created by the company's award-winning designer, Vic Walker. Contestants can enter online between now and February 29, 2008, at www.d1spas**** to try and win the sexy, candy apple-red backyard retreat.
19 May 2009
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Please visit ******* for more videos Actress Samantha in theme song for the World Classical Tamil Conference 2010 Semmozhiyaana Thamizh Mozhiyaam telugu tamil ye maaya chesave There have been a lot of guesses regarding Ajith's 50th movie and the guessing game is still on. First there was news of the film being dropped and then there was something allegedly said by the director Gautham Menon. With all kinds of news floating around our sources say the movie is on and Gautham will start it once Ajith completes his racing commitments. Our sources also say the Gautham-Ajith film will start rolling in October this year. As for the leading lady is concerned it was said initially Sameera Reddy has been roped in. But the buzz now says the Telugu 'VTV' girl Samantha will play the heroine opposite Ajith. The film is expected to start in Oct-Nov 2010. Earlier it was said that Sameera Reddy was roped in to be the heroine of Ajith in this movie but the current buzz is that Samantha will be the heroine. Samantha was the one who played Trisha's role in the Telugu version of the movie 'Vinnaithandi Varuvaya'. Samantha's major films so far include 'Ye Maaya Chesaave' and 'Brindavanam' in Telugu and 'Moscowin Kaveri' and soon to be released 'Baana Kaathadi' in Tamil. To make her more familiar, she is the girl who played the assistant to director Silambarasan in 'VTV' and finally becomes the heroine of his film.
13 Jul 2010
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*******www.hotalphafemale**** I know it can be confusing sometimes as to whether or not a woman is interested in you. I want to stop the guessing game! In this video I'm going to share with you, what are the most obvious signs that she is attracted to you. No hair flicking and eye fluttering that can sometimes be a little too subtle that you miss it. These are things that are BLINDING Obvious she is attracted to you and what 99% of women engage in when attraction strikes them! I will cover two core topics, how she shows her attraction through her ACTIONS and how she shows her attraction through her WORDS! Also for my full range of dating and attraction videos for men and women visit my highly updated you-tube channel ***********/user/jennelli17 Enjoy! Hot Alpha Female
5 Dec 2010
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More *******www.MightyFootball****/ Which Team Will You Be Supporting? The official lists for the 16 teams were officially announced. No more guessing games on who will be playing!
2 Aug 2008
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well see for yourself.....i bet u cant guess what is this...
23 Mar 2010
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Cloverfield Trailer 2, The official theatrical trailer, Paramount Australia have allowed me this wonderful exclusive, I present to you the second Cloverfield trailer. The movie that has everyone playing a wild guessing game, what's it about? who or what is the monster? seeking clues, going frame by frame... what secrets can you deduce? JJ abrams and Matt Reeves, what had become known as ' 1/18/08 ' after the first teaser trailer, or just 'Cloverfield' it Revolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people. Thanks to Scott and Paramount for this Exclusive High Quality Trailer, what you're seeing here is NOT a dodgy bootleg, it's not some twit in the conema with a camera, it's the official trailer, supplied directly to me from Paramount P.R. in Hi Definition, wonderful glorious HD. perfect picture and sound. Cheese, clover, slusho, untitled J.J Abrams Project 1-18-08 slusho JJ Abrams Cloverfield Slusho jj jj abrams cloverfield This is BEST Quality Cloverfield trailer you'll see on youtube. EXCLUSIVE 1-18-08 high quality Cloverfield trailer part 2 slusho j.j. abrams 1/18/08 Cloverfield 011808 18 08
10 Jun 2009
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MetaCafe Guess and Win Game: Issue 1. First of many guess and win games on Metacafe designed to entertain and intrigue visitors. If visitors guess the correct items in the photos, they are given a portion of the video's winnings! What could be easier. Complaints and spam will not be tolerated. Just guess, and win. PayPal required for gift to be received. 18+ only to receive gift. This is not a sweepstakes or lottery. "Winners" receive gifts, not actual winnings. I am not responsible for any problems or delays in comment postings.
24 Sep 2007
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*******www.energygonegreen**** Energy Deregulation Canada Important Info on MLM. Learn about a new industry that is souring in the MLM Arena in Canada and The USA.Get all the facts and stop the guessing Game Call Industry Leader Mohamed Now 1 416 937 6350 to get more info on starting your own home based energy and gas business in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia or in The USA. Learn about Green Energy and Clean Energy. We are one of the Largest Providers of Green Energy in North America. We provide unlimited support and training to help you earn income from home. Anyone can do this business with No Experience Needed to have success. Work Part time or Full Time
1 Oct 2010
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People like to play the 'what race are you' guessing game.
30 Nov 2011
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The famous twente questions game... Between scarecrows?? :D
25 Apr 2008
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As PFW's editors make upset predictions each week, those who think the Green Bay Packers won't go undefeated say it'll be the week they lose. Do the Packers fall to the Giants to make THIS the week?
4 Dec 2011
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The game of wordplay & puns returns. Watch and play along and find out if Jeff, Alex or Dan will win this round of Title Fight!
25 Jul 2012
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Try to figure out how high a stack of quarters is by just eyeballing it. It's a guessing game that fools them all! Bonus trick: how many drops of water can you fit on a nickel?
11 Jul 2011
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How many jelly beans are in this jar?
22 Feb 2012
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11 Sep 2008
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