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"Bad Blood" - by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal & Jakob Lemy Zook for the Psychedelic Rock & Roll Phantasm Opera, JaKOBS HEX COUNTY DIaRY, "TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY." Sponsored by the Nebulon Elders of The Celestial Green Political 3rd Party and The ancient Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild in the Mysterious Fog Pennsylvania Hex County Rock & Roll unit. Protecting Earth and it's surrounding Cosmos by exposing demonic elements through art and music that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society. The BMClan is an offshoot of the ancient Templars known as the Trumpet Templars who succeeded when the Templars became corrupt with the coin glutton addiction. Minstrels of the Blood Moon Clan Music Guild take a vow of poverty to avoid corruption and remain pure to it's cause. They have traveled from Europe and are now centered in Hex York County involved in ushering in the Mason Dixon county Line succession from the American union and forming the New Angel Nation (NAN) and the new Celestial Green Garden Of Eden in Eden, Pa forming the new Jerusalem using the most advanced modern technology the world has ever seen along with supernatural secret paranormal technologies discovered and developed by secret societies for generations currently unknown to humans forming an alliance and coming together. The Trumpet horns of Truth will soon be blown around the world. Prepare for the impact. Psycho Politico News Report - Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal
31 Jul 2017
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HULA HOTEL SEDUCTION - Video Song from the Psychedelic Conspiracy Rock Opera, JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY Log entry: 87UYRH R-Hollow Hex County Planet Earth Blood Moon Clan Guild Time: 6/6/17 9:20 PM The Martian Werewolf Clan now centered in Hex County York Pa is a trance porn family operation going back well before the Civil War. Their Chemist using a drug Shocking Blue made from the Burundanga plant called "Devils Breath" which can be blown into a victims face causing a person to fall into an instant Zombie trance. The MWClan is currently working with rogue operations at the CIA. The CIA let's the Clan run their porn operation while the Clan's chemist's provides the CIA working at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds with the Shocking Blue extractfor mind control experiments Scene 1: Amitiel appears out of nowhere in the woods. She is at a different location in person but shows up during a Project Star gate PHU, Psychic Hook Up, Remote Viewing standing behind Jakob ghostlike and casts a trance spell on Jakob where he cannot move only speak. Spoken Dialog...... SCRIPT...... ( Amitiel suddenly materalizes in a PHU mind connection. ) Amitiel: Hi Jakob, you can't turn around to see me until I allow you too. (Jakob now cannot move can only speak as he is in a state of mind control suspension) Jakob: Hi Amitiel been awhile haven't seen you around. I always think of you in the Civil War when you were walking with that little drummer boy with all those cannon balls exploding when you were hit. Is the unknown with you? Amitiel: He's right here Jakob. You know he doesn't like you so he won't talk to you. Jakob: I know. Hi Unknown sorry you don't like me. Maybe we'll sit down and have a moonshine shot and a chat someday. Unknown: There is a loud hissing sound.) Amitiel: So what you been up too Minstrel Jakob Lemy Zook you since the last time we
8 Aug 2017
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Amazing Guild Wars Dance-Video
28 Mar 2007
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Runescape warrior guild by thecarzylot2. Enjoy
15 Apr 2007
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Nephilim guild is born.End here is our first video.enjoy..
25 Apr 2007
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Farming Minos with Warrior Guild Wars
11 Jul 2007
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déroulement du 6e Concours de la Guilde du Lys BLeu. Une commandite de Kally. Merci à elle et bonne chance au participants. Un Merci tout spécial à Ulysse, Cassiopée et Justine..... :D
16 Jul 2007
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A video of Kaho in a guild battle with her squire(lvl300somethin)
19 Aug 2007
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A Guild Wars Tribute, a GW overview for fans..Sorry for the bad quality, it's my first gw video so be cool with that please..Contact In-Game : "Jeffow Masta".some tags: Demos Previews Fun LoL Lmao Rofl Injecti0n Injection FIFA 2008 not yes no why XD noob newb newby nubby n4p
7 Sep 2007
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A video filmed in Guild Wars while playing an instance/mission called Abaddon's mouth.
28 Sep 2007
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More at *******therealnews**** As television series close down, writers start to feel like part of the U.S. labor movement Tuesday November 27th, 2007 Talks between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture
4 Dec 2007
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My own interpretation of The Guild 2.
1 Jan 2008
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