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Video - Song 1. Dr. Green’s Medical Practice. Song 2. Exorcism of the Unknown Fallen Burnt angel. From the Conspiracy Psychedelic Rock & Roll Phantasm Opera. In this segment Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism musician is summoned by the Celestial Greens to go to the location believed to be where the German Nazi angel of Death Dr. Josef Mengele now going by the name Dr. Green is living hiding out in amish country Lancaster, Pa. He's also known to have a medical practice in York, Hex County. Dr. Green's Medical Practice. Mengele hasn’t aged from the experiments on children in which he developed an eternal youth drug. Jakob is to save two children being experimented on there in the underground tunnel complex and to rescue the Unknown semi fallen angel who travels with amitiel the truth angel but went missing. Dr. Green calls his child guinea pig experiments, "My Little Swine." To travel through the tunnels which leads to the 7 Gates Of Hell in Hellam up to the Harrisburg State mental institution tunnels. The Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild says there are reports of the children being abducted last seen getting in Dr. Green’s foreign green car. Other information includes the Unknown angel was also tranced and abducted by a porno vampire Drac Reptilian and was then possessed by one of the Hex County paranormal Skin Walkers and taken to the underground 20 mile tunnel complex surrounding the Harrisburg State Mental Institution and is believed to be under human eugenics experimentation there behind in one of the many torture cell rooms along the tunnel route where he is being experimented on trying to fuse him into an human celestial insect angel mutation. Experiment being funded by the ruling bloodline elites of New World Order. Jakob brings along with him one of the Blood Moon Clan’s most experienced exorcism minstrel units. The paranormal microwave music unit Uncle False Flag Pig & The Donovan Dreamer Quintet to help with the demonic extraction of the Skin Walker.
18 Apr 2017
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Check out this guinea pig - too funny.
20 Jun 2006
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the sweetest bunny you have ever seen meets a guinea pig
16 Jul 2007
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Guinea Pig sings the song 'Guinea Pig' by Fear 44
31 Jul 2007
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My guinea pig will do anything to get some grass, even bite through a plastic bag.
25 Sep 2007
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One of my guinea pigs is shaking the other's brain.
29 Sep 2007
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Watch Cocoa the Guinea Pig do a Backflip!
9 Oct 2007
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The Human Guinea Pigs wind up some rugby players. Naturally, they get pummeled and the results are very interesting. *******
18 Oct 2007
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Medusa (my python) eats a guinea pig
24 Dec 2007
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Our guinea pigs have trained me to deliver carrots when they shake hands and circle for me. :)
2 Feb 2008
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Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue is located in Latrobe, PA. Our website is is Hercules and Zeus. They are a bonded pair of male PEW's (Pink Eyes, White Fur) They were rescued from being euthanized at a lab in Canada. They need alot of love and attention. If you would like to adopt them please go to our website to fill out an application.
4 Feb 2008
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Cute Guinea Pig..
7 Feb 2008
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Dancing Guinea Pig
6 Feb 2008
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Starring Arrow and Buttercup, my sister's Guinea pigs. This is a segment from a commercial I had to make for my grade ten science class. The assignment was to create a 2-minute long informative commercial about a specific topic, and ours was "urban sprawl," which is when humans urbanize wildlife areas. So, my idea was for the reverse to happen. I cut the sceond half of the infomercial, which was me and a few of my classmates talking to the camera from a script. This is the more interesting part, anyhow.
6 Feb 2008
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Guinea Pigs rule the world!
7 Feb 2008
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Sexy guinea pig music video
6 Feb 2008
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