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New band from San Francisco uses GuitarHero controllers instead of "real" instruments. They reverse-engineered them to actually make bass and guitar sounds!
25 Apr 2007
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We play Guitarhero with our noses
8 Nov 2007
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In his IMV "Behind the Player" DVD, Jacobs gives an intimate behind-the scenes look at his life as a professional musician – including rare photos and video footage. Jacobs then gives in-depth lessons for how to play "Falling Down" and "Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu on guitar and jams the tracks with Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller. VIDEO TAB shows exactly how Jacobs plays the two tracks. The video-game-style animated tablature is similar to GuitarHero(™), but shows how to play the tracks for real.
8 Mar 2009
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20 Aug 2010
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Song is Tool - Vicarious For all World Tour information please refer to our helpful Wiki: *******wiki.scorehero****/wikka.php?w... Links: *******www.starpowerpodcast**** *******www.scorehero**** *******www.pmsclan**** *******www.neversoft**** *******www.redoctane**** *******www.guitarhero****
21 Dec 2008
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Chad Smith from the Chili Pepper, Stewart Copeland from the Police, and Travis Barker from Blink 182 rocking out on the new Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit. Extended version available on *******www.guitarhero**** Guitar Hero World tour, with the most realistic drums, rock the biggest set list, with the biggest artists. Record and release your own singles.
10 Nov 2008
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There's a Guitar Hero in every one of us. Even Heidi Klum. In Lingerie. For more on Guitar Hero World Tour visit www.guitarhero****
4 Jan 2009
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Rise to Rock Royalty with Guitar Hero®: Aerosmith® and become "The Bad Boys of Boston." Light up the stage and jam with some of the best Rock & Roll tracks of all time, including Aerosmith's greatest hits and opening songs from some of the world's best bands. Become Aerosmith with characters of the entire band showing off legendary moves in the most electrifying venues. visit: *******www.guitarhero****
18 Jan 2009
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Guitar Hero World Tour (GH4) Heidi Klum Director's Cut, Directed by Brett Ratner in High Quality. For more on Guitar Hero World Tour visit www.guitarhero****
28 Aug 2009
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*******www.trainear****/ This video benefits from high quality mode, watch in HQ: ***********/watch?v=K3kC_lYLAZw&fmt=18 Apparently there's some kind of misconception from some saying guessing and checking on actual songs is better. Training interval identification in a coordinated way lets you get this ability infinitely faster. Associating intervals will be slower than guess and check only in the beginning. If you want long term improvement ear training is the way to go. interval song ***********/watch?v=nl2d4zS56cY jumpPoints( 00:00 Start 04:21 Standardization Rant 05:20 List of Intervals and their note distances 05:32 How to use my free ear training program ) srt(english *******youtube.jimmyr****/subs/K3kC_lYLAZw_en.srtespanol *******youtube.jimmyr****/subs/ related( vhakdFxWHCg: Get free sheet music online kRgBaQfe0_s: Use audacity to sing multipart songs yourself tXbImBRO5_I: Correct Audacity Beta Latency ) subtitles(english espanol) links( *******www.trainear****/ My Ear Training Program ) tags: Ear training, music theory, play by ear, solfege, sight reading, sight singing, jazz, course, auralia, earmaster school, ear master school, ear master mac, macgamut, practica musica, musiclab melody, earope, personal ear trainer, dolce, perfect pitch, supercourse, Aebersold Jazz, ebook, finale, sibelius, 2009, 2008, 2010, modal, fruity loops, cubase, relative pitch, relativepitch, perfectpitch, FL Studio XXL producer express, piano, guitar, scales, chords, lessons, professional, transcribe!, audacity, garage band, Ableton Live, cakewalk sonar, acidpro, acid pro, adobe audition, adobe soundbooth, goldwave, Sound Forge, Pro Tools, dsp filter engine, 8 bit, encore, guitar pro, guitarpro, guitar hero, guitarhero, notation, trumpet, tuba, saxophone, french horn, clarinet, oboe, sax, flute, euphonium, band, scores, music score, trombone, midi keyboard compatible, midi to mp3, midi to wav, mp3 to midi, transcoder, converter, David Lucas Burge scam, Graham English scam, pitch train, absolute pitch, ear test, herken alut, pitch coach, inpitch, genetic, wikipedia, case studies, keygen, serial, full version, crack, cracked, reg, cerial, school, macintosh, apple, OSX, leopard, iso, cd key, registration, dvdrip, CD, mp3, audiobook %%howto
30 Aug 2009
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Guitar Hero World Tour (GH4) Risky Business Commercial with Heidi Klum. For more on Guitar Hero World Tour visit www.guitarhero****
25 Jun 2011
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Crank Up the Volume and prepare to rock around the globe with Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock. Battle against some of the greatest legends to ever shred on a guitar and become one yourself! Take your skills online against other Guitar Hero® players from around the world. visit: *******www.guitarhero****
22 Sep 2011
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*******www.facebook****/DannyJohnsonOfficial *******www.reverbnation****/dannyjohnsonoffical ********twitter****/dannyph3nom Danny played this Live last night the end of the song was Insane we had to do slow motion to get a good look at it I think you will agree. Thanks to everyone on the stream last night we all had a good time. At the end of the video the shout out was for Justin from Wisconsin who just had Bilateral bypass brain surgery and is doing Great!!!! Congrats!!!!! The song is The Wrath of Mr. Greg Murphy charted by Mr. Greg Murphy . BTW - We are streaming live right now at Http://GHPLive****/ To enter the chat, just put in a nick name that you would like to use and any password. We will be playing some GuitarHero. Thanks Guys!
29 Dec 2012
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First time beating this song on Expert. Took 4 tries, and ending up spending 4hrs 25min to beat GH3 from start to finish. I'd like to answer most of your questions and comments right now. "This is not expert, it's hard" - try watching the whole vid, or skipping to the end, where it says Congratulations, You Just Beat GH3 on Expert "How do you play as the God of Rock" - Go buy him in the store, unless you have a ps2, then you're out of luck "You used Hyperspeed, you cheated!" - I did use Hyperspeed 1 on this. it is not considered cheating by guitarhero**** or scorehero****, but if you feel I cheated, then i guess I cheated. "You need to get a life, or go outside and make friends" - you need to away, your comments aren't welcome -hope you enjoy the vid
30 Apr 2013
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You can control and play Guitar Hero or Frets On Fire with your iPhone or Android device! Download the android app here: ************/details?id=com.rainy.fretsplayer OR Download the iOS app here: ************/app/id544877264 and the server app here: *******guitarhero-controller**** Note: if you the phone cannot find the server, please check your FIREWALL settings.
12 Feb 2014
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