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— The United States Marines Corps on Tuesday condemned a video that purportedly shows a Marine viciously mistreating a puppy and promised an aggressive investigation into who is responsible. Sources at the Marine Corps base in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, told FOX News that they were upset and outraged by the video, which was initially posted on YouTube but has since been taken down. They confirmed there is someone stationed there who served in Iraq with the same name uttered in the video. "There is [a man by that name] here and back from Iraq," a source said. "Whether or not he is actually in the video, I can't confirm that — that's being investigated right now." In the grainy, low-quality clip, the Marine appears to throw a puppy off a rocky cliff while joking with another Marine, who addresses him by a single name as he holds up the motionless black-and-white dog before hurling it into a gully. "Oh, I tripped," the first Marine says as he throws the animal. A yelping sound is heard as the puppy flies through the air. "That's mean. That was mean, Motari," a second man, pictured with him in the beginning of the video, can be heard saying. A host of Internet blogs and sites have circulated what they speculate is the dog-tossing Marine's full name. It was likely that the named man and others were being questioned in the case, sources told FOXNews****. Those at the base in Hawaii were very upset by the video. "We're all outraged," a source said. "We're probably more outraged than the general public. I hate that it happened." Earlier Tuesday, the base's public affairs director issued a statement denouncing the vignette. "The video is shocking and deplorable and is contrary to the high standards we expect of every Marine," said Major Chris Perrine. "This video came to our attention this morning, and we have initiated an investigation. We do not tolerate this type of behavior and will take appropriate action." Soon after the uproar started Tuesday, YouTube removed the video from its site on the grounds that it violated content rules — though it was still accessible and available via other links online. The authenticity of the clip, which has been viewed more than 145,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube in the last two days, has not been verified. Perrine said it appears that the man in the video is a lance corporal based with a unit in the Hawaiian islands. His actions weren't characteristic of those of most men and women who serve, the spokesman said. "The vast majority of Marines conduct their duties in an honorable manner that brings great credit upon the Marine Corps and the United States," said Perrine. "There have been numerous stories of Marines adopting pets and bringing them home from Iraq or helping to arrange life-saving medical care for Iraqi children. "Those are the stories that exemplify what we stand for and how most Marines behave." "It's questionable," sources told FOXNews****. "But even if it was a fake, it's still outrageous." Forum members and bloggers have been frantically trying to track down details of the soldier. "Certainly there's a lot of outrage and a lot of people are upset about it. I think every Marine is upset about this video," Perrine said. "We will investigate and take appropriate action and make sure our Marine is safe as well. "That is mistreatment of a puppy. That is a violation of anybody's standards, and the Marine Corps sets extremely high standards."
6 Mar 2008
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Unoffical Video. hot rassclaut tune. mavado look like him ready fi tek 2010!!! Mavado - Come Into My Room (Ft. Stacious)[Dancehall/Reggae fusion]Press Contact Sean, Public Relations Director E:Tough1Chingmail****DI GENIUS
19 Dec 2010
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Il telaio della Fiat Cinquecento proto spinto dal bicilindrico a V di 60° della Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory muove i primi passi. Nei prossimi giorni verrà installata la carrozzeria e si proseguirà con i test. Contattateci per info. ____________________________________________ The first meters covered by the Fiat Cinquecento prototype chassis with the Aprilia V Twin engine from the RSV 1000 R Factory. In the next days the bodywork will be installed and the test will continue. For info contact us.
11 Sep 2008
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Ford Fiesta con motore Kawasaki 1000 nello slalom di Garessio 2007 ______________________________________ Ford Fiesta with Kawasaki 1000 engine in one autoslalom on 2007
11 Sep 2008
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Musik: "Hard Ride" Licensed under Creative Commons 'Attribution 3.0' *******creativecommons****/licenses/by/3.0/
26 Oct 2008
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Prime prove di questo motore convertito a carburatori (Keihin FCR con scarico Mivv). Per info contattateci. ____________________________________________ First test of this engine converted to carburetors (Keihin FCR with Mivv exhaust). For more info contact us.
12 Sep 2008
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30 Jun 2012
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Fast and Furious 5 Soundtrack iTunes Link: ***********/us/album/keep-talkin-single/id402900091 *Official Website* *******www.youngdii**** *Official Fan Page* *******www.facebook****/YoungDii *Official Twitter* *******www.twitter****/itsyoungdii
11 Jan 2012
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Video dell'Autoslalom Dubrava svoltosi a Zagabria, dove Vjekoslav Cicko e Davor Fabijancic hanno portato in gara la Fiat Cinquecento con motore Aprilia RSV Mille Factory costruita da Gulli Motori Competition. I due piloti Croati hanno chiuso rispettivamente al primo e terzo posto assoluto. ________________________________________ Video of Autoslalom Dubrava, raced on Zagreb, where Vjekoslav Cicko and Davor Fabijancic have run with the Fiat Cinquecento - Aprilia built by Gulli Motori Competition. The two Croats drivers have closed respectively at the firs and third place overall.
12 Sep 2008
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Prova al banco di un motore Fiat 1.8 16v derivato dalla Bravo, la potenza erogata è di circa 250hp a 10.000 giri/min. Per maggiori info contattateci --------------------------------------- Dyno run Fiat 1.8 16v racing engine, is a tuned Bravo, the power output is approx 250hp 10.000 rpm. Contact us for more info
12 Sep 2008
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Every day hundreds of wild sea fish come in to Doctor's Gully, Darwin, NT, Australia, to be hand fed by people.
22 Dec 2007
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T10 Gully Cricket is a cricket tournament organized amidst the India gullies. A noble chance for everyone from ages 15 - 24 who has not played first-class cricket so far. Registration begins from 28th December 2008. Registration free. 'AB HAR KOI KHELEGA'. Watch live on DD Sports
2 Jan 2009
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