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10% of all homicides are directly related to handguns. It is amazing that we as responsible citizen of the US protect the right for 'any' citizen to purchase a firearm....let the mass manufacturing of such. Let's be brutally honest here people, if gun are made...people will buy them. Unfortunately, there are only tow things we can do about this growing problem. 1. Elect on tougher gun control laws. 2. Restrict gun manufacturers from the open commercial market place. Now I know we may ruffle alot of feathers, especially with those who own guns and prove to be responsible gun owners...well; this message is obviously not meant for you. However; when the day comes that many people can be killed in a school setting, playground...or just sitting in from of their houses...we've got a problem
28 Jul 2007
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my speech about gun control
9 Feb 2009
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More on America takes on the touchy gun control issue.
18 Dec 2008
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Alex Jones Gun Control Rant of 2009
21 May 2009
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BY ADNAN S. KHAN You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy One of the top three gun-owning nations strongly voted against a massive gun control referendum. Apparently, the people of Switzerland value their firearms as much as their neutrality. France 24 has the story. REPORTER: “On Sunday, voting closed on a referendum that challenged a long held tradition that Swiss men keep army weapons at home, during and after military service. Doctors, churches and women’s group were amongst those pushing for firearms to be stored in secured army depots.” CITIZEN: “I voted in favor of banning firearms at households. Because I think it’s an out-of-date practice today – in Swiss society and in Europe.” There are around two to three million firearms in Switzerland, which puts the Alpine Nation right behind the U.S. and Yemen in civilian gun ownership. No one knows the exact number because Switzerland doesn’t have a national firearms registry. The Wall Street Journal reports- supporters of the referendum argued it would reduce the unusually high number of gun-related suicides. “The referendum’s supporters used a teddy bear with blood dripping from a hole in its chest, brandishing the motto, ‘Protect your family.’” Switzerland barely has a standing army and so is dependent on its vast militia to answer the call of duty. A BBC reporter writes- changing anything about the Swiss Army is controversial. “Opponents of the proposals say taking soldiers’ guns away would undermine the military and could open the door to abolishing Switzerland’s citizen army all together.” But it’s not like the referendum required the militia to bury its guns twenty feet underground. World Radio Switzerland says it simply wanted to remove them from homes. “Aside from requiring rifles to stay at armories, the initiative text called for any person owning a weapon to prove...a need and an ability to use it, as well as a national firearms registry.” Euronews reports for one gun owner it is more than a matter of national security- it’s a matter of pride in a national tradition. “I think guns represent our whole identity - our democratic system, our freedom. Since Switzerland exist thanks to a militia system resulting from civilians serving in the army, its always been the case that firearms have been kept at home.” Finally- a writer for Swiss community online news publication GenevaLunch says she would hate to see this debate butchered by foreign media through comparison with U.S. gun-control issues. “…the Swiss debate is not over the right to bear arms, but the responsibility that goes with bearing them. The Swiss militia obligation for citizens to have firearms is accompanied by the legal obligation to practice shooting regularly.” CNN points out- Switzerland outlawed keeping ammunition at home in 2007. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
15 Feb 2011
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30 Dec 2016
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10 Jan 2017
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Is this what AMERICA really wants?
20 Aug 2007
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*******intheopinion**** - What do you know, armed citizens can be of VALUE to the people and shouldn't all be treated as outlaws. Here's a story that proves it.
1 Jun 2010
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*******intheopinion**** - Once again, armed citizens can be helpful to society! This video backs me up! Go Thirteen year old Johnny!
1 Jun 2010
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16 Jan 2013
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What do you think about gun control?
13 May 2009
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Gun Control - Justin Colucci
14 Aug 2010
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Visit Here For More Details [[*******www.save1791****/assault-weapon-ban-contact/lp4-obama-gun-control]]
23 Jan 2013
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How far do we go with gun control?
6 Dec 2016
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY MALLORY PERRYMAN You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy A week after the Tucson tragedy - the Sunday shows had to decide whether or not to continue what has become a national conversation about violent rhetoric, gun control, and mental health. Every show touched on the hot button issues, but CNN’s State of the Union and ABC’s This Week took it a step further. Candy Crowley devoted her entire show to the issue of mental health- and Christiane Amanpour hosted a town hall meeting in Arizona. One big issue up for discussion- gun control. How did a guy like Jared Loughner legally buy a gun and ammo? Although it’s unlikely Congress will pass any serious limitations on gun ownership, two Democratic members of Congress say, it’s time to consider it. SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): “Like all the other rights, it’s not absolute. First Amendment: we have laws against pornography. You can’t scream ‘Fire!’ falsely in a crowded theater. There should be limits on gun laws as well.” (NBC) REP. RAUL GRIJALVA (D-AZ): “We have to talk about the issue of access and that’s not undercutting the Second Amendment at all. And then we have to talk about munitions, magazines, the caliber. These are all fair discussions to have now.” But Republican Senator Tom Coburn says- restrictions only affect law-abiding citizens. SEN. TOM COBURN (R-OK): “The people who are going to commit a crime or do something crazy aren’t going to pay attention to the laws in the first place.” (NBC) Finally- CBS’ Bob Schieffer calls the issue- a matter of common sense. BOB SCHIEFFER (Host, Face the Nation): “But if we can find a way to bar minors from buying alcohol, if we can keep those with bad eyesight from driving, if the army can find a way to keep Loughner from joining, can we not find a way to keep the mentally deranged from buying weapons?” Another Sunday talking point- mental health. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says, Loughner fell through the cracks of a broken mental health system. FMR. MAYOR RUDY GIULIANI (R-NY): “He was being told to be treated. People were saying he was bizarre. People were saying he was frightening. A teacher wouldn’t be with him without a guard being there. Gosh, you would think at some point along the way, he’d have been evaluated.” On ABC’s special edition of This Week, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a friend of Gabby Giffords, agrees. REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ (D-FL): “This is not a gap in law enforcement. We have a tremendous gap in coverage for mental health care. On CNN, Congresswoman Grace Napolitano says- enough talk- let’s do something about mental health policy. REP. GRACE NAPOLITANO (D-CA): “I think we need to begin to press upon the state and federal governments the urgency of this. Because every time there’s a tragedy, there’s a lot of hoopla for a month or two but then it dies down, goes away, everybody forgets about it and we’re on to the next thing.” And summing up her thoughts on the special edition of State of the Union, host Candy Crowley says- she hopes the show did some good. CANDY CROWLEY (Host, State of the Union): “This is a person who suffered from a mental illness and affected the lives of hundreds of people…We thought it was time to look at mental illness and treatments, what’s available. An hour wasn’t long enough but I really loved the show.” Finally- our running tally of who’s in and who’s out of the 2012 presidential race- Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty tells Fox News, he might be IN...but he’s not sure how far he’ll go. FMR. GOV. TIM PAWLENTY (R-MN): "For somebody like me, you have to do very well - win - or do very well in Iowa…My name ID outside of Minnesota isn't very high. It was about 15 percent about a year ago amongst Republicans, and it’s not particularly high outside of Northern Iowa.” You can see all our coverage of the issues the media focused on in the aftermath of the Tucson shooting here: Rep. Giffords Shot in Tucson, Ariz. Obama Urges Civility in Political Discord Giffords Shooting and the 'Vitriolic' Political Climate The Miraculous Recovery of Gabby Giffords Gun Control Debate Reignited After Giffords Shooting Who is Jared Loughner? Free Speech or a Call to Violence? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
18 Jan 2011
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