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16 Oct 2013
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By Kelly Clarkson taken off from Majic 100 and it was on today at 6:09pm EST and I really love this song! So we decided to use up some higher quality episodes from Treehouse TV and some from YouTube user pinkfury2500. No copyright infringement intended! We belong to Viacom, Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon! Also this song goes to Kelly Clarkson and her respectful owners! You can download the song on .mp3 format! ************/?tab=wo&authuser=0#folders/0B0azZCoF6rAwblJRcEhLZTMwUVk EDIT: This song is in such good audio quality! =D
17 Oct 2013
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23 Oct 2013
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i remade the song
24 Oct 2013
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Subscribe right now!! ***********/subscribe_widget?p=superkidsgames Go to the channel and leave a comment! ***********/user/superkidsgames Click below for The Dora the Explorer Games playlist! ******* Click here for a full list of SuperKidsGames! ***********/user/Superkidsgames/videos
30 Nov 2013
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19 Jan 2014
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I used most videos from Treehouse TV and some videos from YouTube users rac2873 + pinkfury2500! No copyright infringement intended - we belong to Viacom, Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon - also this song belongs to PSY and his music owners! This is a very funny music video. Enjoy it!
31 Mar 2014
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for my childrens
21 Oct 2014
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7 Feb 2015
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Red & white Ryukin, 2 Fantails (1 orange and 1 all white), 1 Black Moor, 1 comet goldfish, 2 male guppies, and 1 huge female Guppy (i call her my amazon guppy bc for some reason shes HUGE and no she isn't pregnant. Oh and 1 pleco. ALSO no the ammonia from my goldfish has never affected or hurt my guppies. *UPDATE: I no longer have these fish. And please, stop telling me "they can't be mixed". I did it and never had a problem. thankyouverymuch.
24 May 2009
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My first little clip of me in my tail. I must admit I got a bit camera shy and started splashing around like a guppy :P Also the first time using the video function on my camera, so it's not the best footage. Hopefully more soon! Please read the FAQ and past comments before asking a question, as it may have already been answered for you! Music is The Celts by Enya Happy swimming! FAQ: Q: Where did you get your mermaid tail? A: The lovely and talented Mermaid Jewel (**** She is now ...
9 Apr 2009
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Mi pecera. Tengo cuatro neones, un platy, dos black molly, dos pez vidrio (Prionobrama filigera), tres tetra serpa (Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma), dos dolar (Metynnis hypsauchen) y dos guppy. Las plantas que tengo son Elodea (Egeria densa), Cabomba y otra que no se muy bien que es... :P
28 Oct 2009
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Pecera con guppys y coridoras
28 Oct 2009
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My Tropical Fish Tank, Updated with New additions.... Balloon Ram Cichlid's (Blue and Golden) Platies Dwarf Gourami's Cardinal Tetra's Glowlight Tetra's Rummy Nose Tetra's Black Neon Tetra's Guppies Threadfin Rainbowfish Celebes Rainbowfish Pentazona Barbs Koi Swordtail's (Females) Otto Catfish Yamato Shrimp Angelfish (two breeding pairs) Thanks for watching.
21 Dec 2009
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Short video of our P. altum eating a very long blackworm. He doesnt like eating those because they are so much work, but I find it all very amusing! The fish is wild caught, coming from Colombia but most likely caught in Venezuelan waters. We got him thanks to Luis from Fl Guppies Plus for a very good deal. We are keeping him in quarantine in a bare-bottom 10g tank with a 20g cycled filter, oversized heater to keep the temperature steady at 84F, some silk plants for cover, and we add some discus buffer to soften and buffer the water to around 7.0 pH (how we got him). At this point he only eats live black worms. We hope to introduce him to pellets and flake food within the next couple of months. Once he is able to eat anything we offer, then we can deworm and feed antibiotics. Only after that we will introduce him to our planted rainbowfish and angelfish tank. Hope you like the video...please ignore my voice over...i usually edit myself out but i'm too lazy today....sorry!
26 Feb 2010
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The I-401 (I-400 class sub), along with the I-201 (I-201 class sub) and I-14 (I-13 class sub) Submarines, were captured at the Pacific war's end and sailed to Hawaii, where US naval intelligence officers could plumb the ships' secrets. They are three of five advanced Japanese subs the US sailed to Pearl Harbor after the war. All were scuttled to avoid having to share the information with the Pacific war's late-comer and co-claimant to such prizes, the former Soviet Union. *******www.honoluluadvertiser****/article/20091113/NEWS08/911130383/ imperial japanese japan navy jmsdf military ijn ww2 wwⅡpacific diesel electric Number 71 No.71 I-201 I-203 I-400 I-401 I-13 I-14 ha-201 class submarine carrier silent hunter hawaii russia america usa german typeXXI typeXXIII U-boat elektroboote elektroboat guppy gato balao sen taka sentaka sen toku sentoku 伊201 伊203 伊400 伊401 伊13 伊14 潜高 潜特 波201 第71号艦 潜水艦
19 May 2010
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