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Metacafe Reviewers: We are ourselves the producer of the Video, it is copyright of Guru Nanak Daata Baksh Lai Mission, and SikhVideos**** is our main video website (also our channel name)Video is also available at *******www.Tercentenary2008**** - a site set up specially for this Sacred Event -The 300th Anniversary of Guruship of Sri Guru Granth Sahib - "300 Saal Guru De Naal"Part 3 of 3 of the Video titled "Neech Te Neech Att Neech Hoye Kar Binau Bulavo" - a Divine treat on Humility - dedicated to the Tercentenary GurGaddi Divas being celebrated as "300 Saal Guru De Naal" at Hazur Sahib, Nanded.Humility has been described in every religion as the Greatest if all Virtues. The prophet of Humility, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and all other Sikh Gurus set mind-boggling examples of humility and showed the path to us.Guru Nanak Dev Ji, in Asa Dee Vaar, say - "Meethat Neevi Nanaka, Gun Changiaian Tatt". That humility (Neevi - Nimanapan, to think modest, lowly of oneself) is the "Tatt", the root, the seed, the very foundation of all the Divine Virtues of the Lord.Watch this video to learn about1) What are the obstacles in our embracing Humility and how to remove them to receive the Divine Rewards.2) How and where is the Satguru found, and in what humility?3) How amazing was the humility shown by Sikh Gurus and even more amazing the results4) Sri Guru Amar Das Ji say that Guru's grace falls on all, but some receive it more and others less. So what really is the criteria?5) How Guru Nanak Dev Ji describe in Asa Dee Var that Humility (Nimarta, Nimanapan) is the Greatest of all Virtues6) We answer at being called by our name, but what is the way to call upon the Lord?7) Further advice on how to rid of false ego and pride.Do watch and share with friends at Orkut, Facebook etc. so everyone may derive maximum benefit.Gurbani Reference:From Sri Guru Granth Sahib (470)Hymns of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Asa Di Var: Simmal rukh saraira at diragh at much Oe je avahi as kar jahi nirase kit. Fal fike ful bakbake kamm na avahi pat Mithat nivi Nanka gun changaia tatt
21 Sep 2008
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Vegetarianism A Noble Way of Living - Episode 346, Vegetarian Elite: Guru Nanak: A Model of Compassion - Part 1, Air date: August 26, 2007 (VEG - 20070826)
3 Oct 2008
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In this episode, our Backwoods Guru, Bill Smooshfoot, is "Just Reflectin'" on monetary systems, hickory logs, and robust doll-makers. What exactly does "dollar" mean, anyway? And why do we use something when we don't even know what it is? Back to barter says Bill. DadLabs Ep 407 Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Oct 2008
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Q and A 3: AOL music for ya! Om Namah Shivaya: Breath/Radiance Within: Guru Om:
29 Jan 2009
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guru Qs and As 4:
23 Oct 2008
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Getting a Guy to Like You. Dating Tips from the Love Guru, Blaire Allison *******www.loveguru**** - for girls *******www.datingtipsfordudes**** - for guys
25 Oct 2008
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yoga guru suneel singh ON OBESITY DAY
27 Oct 2008
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yoga guru suneel singh ON OBESITY DAY...
27 Oct 2008
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yoga guru suneel singh on obesity day.....
27 Oct 2008
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*******suprememastertv****/ - From Sikhism's Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib:Guru Nanak,Pages 151-154(In Punjabi), Episode: 634, Air date: 9 - June - 2008
2 Nov 2008
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Internet Marketing Expert and Cash Gifting Guru will teach you step-by-step to duplicate exactly what he has done to create his success online. Visit *******4figuresweekly**** and fill out your contact info to receive access to the marketing secrets of Michael Nirek.
5 Nov 2008
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Guru Josh Project - infinity 2008 (KLAAS VOCAL EDIT)
9 Nov 2008
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