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Al término de nuestros 6 años de carrera universitaria me propusieron el crear una presentación con fotos de nuestro camino por la facultad y aqui os dejo un video de 11 minutos. Espero que os guste.
9 Jul 2007
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This is my first AMV, from the first Avenger's Episode. I hope you enjoy Mi primer AMV, basado en el primer capítulo de esta serie, no es que sea maravilloso, pero ya iré mejorando. Espero que os guste Dieses ist mein erstes AMV. Ich hoffe, ihr gut gefällt (más)
7 Jul 2007
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Aquí está el segundo capítulo de la saga. Autora: Coldmirror Subtítulos en español: Bdellovibrium Por cierto, si hay fallos Aquí está el segundo capítulo de la saga. Autora: Coldmirror Subtítulos en español: Bdellovibrium Por cierto, si hay fallos (que seguro que los hay) decidmelo ^^ Espero que os guste
8 Jul 2007
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es un video muy loco espero que les guste
2 Aug 2007
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Este es un pekeño detalle para mi segundo aniversario de noviazgo.. espero les guste tanto como a mi ... Te amo .. peke ... atte: moTsa. This an example for my love ... peke ... i did.. for my second year .. it`s my relationship... i love iu --------------> 4ever your dear love: moTsa
6 Aug 2007
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Scott Faingold introduces the world to the new Marquee at the Lakeshore Theater with special guste Katie.
6 Aug 2007
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Video para el concurso de la web "" Creado a las prisas!!! espero que os guste!
17 Aug 2007
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Un video historia de la presentación de broadway del coro UP Campus Guadalajara, desde antes de la obra hasta la grabación del disco, contiene fotos y videos del teatro degollado, espero les guste...
22 Aug 2007
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soccer freak accident at football match wind gust reeks havoc
30 Aug 2007
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A Chelsea se le ve descansando, ella es una princesita tibetana..espero q les guste, esta cantando Tu dulce Voz- RBD y Princesa Tibetana Timbiriche....Hecho x claudia(claufancyd)
31 Aug 2007
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How not to test fly a new aircraft. 40km/h winds, with 60-70km/h gusts and a rudder that is not even close to being in the right place. Full left rudder kept the plane flying straight. The area the plane is being flown in is very large and it's easy to keep planes away from the houses normally. I had no choice really but to put the plane into a tree because after 3 attemps to bring it on course for a landing it had drifted too far away and could not be turned.
3 Sep 2007
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Te has puesto a reflexionar como ves la vida? El tiempo pasa muy rápido tal vez podríamos reconsiderar... Vídeo experimental con imagenes foto manipuladas, morphing, subtítulos con pensamientos y música generada por computadora. Es un mensaje para ti ojala te guste, por favor deja un comentario o calificalo o ambas cosas. Gracias
18 Sep 2007
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The wind was blowing in strong gusts and frequently changing directions, spreading the Geneva water fountain's spray far and wide, and every now and then a rainbow would appear some distance from the fountain. Music (royalty free): "Juniper", by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 2.0"
19 Sep 2007
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LAS VEGAS, NV -- An amazing Las Vegas publicity stunt almost ended in disaster Wednesday night for British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. One of the world's best-known billionaires fell 40-stories from the top of the palms Hotel to kick off the launch his latest multi-billion dollar enterprise, an extension of his low-cost airline Virgin America. But Branson came down faster than anyone expected In the middle of the fall a gust of wind slammed his backside and left hand into the side of the building. It nearly ripped his pants off and caused some painful but not serious injuries. At the end of the ride Branson seemed shaken. He spoke a few words to the crowd and then went inside for medical treatment. During the fall, Branson released a handful of tickets for free flights on Virgin America. But the wind sent them flying and no one seemed to be able to locate any of them afterwards. The stunt was emceed by the magic duo of Penn and teller... Branson invites danger in almost everything he does. His people say despite the injuries suffered while plummeting at The Palms he returned to his publicity schedule just a few hours later.
14 Oct 2007
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Aqui nos divertiamos en familia viendo un espectaculo de leones marinos en conocido parque de Cancun... Ojala les guste.
20 Nov 2007
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This is a video of the storm that hit Gold Beach Oregon on 12/03/2007. It had wind gusts up to 113 MPH which is hurricane force winds.
6 Dec 2007
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