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*******NakedYogaSchool**** (All levels) This practice involves knowing when to let go and when to hold on. It embodies the yin-yang, the constant regenerative process called change. Observe your insight into feelings about the possibilities of union. Notice your emotional habits - your emotions as they connect to your energy field and influence your body. How present are you when you are giving and receiving. How does it feel? Is receiving unnerving, comforting, exciting? Is giving unnerving, comforting, exciting? Even just noticing the compression or contraction of energy can help you change your habitual response. In this video we explore some healing touch through some basic Thai Massa.
11 Jul 2010
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Los celos son un sentimiento habitual en muchas relaciones de pareja. Cuando se vuelven muy intensos algunas personas pueden tratar de buscar explicaciones fuera de la realidad y su pensamiento se trasforma en un tipo de paranoia denominada "paranoia conyugal o síndrome de Otelo", que consiste en la creencia delirante de que la pareja es infiel.Se puede acompañar de otras creencias anormales, como por ejemplo que el compañero intenta envenenarlo o infectarlo con una enfermedad venérea. La conducta se caracteriza por la constante búsqueda de indicios que confirmen su delirio, espiando, registrando o persiguiendo a la pareja para intentar confirmar la infidelidad. Es uno de los tipos de delirio que mayor agresividad pueden llegar a provocar.
18 Sep 2007
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Directed & Written By Eric Byler. Starring: Jacqueline Kim, Eugenia Yuan, Michael Idemoto, Matt Westmore, Shizuko Hoshi, Kimberly-Rose Wolter. Nominated for two 2003 Independent Spirit Awards and hailed by Roger Ebert as a breakthrough for Asian American filmmakers, Charlotte Sometimes is a mysterious and erotic romance exploring the kinds of love for which there are no names or clear arrangements. Michael Idemoto (Sunsets) stars as Michael, reclusive auto mechanic captivated by a mysterious drifter, Darcy (Jacqueline Kim, 2003 nominee for Best Supporting Actress, Brokedown Palace, Volcano, Disclosure, Star Trek: Generations, TV's E.R., West Wing and Xena: The Warrior Princess). Lori, (Eugenia Yuan, 2003 Hong Kong Academy Award winner for Three, TV's NYPD Blue, Martial Law, Beverly Hills 90210) co-stars as Michael's tenant and best friend who, despite her live-in boyfriend, may hold the key to Michael's heart. When the women in Michael's life meet fact to face, Michael is forced to choose between a daring tryst with an alluring stranger, and the habitual comfort of his bittersweet obsession.
26 Jul 2009
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*******NakedYogaSchool**** (All Levels) Often, just by getting out of our habitual structural relationship within our bodies, we can change our psychological and physiological experience. We can consciously direct attention and energy from one part of our body to another, and from our bodies to another person's body. Through conscious observation and refined awareness, we can actively cultivate the skill of witnessing energy and then choosing where and how to move it. During this process/practice of the play between contracting and expanding energies you can ask yourself: Am I protecting my heart or ignoring it? Does my heart offer tenderness and generosity to this moment? What feelings and sensations arise?
11 Jul 2010
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How to make a match tower; you can use matches to make nice handicrafts,such as this towerVery few people from people isn't admired with hand-made articles made of matches. Fragile toys cause feeling of genuine delight and respect for the person, made them. From matches, it is possible to carry hand-made articles to the independent art form, pleasing an eye it is not less, than already habitual sculptures or hand-made articles from glass. Only present, how many it is necessary to put imaginations and patience that from matches to make a small house or a mill. And that creation of these masterpieces costed to authors of the hand-made articles represented in a cap of a site, even to present difficultly. Agree are present works of art. Small house from matches The small house from matches won't demand almost anything, "except sleight of hand", it is a little diligence and several hours of free time. It is required: 6-7 коробков matches, a button or a coin (3 copecks of Soviet period or 2 Russian roubles either 50 Kazakh tenges or any other money in diameter about 24 millimeters), the book or a diskette or кробка from a compact disc (a support for assemblage). 1. Put on the book of 2 matches in parallel each other on distance hardly smaller, than length of a match. размеров.2. From above lay 8 matches perpendicularly to first two. And, extreme matches should form a square with 2-mja matches of 1st number, and between all other matches should be about identical small расстояние.3. The following number of 8 more matches. Lay their perpendicularly previous 8 too with small distance between ними4. Accurately make "well" of 7 numbers, having a head of matches on кругу.5. From above make a flooring of 8 matches. Put their heads aside, opposite to heads of matches bottom настила.6. To perpendicularly previous number put following - from 6 matches (2 more extreme will add later). From above press the received design монетой.7. Keeping a coin a finger, thrust on small house corners vertically matches a head upwards. Matches should pass between top and the bottom floorings, and their edges - to leave from below. Matches of the bottom floorings can be moved apart other match or a toothpick, to watch only that the small house hasn't moved down with bottom спичек.8. The small house on legs has turned out. Thrust matches on perimeter along walls, moving apart a flooring an auxiliary match or a toothpick and pressing a design пальцем.9. Compress walls of a small house from 4 lateral faces, having moved them to the matches thrust vertically. Take out a coin спичкой.10. Take a small house in hands and press out co all сторон.11. Press matches which went on perimeter that they pressed heads a flooring. The turned out square from heads of matches - also is the small house base. I.e. that was top became a bottom. Having put on it a small house, receive a skeleton with the ends of matches sticking out every which way. They are necessary for construction of walls and a roof домика.12. At first finish walls. For this purpose insert vertically matches heads upwards co вcex 4 lateral сторон.13. Afterwards lay on one - already to a horizontal layer of walls. Thus matches should revolve, as at well building, a heads - to alternate with the ends of matches. Having inserted all horizontal matches, press their heads that they have pressed matches next стен.14. Now start a roof. At first insert missing matches into angular holes and, tucking in vertical matches of walls from below, extend them вверх.15. Stack roof matches to perpendicularly top flooring, beginning from edges and alternating directions of matches. Hand-made articles from matches Hand-made articles for children, the collection Wonderful hand-made articles: Packing Hand-made articles from помпончиков Simple hand-made articles from plasticine For a garden and a kitchen garden. Hand-made articles and councils Hand-made articles from nuts Hand-made articles from a cardboard Новогоднии hand-made articles Hand-made articles from a paper Hand-made articles from the salty test Amusing hand-made articles spokes and a hook Hand-made articles from an egg shell Hand-made articles from beads. A gift the hands Hand-made articles and souvenirs from natural materials Hand-made articles from the salty test Skillful hand-made articles from different materials Original hand-made articles from eggs Applications and hand-made articles from a paper for children of 5-7 years Hand-made articles from plastic bottles To watch film How to Look Good Naked How to Dress to How to Look Good How to Look Good Haunting in Connecticut What Can Be Hidden Peeping Tom Prank Дженнифер Энистон Goes В. .. Lego Star Wars III: ... Трансформеры: Темный от t. .. Без тебя (Smokin Ace Sexual Relaxing No Strings Attached - NOW PLAYING! Sexual Accident SNTV - Леди Гага Брея Childbirth Video Sex and the City 2 Funny Video - - New dance class etiquette. Check my channel for more of these... Here Come the Gays Sex Is Comedy Sexting Re-post of a psa video about the harmful effects of sex ting. Maria Sharapova In A Swimsuit Maria Sharapova looking hot Sports Illustrated Magazine Celebrities in white bikinis. Super Model How To Make Matchhous Aa Ab Ac Ad Ae Af Ag Ah Ai Aj Ak Al Am Ao Ap Aq Ar As At Au Av Aw Ax Ay Az • B Ba Bb Bc Bd Be Bf Bg Bh Bi Bj Bk Bl Bm Bn Bo Bp Bq Br Bs Bt Bu Bv Bw Bx By Bz • C Ca Cb Cc Cd Ce Cf Cg Ch Ci Cj Ck Cl Cm Cn Co Cp Cq Cr Cs Ct Cu Cv Cw Cx Cy Cz • D Da Db Dc Dd De Df Dg Dh Di Dj Dk Dl Dm Dn Do Dp Dq Dr Ds Dt Du Dv Dw Dx Dy Dz • E Ea Eb Ec Ed Ee Ef Eg Eh Ei Ej Ek El Em En Eo Ep Eq Er Es Et Eu Ev Ew Ex Ey Ez • F Fa Fb Fc Fd Fe Ff Fg Fh Fi Fj Fk Fl Fm Fn Fo Fp Fq Fr Fs Ft Fu Fv Fw Fx Fy Fz • G Ga Gb Gc Gd Ge Gf Gg Gh Gi Gj Gk Gl Gm Gn Go Gp Gq Gr Gs Gt Gu Gv Gw Gx Gy Gz • H Ha Hb Hc Hd He Hf Hg Hh Hi Hj Hk Hl Hm Hn Ho Hp Hq Hr Hs Ht Hu Hv Hw Hx Hy Hz • I Ia Ib Ic Id Ie If Ig Ih Ii Ij Ik Il Im In Io Ip Iq Ir Is It Iu Iv Iw Ix Iy Iz • J Ja Jb Jc Jd Je Jf Jg Jh Ji Jj Jk Jl Jm Jn Jo Jp Jq Jr Js Jt Ju Jv Jw Jx Jy Jz • K Ka Kb Kc Kd Ke Kf Kg Kh Ki Kj Kk Kl Km Kn Ko Kp Kq Kr Ks Kt Ku Kv Kw Kx Ky Kz • L La Lb Lc Ld Le Lf Lg Lh Li Lj Lk Ll Lm Ln Lo Lp Lq Lr Ls Lt Lu Lv Lw Lx Ly Lz • M Ma Mb Mc Md Me Mf Mg Mh Mi Mj Mk Ml Mm Mn Mo Mp Mq Mr Ms Mt Mu Mv Mw Mx My Mz • N Na Nb Nc Nd Ne Nf Ng Nh Ni Nj Nk Nl Nm Nn No Np Nq Nr Ns Nt Nu Nv Nw Nx Ny Nz • O Oa Ob Oc Od Oe Of Og Oh Oi Oj Ok Ol Om On Oo Op Oq Or Os Ot Ou Ov Ow Ox Oy Oz • P Pa Pb Pc Pd Pe Pf Pg Ph Pi Pj Pk Pl Pm Pn Po Pp Pq Pr Ps Pt Pu Pv Pw Px Py Pz • Q Qa Qb Qc Qd Qe Qf Qg Qh Qi Qj Qk Ql Qm Qn Qo Qp Qq Qr Qs Qt Qu Qv Qw Qx Qy Qz • R Ra Rb Rc Rd Re Rf Rg Rh Ri Rj Rk Rl Rm Rn Ro Rp Rq Rr Rs Rt Ru Rv Rw Rx Ry Rz • S Sa Sb Sc Sd Se Sf Sg Sh Si Sj Sk Sl Sm Sn So Sp Sq Sr Ss St Su Sv Sw Sx Sy Sz • T Ta Tb Tc Td Te Tf Tg Th Ti Tj Tk Tl Tm Tn To Tp Tq Tr Ts Tt Tu Tv Tw Tx Ty Tz • U Ua Ub Uc Ud Ue Uf Ug Uh Ui Uj Uk Ul Um Un Uo Up Uq Ur Us Ut Uu Uv Uw Ux Uy Uz • V Va Vb Vc Vd Ve Vf Vg Vh Vi Vj Vk Vl Vm Vn Vo Vp Vq Vr Vs Vt Vu Vv Vw Vx Vy Vz • W Wa Wb Wc Wd We Wf Wg Wh Wi Wj Wk Wl Wm Wn Wo Wp Wq Wr Ws Wt Wu Wv Ww Wx Wy Wz • X Xa Xb Xc Xd Xe Xf Xg Xh Xi Xj Xk Xl Xm Xn Xo Xp Xq Xr Xs Xt Xu Xv Xw Xx Xy Xz • Y Ya Yb Yc Yd Ye Yf Yg Yh Yi Yj Yk Yl Ym Yn Yo Yp Yq Yr Ys Yt Yu Yv Yw Yx Yy Yz • Z Za Zb Zc Zd Ze Zf Zg Zh Zi Zj Zk Zl Zm Zn Zo Zp Zq Zr Zs Zt Zu Zv Zw Zx Zy Zz Бассейн секс куклы Оригами 16. At first stack on 2, then on 4, on 6 and in 2-x central on 8. 17. Between matches sticking out vertically carefully insert matches - "tile" heads to the middle. After that press them on a circle heads of sides
4 Apr 2011
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The Tradition of Chewing Paan The tradition of chewing betel leaf or paan as it is commonly known in Hindi is age-old and deeply rooted in India. It seems likely that the habit was originally developed in the south east Asian island region in the moist tropical climates. Its basic quality is best described in a stanza from the Kamasutra of Vatsyayana saying: “After cleaning the teeth and having looked into the mirror and having eaten a tambula to render fragrance to the mouth, should a person start his day’s work”. Tambula, as the betel preparation is called in Sanskrit, is derived from the term tamra meaning copper indicating red colour. This red colour is alluded to because of one of the most popular ingredients of paan namely catechu or katha. According to Sushrata, the patriarch of ancient Indian medicine, paan keeps mouth clean strengthens the voice, tongue and teeth and guards against diseases. It is also said to aid in digestion and purify blood. The heart-shaped betel-leaf, or piper betel, is preferably plucked when it is till young and tender and its taste is the best. The cultivation of this creeper needs a lot of care and attention. Dryness and exposure to the sun for too long a period can harm and plant. The betel creeper are usually cultivated under the shade of large trees or under the protection of high bamboo or thatched roofing. Connoisseur, however, feel that the effect of nearby trees on the soil influences the taste of the betel leaves; kapok trees or coconut palms are preferred for shade. After about 20 years of productivity, the leaves of the creepers no longer grow to the desired size of about 14 centimetres length and eight centimetres breadth and lose their spicy, astringent taste. While harvesting, not only single leaves are plucked, but the full creeper with its 15 to 20 leaves. One of the most important ingredients of a betel preparation is the areca nut (which in botanical terms is not a nut, but a seed) the fruit of the areca palm, areca catech, has a slender growth and is often considered to be the most beautiful of the palms. The orange-coloured conical fruit (about six centimetres long) is the most important part of the betel preparation. It is enjoyed both as a raw and soft fruit, and when it is dry and hard. The fruits are harvested just before their complete ripeness, because that is when the active ingredients are most potent. This sed, locally known s supari is the most popular substance in a paan. Its narcotic value, which is appreciated by all chewers of paan is due to an alkaloid called Are Colin which is produced when lime is added to paan. Its stimulating effect increases with excessive chewing. These chemical substances reduce inner restlessness and tensions in habitual paan eaters. However, these ingredients can also cause nausea, giddiness, perspiration and initial symptoms of poisoning in those who are not used to paan. A small content of a volatile oil called betel-oil, in the leaf creates the desired spicy, aromatic and fresh taste in the mouth. In classical literature these effects have been appreciated and it is suggested that one should chew a tambula. “…To lend beauty to the mouth and purify it, to destroy all foul odour…” The oils contained in the betel leaf support the stimulating effect of the other ingredients. The other contents of a prepared paan-roll are basically added for their flavouring and refreshing value. Of these catechu might be the most popular. It is a reddish solution of the heart-wood of the tree Acacia Catechu Wild, locally known as katha. Its astringent and disinfecting principals are the ctechin and catechu tannin causing contraction of the gums. It is therefore, considered a means of preserving and cleansing the mouth and teeth. This liquid causes the redness of the mouth and saliva while chewing the betel leaf. There are a variety of betels leaves grown indifferent parts of Indian and the method of preparation also differs. The delicately flavoured paan from Bengal is known as Desi Mahoba. Maghai and Jagannath are the main paans of Benaras. Paan prepared from small and fragile leaves from south India is known as Chigrlayele. The thicker black paan leaves – the ambadi and Kariyele are more popular and are chewed with tobacco. The earliest known inscriptional reference to tambula is in Mandasor in Madhya Pradesh. It says “(just as) a woman endowed with youth and beauty (and) adorned with the arrangement of golden necklaces and betel leaves and flowers, goes not to meet (her) lover in a secret place until she has put on a pair of coloured silken clothes...” Early Sanskrit texts mention the consumption of betel leaf among the eight enjoyments – incenses, women, clothes, music, bed and food. Since it was deeply connected with enjoyment and erotic play, it is not surprising to find frequent depiction of lovers sharing a betel roll or offering it to each other, or all the necessary utensils and implements for betel, specially in those miniatures depicting romantic themes. These containers are shown lying on the floor near the bed or a couch and in most cases showing decorative perforations which keep the leaves fresh due to the circulation of air. Vatsyayana included betel leaf in the solah shringar, one of the 16 toiletries. It was and still is a part of the religious ritual and is offered to the gods. Pan was however forbidden to widows and students. Ascetics also could not partake of paan because it ws considered an item of enjoyment. Only married men and women were allowed to eat tambula. Betel leaf eating has great significance in the wedding rituals of most provinces of India. Folded betel leaf containing lime, catechu, areca nut, cardamom, etc., are distributed at wedding parties. The Kathi women of Saurashtra make highly ornate bags for keeping areca nuts to be distributed to the guests at wedding parties. In Maharashtra there is a special wedding custom in which the bride holds a betel roll in her mouth half of which the bridegroom bites from the other end. Betel boxes also were commonly a part of the gifts to the bride and bridegroom from their respective fathers-in-law. Betel boxes today have become a part of Indian artefacts. They were once an integral part of the household. The most characteristic feature of all of them away the perforation work either in the lid or in the entire case. The perforation added beauty and ornateness to the betel boxes and at the same time kept the leaves fresh for a longer period. Some betel boxes were recreated in shapes, like that of a pumpkin, a melon, a flower, a mango etc., other were shaped like peacocks and parrots. Boxes re made with or without inner compartments. Usually there is a flat tray inside on which betel leaves and the nut-cracker are placed. Underneath the plate there are different compartments for the various ingredients. Before the introduction of sophisticated materials and methods of construction, often the betel boxes were made of khas grass or even terracotta which were kept wet by sprinkling water so that the leaves remained fresh. A combination of charming forms and functional devices made the everyday life of a traditional house much richer and devoid of the jerky dichotomy of art and utility. Art was separated from the conviviality of its users. It was certainly for the rasika, and not only for the elite. Preparing paan at home may be out-dated and considered a time consuming process today but eating paan is still apart of Indian habit. After lunch and after dinner people inevitably make their way to the tiny paan shops located at every street corner.Paan shops are a part of the Indian culture. Paan sellers with their makeshift kiosks are a source of entertainment and information. Come evening one finds youths of the neighbourhood converge at this small corner to discuss the day’s events or hold a heated discussion on the latest national or international happening with the paan wallah, as the paan seeler is called, pitching in actively. But business is never forgotten. Bidas of paan are briskly passed around to liven up the discussion and profit.It is surprising how these little commercial set ups with their brass containers lined in front are keeping alive a culture that originated centuries ago.
28 Nov 2008
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*******www.RevStuartBronson**** A look at Britains Got Talent 2009 Judges, Simon Cowell,Amanda Holden
23 Apr 2009
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La ludopatía es la adicción al juego. La persona tiene necesidad de jugar apostando cada vez más para conseguir el mismo nivel de excitación deseado perdiendo el control del impulso que le hace jugar. La persona juega como vía de escape a sus problemas, miente y oculta la magnitud de su implicación en el juego y termina cometiendo actos ilegales para financiar ésta conducta. Es habitual la pérdida de relaciones personales y laborales debido al juego y pedir préstamos a los demás para pagar las deudas derivadas de esta actividad...
11 Jul 2007
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Bird flight has always intrigued mankind. Great deal of that interest arose from the desire to fly like birds ourselves. I designed an artificial bird , a fully scaled peregrine falcon with profiled wings, actively utilizing aerodynamic principles just as Nature does and still flies at 20 knots! Bird flight observation creates strong impressions of the huge diversity in flying techniques. The beauty, the variety and fascination of bird flight attracted my attention long ago and by designing flapping wing models I wanted to understand a bit more about bird flight. Aerodynamic interpretation of a bird wing is extremely intricate, not only for its complexity including the differentiation in arm and hand part, but also because of the exceptional dynamic shape which changes dramatically in the course of a stroke cycle. Pattern and profile of my falcon are so natural that it scares away seagulls and crows during flight, and clearly both humans and animals cannot perceive the difference. When the peregrine falcon is hunting, it starts with soaring and flapping in circles high up in the air, crows and gulls think she awaits a chance to stoop down on one of them as her prey at tremendous speed.. This patended Robot Bird of prey "Robird" breaks the barrier from bird scare to intelligent control with high reliability, unparalleled effectiveness and interesting possibilities for prevention and insurance policy control. Robird is a technological breakthrough which uses the inborn instinct of birds to achieve an unique efficacy and precision in bird deterrence. As a professional falconer I can tell you that if a bird of prey does not flap, she does not hunt. That's why "a look a like bird-shaped rc model plane" with fixed wings cannot do this job. With Robird controlled bird deterrence you can: 1. Engineer the direct and reliable vectoring of single birds or entire colonies. 2. Effectively deter birds day after day without the risk of habituation. 3.Avoid bird groups splitting up: essential for secondary safety. 4. Experience an unequaled span of effect, both in terms of action radius and size of colonies. 5. Build up a preventive shield by skillfully simulating a raptor territory. 6. Efficiently deter almost all known bird species (except other raptors). 7. Last but not least, deter birds while causing minimum distress in the animals, pacifying even the staunchest environmental activist.
22 Sep 2008
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Espectexclculo creado, dirigido y producido por Yllana. Producciones Yllana ataca de nuevo. Directo a los sentidos a travs de un humor visual, sin complejos y repleto de acciupn. El objetivo es claro: divertirnos nosotros y divertir al pordmblico. Spingo es un espectculo pensado bajo una enica premisa: moverse. Al ritmo de la mejor mica, botar, saltar y rebotar. Energshya positiva que conecta con el espectador desde el primer guiplusmno, y convierte el escenario en un espacio inssuplito donde todas las direcciones son posibles. Otra vez sin palabras, Spingo recrea un mundo mdegico, cargado de humor negro y corrosivo y de un erotismo desenfadado impregnado en cada uno de los diferentes nordmmeros y que utiliza el baile como medio expresivo al servicio de la comedia. La quinta produccisupn de Yllana se afronta con la habitual frescura y descaro que caracteriza la compaplusmnshya. Spingo tiene una vitalidad contagiosa que consigue un caos completamente ordenado. Yllana production attacks once again. Through the visual humour, without insecurities and full of action it goes right to the senses. The objective is clear: to entertain ourselves and to entertain the audience. Spingo is a show with a main aim: to move your body. To the rhythm of music you must bounce, jump and rebound. The positive energy connects with the audience from the start and it turns the stage into a place where anything can happen. Again, without words, Spingo creates a magical world, full of corrosive black comedy, and an easy going eroticism in all of its acts. Its a comedy expressed through the medium of dance. The fifth Yllana production nurtures its usual freshness and cheek that is part of the essence of the company. Spingo has a contagious vitality that manages a completely organised chaos.
30 Jan 2007
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Juego, set y chapoteo para Serena Williams y Rafa Nadal en el primer partido de tenis jugado sobre agua Como antesala del Open Sony Ericsson que se celebra en Miami, la organización el torneo ha celebrado el primer partido de tenis jugado sobre una superficie inédita para este deporte: el agua. Dos de los jugadores más importantes del mundo del tenis, Serena Williams y Rafa Nadal, han probado suerte sobre una pista más desafiante de lo habitual. Este revolucionario evento ha tenido lugar en lo alto del tejado del nuevo Gansevoort South Hotel, el día de su inauguración. Esta particular cancha de agua fue construida a 110 pies de profundidad e instalada en una exclusiva plaza sobre lo alto de un tejado con vistas a Miami's South Beach. La pista fue construida en 7 días por un equipo especializado en submarinismo que construyó dos plataformas invisibles en el fondo de la piscina para que los jugadores pudieran colocarse y jugar, utilizando una combinación de láminas y tubos acrílicos unidos entre sí como soporte. Posteriormente la piscina se llenó de agua antes de añadir los toques finales, como la red y la decoración de las vallas de Sony Ericsson, simulando las pistas de tenis del Open en el que ambos jugadores participan a partir de hoy. El Open Sony Ericsson de Miami es el quinto torneo más importante del mundo, y son los únicos 12 días del año en los que coinciden los calendarios de la ATP y Sony Ericsson WTA. El torneo, que arranca hoy y finalizará el próximo 6 de abril, reúne a los jugadores y jugadoras más importantes del mundo del tenis, tanto hombres como mujeres. www.sonyericsson****
3 Jul 2008
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A fan of Metacafe. Baby one year old.He is best young of Metacafe...He has old face and very habitually move...
3 Oct 2007
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Garbancito de la Mancha es un largometraje de animación español, realizado en Barcelona por Arturo Moreno. Se estrenó en el 1945 y es el primer largometraje de animación producido en España y el primero en color de toda Europa. Sinopsis Garbancito de la Mancha cuenta la historia de Garbancito, un niño huérfano que vive en un pueblo sometido continuamente por tres chicos: Manazas, Pelanas y Pajarón. Un día, se anuncia la llegada del gigante Caramanca, que devora a los niños crudos, y secuestra a dos amigos de Garbancito: a Kiriqui i a Chirili. Para rescatar a sus amigos, Garbancito contará con la ayuda de su cabrita Peregrina, de una espada y del poder que le concede el Hada Madrina. Con esta capacidad, Garbancito podrá convertirse en garbanzo siempre que lo desee. Intención propagandística Fue declarada de “interés nacional” con lo que fue favorecida por el gobierno franquista para su distribución y comercialización. Esto es debido a que esconde, bajo su apariencia de infantil historia de buenos y malos, una segunda intención propagandística promovida desde el régimen y a la que dio forma y contenido el guión del reconocido falangista Julián Pemartín. Las arengas del protagonista, siempre "en el nombre de Dios", a los vecinos del pueblo para linchar a la malvada Tía Pelocha y su lucha denodada contra el gigante Caramanca no ofrecen dudas acerca de su catadura fascista, y ejemplifican la cruzada de Franco contra los que él consideraba "los enemigos de España". El anecdotario recoge que, en la noche del estreno en Madrid el 23 de noviembre de 1945, fue Arturo Moreno quien acabó saliendo al escenario a glosar las virtudes de la película en lugar del previsto Pemartín, ya que Hitler había perdido la guerra y el gobierno franquista necesitaba urgentemente comenzar a acercar posiciones con los ganadores del conflicto bélico. El habitual discurso antiamericano de Pemartín y su afiliación proalemana no hubieran sido pertinentes en aquellos delicados momentos.
30 Jan 2011
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Acceder a los sistemas Windows mediante escritorio remoto es algo muy habitual y aunque el procedimiento es similar al de Windows 7 con este vídeo despejarás todas las dudas sobre como llevar a cabo esta configuración.
12 Jan 2012
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