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Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe survived a serious car accident while filming her latest video clip of the song 'Hassa if Benna Haga' in Lebanon. The video clip shows a helicopter chasing Haifa's car ... What happened was that the helicopter hit the back of Haifa's car and also Haifa's head! This resulted in a huge accident that left the car smashed and loads of glass pieces flew in all directions which resulted in puncturing the helicopter's fuel tank! The fuel spilled all over Haifa & the crew ... This could have become an ugly exploding accident ... But luckily that didn't happen. (more)
12 Oct 2007
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haifa wahbi is crying Haifa Wehbe crying هيفا sad lebanese lebanon arabic arab celebrity Poor haifa, tony made her cry bc she hasent seen her daughter in years and its not her fault ppl dont even know the whole story!
12 Oct 2007
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This video is made by haifa's fans and the song by Rihanna - please don't stop the music
25 Feb 2008
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<p>Haifa Wehbe of Lebanon with dancers, moving to the the song "Agoul Ahwak" (I Say I Love You), from her first CD, "Houwa Al Zaman" (2002).<br /><br />The lyrics in English:<br /><br />"I Say I Love You"<br /><br />I say I love you, and you don't want to hear it<br />I say forget you, and then you appease me<br />I'd go with you to the end<br />Yet I still find you forget me<br /><br />One day you leave, another day you come back<br />One day it's thorns, another it's roses<br />Your night is day, my night is day<br />Your heart is ice, my heart is fire<br /><br />My love is wasted on you<br />And so is all the desire in my heart<br />My words give it away and do not hide anything<br />Your love does not satisfy me<br />My love for you tortures me<br />Turning away,<br />I no longer love you<br />I'm tired of you<br />I don't want you to ever find me again.</p>
9 Mar 2008
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haifa flirting with a man in disco
13 Mar 2008
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les plus belles photos de haifa
15 Mar 2008
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haifa dance in concert on song bos alwawa
25 Apr 2008
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هيفاء وهبي و الكليب الجديد 2008 ماتقولش لحد haifa wahbeh sexy arab singer and her latest clip and song mat2ulsh l7ad
17 May 2008
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This Beautiful movie made on the El Back Door Pub in Haifa city in israel we celebrate the birthday of our best friend sammy. you are welcome to watch our pub web site at www.haifapub****
10 May 2008
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Hapoel Beer Sheva VS Haifa !! adasd
11 May 2008
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ragheb alameh and his latest song shu el sirr eli feek 2008 and a great clip for the most atractive arab singer haifa wahbi made by kamelhsh channel الفنان الرائع راغب علامة و اغنية من البومه الجديد بعنوان شو السر اللي فيك و كليب للفنان الجميلة هيفاء وهبي و هي تأخذ صور لها من اجل الدعاية لفلمها الجديد بحر النجوم
20 May 2008
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Haifa Zangana: "Women are saying it is worse in a way because they are losing their freedom of movement and their lives. There have been 1 million civilians killed. Iraqi families consist on average of seven members, the parents and five children. The killing of every man means a widow left on her own to care and look after and feed five people, plus the extended family. In Baghdad alone there are 300,000 widows. There is no welfare state or protection net. They are still relying on monthly food rations established under Saddam's regime and which are still feeding 16 million Iraqis. The rations consist of a couple of kilos of lentils, sugar, baby milk, flour, oil for cooking. End of Occupation Crofts: Do you see a decline in violence if foreign troops exit Iraq? Zangana: The end of the occupation is imminent. It's only a matter of when and how. We read history and no occupation lasted forever. It is costing us lives and the Americans lives and the British lives. This is needless for all parties involved. Al-Qaeda came with the occupation. If the foreign troops leave, the main reason for the violence will leave and perhaps we will have the chance to rebuild the country. This is the only solution for Iraq, America and the stability of the region. "Today is worse than yesterday and yesterday was worse than the day before." ***********/apps/news?pi...
16 Oct 2008
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My 50th Video guaranteed to make you shake and bake!! Dabke w Tabel w Haifa! Great beats by Assi El Helani with Haifa Wehbe dancing!!! myriam fares, fares karam, carole samaha, هيفاء وهبي star academy 5, ali deek, هيفاء وهبي dominique hourani, marwa, elissa khouri, dana, nourhan, fairouz, nawal el zoghbi, rouwaida attieh, joseph attieh, shada hassoun, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, make-up, arabic, هيفاء وهبي arabs, lebanon, hezbollah, shakira, salman hayek, make me a supermodel, american idol, gangster, ghetto, arabic rap, nelly furtado, hip hop dance, george wassouf, i love new york, step up movie, evolution of dance, avril lavigne, hillary duff, high school musical, alicia keys, barack obama هيفاء وهبي فيلم هيفاء وهبي سكس
29 Nov 2008
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Haifa Wehbe of Lebanon singing "Houwa Al Zaman" (Now Is The Time), the remix version of this song from her second CD, "Baddi Aiesh" (2005). Lyrics: "It is time for the life that keeps love lasting for hours..." I put together this video using photos and video of her concerts around the world in 2007. This song hasn't been on YouTube previously because there is no video of Haifa performing the song. Thanks to HaifaTV for video of her concert in Egypt. . Abdel Halim Hafez, Fairuz, Farouz, Hussain al-Jasmi, Amr Diab, Tamer Hosni, Khaled, Natacha Atlas, Marcel Khalifa, Kazem el-Saher. Fares Karam, George Wassouf, Dina Hayek, Wael Kfoury, Wael Kfouri, Rola Said, Rola Saad, Amani Souissi, Amani Swissi, Sherine Ahmed, Yara Sodfa, Nelly Makdessi Maqdessi, Myriam Faris, Miriam Fares, Mirhan, Star Academy, Nancy Ajram, Lebanon, Lebanese, Arab, Arabic music, Mais Hamden, Angham, Diana Karazon, Asala, Asalah, May Hariri, Dominique Hourany Hourani, Arwa, Marwa, Hoda Haddad, Sherine, Shereen, Mais Mays Hamdan, Ruby, Rouby, Roubi, Elissa Khouri, Warda, Dana Halabi, Nourhan, Fairouz, Nawal Zogby Zoghbi, Amal Hijazi, Carole Samaha, Ragheb Alama, Nicole Saba, Hana El Idrissi, Hanaa
14 Dec 2008
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Haifa Wehbe-Wawa
2 Dec 2008
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Please Subscribe and watch my other vids.MY TRANSLATION::::Haifa was shown an article in a magazine where they showed her having over 40 plastic surgery operations.. and how she's an embarrassments to her family and hometown.. She gets up and tells him to stop bc she doesn't like people trash talking her name like that. She talks about how it's all cheap paper and is not even worth lighting in the chimney nor responding to.. then ends it with a show off sign..
23 Nov 2008
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