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'Meetropool hail storm Nobody will believe this story, or? 'One day in the Meetropool Mhammood’ Bernd Suhm says, ‘it arrived one of those really harmful hail-storms’. ‘Wir Menschen müssen uns ändern’, sagt Bernd Suhm, ‘weil die Natur ständig auf unser Tun reagiert. He shouts, ‘it can easily happen again, if we do not change our climate.’ Now whispering the words ‘this is not a hidden secret, so, we and all of us might change as well. The people,' he insists, 'should focus on the facts. The nature constantly re-acts to our actions.' ©2011 Video Music 'Power Drums 03 ' composed by Live Music & Entertainment Bernd Suhm, NRW, Europe Title photo and graphic animation of the Stone Age Mhammood, owned by Patrick Rottenecker Group Hohberg, Copyright © (c) 19 95 - 20 11, Picture of hand model N. Bong plus all photos/pictures by Ulrich H. Kiefer in Meetropool hailstorm All Rights Reserved Idea, text, layout by Video productions, Ulrich H. Kiefer, DE, ©
6 Sep 2011
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On the Afternoon Hail Came Down and Put dents of the peoples cars in Calgary and Nearly Broke Windows and Thunder and Lightning and People in Calgary Unplug your electronics, computers, television, clocks and turn off the main power too and the storm will be very Powerful and when people are going for a walk in Calgary go under the bridge to protect yourself from the massive Hailstorm and Lightning will kill somebody and my advice is have your medical kits ready, batteries ready, Coolers and Ice Ready, Camp Stoves Ready, Propane Ready, Batteries and Flashlights Ready, band aid ready, Portable Lamps Ready, Battery Operated Radio Ready just in case of the lightning knock out the power and transformers in Calgary too stay away from windows and doors go down the basement and stay in the interior of the house during the hailstorm.
5 Aug 2011
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24 Apr 2011
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5 in the morning and another hailshower, almost snow. This is just random view from bedroom window to back door as light shows up snow falling quite well. While video is running some snow built up on the window ledge falls off onto the tarpaulein. NB folks, beware snow slipping off steeply angled rooves, trees etc.. Radio Cornwall are in the tag because on Wednesday they were warning over and over again that snow was coming. Looking down on Penzance Alverton Heamoor out to Marazion there are no flashing lights of any gritters. We shall see what the roads are like.
27 Nov 2010
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As the hail is stopping. Looks like it could be a good base for some decent snow. Despite there being numerous warnings on the radio (Radio Cornwall even) we have not seen any gritters/salters on the roads in the last few days! Don't tell me, cuts!
27 Nov 2010
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19 Sep 2010
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Melbourne Monster Hailstorm 3/6/10 briefly interrupts drought. An exclusive to a d Guida Video Productions. Shot on location at Dunnlin Manor in beautiful Ozmoor Township, Victoria - just outside Melbourne. Footage arrived in the USA after a long trip via feral camel and unregistered streamer
27 Jun 2010
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Quality Roofing Services, which serves the Oklahoma City area, has a commitment to doing honest business at fair prices, which has earned them the respect and trust of their clients over the years. We provide an extensive list of references for you to call upon request. We have worked with every style of roof on the market today and we take pride in being able to handle any job, from the smallest roof repair jobs, to large-scale commercial contracts. We are glad to be able to assist Oklahoma City in recovering from the hailstorm that hit in May 2010 We are very fast but never sacrifice quality. Give us a call for a no pressure free quote today. Affordable and Dependable Experience We have over 20 years experience as roofing contractors. We have seen it all over the years! Warranty We stand behind our roofs 10yrs. on labour as well as a 25 or 30 yr warranty on the products installed. No sub-contracting We don’t sub contract our work out we do all projects ourselves so we can ensure the quality of our work. Not just roofs We also do gutters, windows, repairing and building decks, floors, painting drywall, disposal of debris. Insurance Claim Specialists If your roof has suffered damages due to storms, or trees or any other act covered by your insurance policy our specialists will work with your insurance company so your claim can be processed correctly and in a timely manner.
9 Jun 2010
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Sunday's hailstorm in Oklahoma City was bad news for homeowners but good business for roofing companies. Several roofing companies and many residents are already busy putting up tarps on hail-damaged roofs.
18 May 2010
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Bulgaria, Gabrovo
8 May 2010
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Hailstorm damages chasers' vehicles in the western TX panhandle.
27 Dec 2009
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on this date in 1923 russia had a hailstorm with 2 lb. hailstones, john calvin was born in 1509, james whistler artist was born in 1834, arlo guthrie musician was born in 1947, mel blanc voice of bugs bunny died in 1989, in 988 the irish city of dublin was founded on the banks of the liffey river, 1925 scopes monkey trial was held in tennessee banning the teaching of evolution, in 1997 british scientist traced the dna of the human race back to africa, on this date in history july 10,
10 Jul 2009
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Huge baseball-sized hail stone crush my winsheild. caught on tape!
18 Sep 2008
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Poor cows! We'd just begun milking when a hailstorm passed over. The noise was deafening in the cowshed and the cows outside started to panic as the hail fell ever harder.
26 Aug 2008
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I couldn't believe my ears and then my eyes. Ive never seen a hailstorm like this with ice chunks so big. It was ferocious and terrific. I took the video with my still camera video feature so there is no audio
20 Aug 2008
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travelwishtv**** Don't Call Home! – Your on vacation in the middle of the ocean. Odds are your cell phone will not work and ship phones can cost $15 dollars a minute or more. Even onboard internet access is quite expensive at around $5 a minute. That’s an expensive email! Getting back to the first point, your in the middle of the ocean what happens if you find out something is wrong at home? The boat is not going to turn around because your pet is ill, your sailboat capsized, or a hailstorm dented your new car. Your on vacation and knowing you will have to deal with these issues when you get back will only cause stress that will ruin your cruise. Bobby McFarrin put it best “Don’t Worry be happy.” This has been Lisel Hlista for travelwishtv**** with yet another travel tip. Thanks for watching.
22 May 2008
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