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The clip Mrs. Turnblad crashing from Hairspray (2007) with Brittany Snow, John Travolta Mike? Yes, Mike. Mike who? It's Mike. Anyway, ahem... I'm calling because I have some information... about your daughter's whereabouts. What? Right now, as we speak... your daughter has entered a hotbed of moral... turpentine. # Baby don't sleep # # Baby don't eat # # Baby just like another boink-boink # Link, aren't you gonna get in awful trouble for this? I'm not plannin' on tellin' my dad. No, I mean in trouble with someone else. Hmm. Maybe. Maybe it's worth it. I think knowin' you's the start of a pretty big adventure. Ahh! Tracy Edna Turnblad! Ooh, we get any more white people in here... this gonna be a suburb. Do you know what I had to pay a cab... just to consider comin' down here? Oh, uh, Mom- No call. You just disappear. And all mashed up against a crooner? Um, Edna Turnblad, this is Link. Come on, we're goin'. And, Penny, go home before your mother shoots you. Miss Edna, is it? Hi, I mean, you don't have to rush off, you know. Well, I do. I left my iron on. Oh, your iron. Well, before you go... you sure you wouldn't like to have... a little somethin' to eat? Mmm-mmm. Is that braised? # Whoa oh oh oh oh oh # # Slice me off a piece of that hogshead cheese #
28 Nov 2011
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