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Hair removal techniques have come a long way since the days of messy creams, electrolysis, and shaving. At South Coast MedSpa, we use the most advanced laser technology to do the job efficiently, cleanly, and with minimal discomfort. The SCMS system is fast, gentle, safe, and effective for all skin types and colors. For more information or to book an appoitment, go to www.southcoastmedspa**** or call 949-650-7267. individual patient results may vary
15 May 2008
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World champion belly flopper represents Madison+Main in a one-man competition; takes home gold medal.
4 Nov 2008
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You know what time it is. It's Best Night Ever time! It's Brian Faas time! It's TV time! Watch Dancing with the Stars, Design to Sell, and Chuck! It's time to laugh! Time to get excited!
25 Nov 2008
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Honey Monster works out with his personal trainer
22 Feb 2010
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How can you transfer a supercar into a much crazier one? How can you change a tame family sedan into a hairy chested monster? Simple...Virtual tuning...
1 Aug 2007
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ultimate lamborghini reventon So this is it. The ultimate Lamborghini - the Reventon. Based on the already outragous Murcielago, this is the ultimate iteration of the marque, and probably the swan-song for the awesome V12, first seen in the Miura a lifetime ago. But it has grown and evolved, and now puts out 650bhp! Only 20 of these monsters are being made, and list price is 1,000,000 euros - before tax! But as they're all pre-sold you can bet your boots it will cost you a fair bit more than that if you want one! This will probably be the last of the old-fashioned, hairy-chested supercars. It's going to be a dangerous beast, but if outragous, ultimate supercars are your love, this is the ultimate.
26 Nov 2008
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25 Jul 2013
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