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How can you transfer a supercar into a much crazier one? How can you change a tame family sedan into a hairy chested monster? Simple...Virtual tuning...
1 Aug 2007
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ultimate lamborghini reventon So this is it. The ultimate Lamborghini - the Reventon. Based on the already outragous Murcielago, this is the ultimate iteration of the marque, and probably the swan-song for the awesome V12, first seen in the Miura a lifetime ago. But it has grown and evolved, and now puts out 650bhp! Only 20 of these monsters are being made, and list price is 1,000,000 euros - before tax! But as they're all pre-sold you can bet your boots it will cost you a fair bit more than that if you want one! This will probably be the last of the old-fashioned, hairy-chested supercars. It's going to be a dangerous beast, but if outragous, ultimate supercars are your love, this is the ultimate.
26 Nov 2008
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25 Jul 2013
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Hairy chest competition on the Carnival Inspiration cruise in April of 09
6 Sep 2009
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A primal competition to determine the pinnacle of masculinity.
25 Apr 2009
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Watch day 1: ******* Watch day 2: ******* Watch day 3: ******* Watch day 4: ******* **** SUBSCRIBE TO ALL MY CHANNELS! *******youtube****/ijustine *******youtube****/otherijustine *******youtube****/ijustinereviews BLOG: *******ijustine**** SHIRTS: *******ijustine.spreadshirt**** FRIEND ME: *******twitter****/ijustine *******dailybooth****/ijustine *******facebook****/ijustine *******myspace****/ijustine ****
21 Jul 2010
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Get more here ! ************/user/Crazy4Chixo ************/user/SpeakZone2 ************/user/ShushiXanm ************/user/GreenHDScreen ************/user/SalahFX ************/user/LiveGame24 ************/user/luckytube83
3 Feb 2013
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This hot Hungarian hunk shows a hell of a body : great porpotions, f´cking hot hairy chest and a great masculine attidude
3 Jan 2010
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We saw X-men First Class over the weekend and it inspired us to write this song in parody of Born This Way by Lady Gaga. It's rough at the moment but if it gets a good response we'll try to make a full music video version of the song! Tweet and spread the word so we can make a full version! *******clicktotweet****/7gls7 - THE WARP ZONE - ***********/thewarpzone TWITTER: *******www.twitter****/warpzonetweets T-SHIRTS! *******www.districtlines****/the-warp-zone LYRICS: It doesn't matter if you love men, or X-M-E-N Just put your Claws up! 'Cause baby, you were born this way Professor told me when I was young I was born with super powers I slicked my hair and put some spandex on Ain't no yellow suits like ours Government thinks that we're a threat But they don't have the right to say You can't shoot laser beams out of your head Though you might have trouble getting laid I'm a mutant, not gay I think God made a mistake But I'm an X-man baby I was born this way Just hide yourself in our school Iceman keeps it so cool I'm an X-Man baby I was born this way In the Blackbird, fly away Blow your mind just like Jean Grey Baby I was born this way Havok's gonna save the day With his blast of plasma ray We are the X Men, baby We were born this way Raise up your claws like Wolverine Or let it out with a Banshee scream red, blue, steel, or hairy chest scaly pores or diamond breasts If your super abilities Killed your friends or families Just lay low with us today Cause baby you're kinda stuck this way No matter good, bad, or both Team X or Team Magneto We can be best friends except For that douche bag Pyro We made a movie again Wolverine Origins Was a fluke now First Class Is an epic win! In the Blackbird fly away Blow your mind We are the X-Men baby We were born this way!
1 Jul 2011
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The clip betty and wally Part 2 from 1941 (1979) I'm an American too, and there's a lot of things I have to do. I have to do my part, Wally. There's a lot of lonely servicemen out there. I don't want to see them stuck on some German-- Bayonet. Do you wanna go with me tonight ? Yes or no ? Yes. Betty. Think about those guys. I mean, no. I mean, yes. The hairy chests and the hairy arms-- I don't know ! I don't know ! You're gettin' me confused. I'm just confused. Oh, okay. Okay. Wait. Look. I'll meet ya in front of the dance hall at 8:00. If they won't let me in, we can go see a movie. Okay ? There's that new Walt Disney cartoon playin' around. Dumbo ! Oh, my God. Here comes my father. And he's got a gun ! Quick, Wally. Go out the garage door. I'll stall him. Come on ! Oh ! Hello ? Come on ! Hi, Dad. Hi. How are you ? Dad, I'd like you to meet my friend. Hi ! It won't open ! Dad, Dad, I joined the USO. Yes, I know. You told me, dear. We all got to do what we can. Aha ! Shit. I didn't hear any gunshots. He must have got away.
29 Nov 2011
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***********/watch?v=gYdF5H4Q1AU Click here to watch "Transformers" WFC Rap Metal Music Video by TeamHeadKick "Gangster" Mafia 2 Rap by TeamHeadKick TeamHeadKick gets all Mafioso in this Rap tribute to Mafia 2. Mase is a huge fan of all Mafia movies, and this video mixes comedic lyrics, a Godfather feel, hits, the familia, getting whacked, tommy guns, and movie references for all the gamers, and fans of Mafia films. Enjoy! MP3 Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Worldwide under TeamHeadKick Lyrics I'm taking over this town you'd better stay in your home Because I'm dishing out hits like Al Capone I'm Straight old school, are you talking to me? I got a pimp ass suit, and fish boots on my feet Robbing, and dueling, and driving, and shooting Dodging bullets with precision on my mission as I'm looting Stacking up cash in mad amounts I keep all my money up in the safe house The FBI is always hot on my trail, But I ain't no rat, I ain't going to jail I'm shooting ganster guns, and counting ganster riches, driving gangster cars, and fucking gangster bitches You'll be sleeping with the fishes when I'm done with you, Sinking down in the Deep Wearing concrete shoes, So choose your words, or you'll be facing the end Say Hello to my little friend Damn it feels good to be a Gangster, uh huh I'm the head of the Mafia Well let me make you an offer you can't refuse A horse's head in your bed leaving you confused My tommy gun be blastin, always bringing the pain Straight making it rain, putting bullets in your brain Wolfing down lasagna, and cappuccino Rolling around with Deniro, Pecsi, and Pacino Duct tape on your mouth, to keep you from talking Watch up your ass, like I'm Christopher Walken. Sneaking out the diamonds you just got iced, Sipping a glass of scotch, and smoking camel lights Bustin caps, dirt naps, my tactics are scary, Donny Brasco is my Consigliere The police on my back always chasing me, But I got judges in my pocket like a straight OG. Beating you down like a clown, acting like a bully, Brass knuckles on my fists while I'm eating cannoli Damn it feels good to be a gangster, uh huh I'm the head of the mafia I'm straight running this town, and fucking dropping the beats I'm the Godfather, that's the word on the streets You try and take me out with your two bit thugs But I be laundering money, and selling mad drugs Italian bling, all around my neck I'll bash your face with a hammer if you disrespect I'm Rocking a hairy chest and my Goomba tan Snorting way more coke than Lindsay lohan No Federal Prison, cause I can't be caught I own everything, I got more power than god. Mi familia the family calls me the Don Drinking vino in the car, getting my swerve on More street cred than Dr. Dre. Or 50 cent, I'm a slumlord always raising the rent I got casinos, gun shops, hookers and bars Smoking Cuban cigars, I'm fucking Charles in Charge I'm Living large, with those Mafia skills, I'm always wiping my ass with hundred dollar bills I'm a made man, public enemy number 1 More notorious than Osama Bin Ladin Directors Channels: ***********/TeamHeadKick *******www.TeamHeadKick**** - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima *******twitter****/machinima_com Inside Gaming *******twitter****/insidegaming Machinima Respawn *******twitter****/mcom_respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture *******twitter****/machinima_etc FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinima FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimarespawn FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimasports FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimatrailer
15 May 2012
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Like on Facebook! *******www.facebook****/badlipreading Follow on Twitter! *******twitter****/badlipreading Original vids available here: ***********/user/ngingrich Newt Gingrich discusses hairy chests, Rick James, frilly panties, and more — via Bad Lip Reading. 2012 Bad Lip Reading — *******www.badlipreading**** *******twitter****/PoliPopTV
19 May 2012
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*******www.videojug**** - Have a hairy chest? Well, hey there, hot stuff! But a hairy back? Ewww! You could ask your mom to shave your back. Or your girlfriend...Not! With a handy-dandy do-it-yourself shaver, VideoJug will show how you can confidently rid yourself of nasty back hair - all by yourself!*******www.videojug****/film/how-to-shave-your-back-yourself
7 Aug 2012
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Nervous Guy: with AHMIR! This is gonna be awkward. Key of Awesome #23! Watch Behind the Scenes HERE! ***********/watch?v=Rri3hprHPQs Subscribe! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=barelypolitical Written by Mark Douglas Performed by AHMIR with Mark Douglas Directed by Tom Small AHMIR's YouTube Channel: ***********/ahmirTV Music produced by Big Dawg *******www.myspace****/dawgystyleproductions LYRICS Hey there girl it's been long time since I've done I mean. You see I'm just getting over a really painful divorce so you might want to lower your expectations just a tad.  I want to go ahead and apologize in advance for what is probably going to be an underwhelming experience for you.  F.Y.I. lately I haven't been able to have an orgasm without crying.  It's something I've been working on with my shrink.  Am I talking to much?  This is gonna be awkward.   AHMIR You're thinking that he's gonna love you and it will be hot You're wondering will he love you all night (probably not) He's always been dumbfounded by female anatomy Be his Watson girl and help him solve this mystery Now he's nauseous from the pressure plus he's really drunk His prophylactic is suffocating his poor junk He's self conscious bout my man boobs and my hairy chest He took off his shirt but he's still got a furry vest   MARK It's not uncommon for me to have performance anxiety   AHMIR It's very common in old guys.   MARK It's not helping that a bunch of dudes are singing right behind me.   AHMIR And now you're freakin' cus your thinkin' what the hell have I gotten my self into As you look in his eyes you will soon realize that you won't be coming too Cus he's just a Nervous guy  He always gives you T.M.I. And never ever shuts his yap Can't you tell she doesn't give a crap? Yes he's just a nervous dude Always finds a way to kill the mood   MARK You remind me of sister from the one time that I kissed her but it was just a peck.   AHMIR EWWWWWW   MARK  No no no it wasn't anything weird it was just like a happy birthday (smooch)   LAUREN I think you should leave   MARK Allright then girl. Hey, I told you it was gonna be weird.   You can't say I didn't warn you.  C'mon fellas lets go.   LAUREN No they can stay.   MARK   Damn girl that's messed up...but I understand. After all, they are AHMIR, the most popular R&B group on YouTube.   AHMIR It's too bad you're a nervous guy It's time for you to say goodbye Bye bye bye bye bye Really missed your chance Coulda got into her pants But no, no.... -- MORE BARELY: Subscribe! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=barelypolitical Facebook! *******www.facebook****/thekeyofawesome Get the songs on iTunes! ***********/us/album/the-key-awesome-deluxe-edition/id374349910 TShirts! *******thekeyofawesome.spreadshirt**** Mark's Channel: *******youtube****/markdouglas Todd's Stuff *******youtube****/wombatron *******www.twitter****/toddwomack Follow us on Twitter *******www.twitter****/barelypolitical *******www.twitter****/barelydigital Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202 Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome P.O. Box 23 New York, NY 10113
7 Feb 2013
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TWEET this: ******* FACEBOOK this: ******* I decided to once again pay tribute to the most influential anime for myself... Goku was my idol growing up! Special thanks to Tom Antos for cinematography and working on the FX together with me ( ***********/polcan99 ) Credits: Geoff Meech as My opponent/Stunt Performer Jeff Sinasac as Hairy Chested Agent Smith ( *******www.jeffsinasac****/ ) Music: Track title: Freshifyer Composer: Pierre Gerwig Langer Publisher:Lynne Publishing ___________________________________ Let's keep in touch! Twitter: *******twitter****/iamgak Facebook: ********www.facebook****/gakmedia ____________________________________
11 Jun 2013
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