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Haian Baixie forging hammer Co.,Ltd is an only professional manufacturer of PLC die forging hammer in China. Series of CDK PLC hydraulic counterblow hammer is one of the main products in our company. Just as the name implied, the counterblow hammer is a kind of hammer that the upper tup and the lower tup will strike each other with equal energy. On the basis of the type CHK PLC fully-hydraulic die forging hammer, Baixie absorbed the advanced technique of large size forging hammer from in and abroad. With the unique and latest design, the CDK has taken the advantages of hi-tech fully hydraulic drive system, striking system with U-shape high rigidity casting steel framework and PLC strike control system. There are performances of CDK as following: 1. High efficiency, energy saving. The usage of energy can up to 65% while the striking efficiency can up to 95%. 2. U-shape hammer framework with high rigidity and high accuracy, adjustable actinoid wide guide rail structure as well as exactly controlling of striking energy are the preliminary condition of accurately forging. 3. Less or no vibration. The hammer tup and hammer frame will strike each other with equal energy. When the hammer works, there is less or no vibration which is suitable for the requirement of environmental protection. 4. Fewer investment. The hammer not only has a higher cost performance but also can reduce the investment of workshop and vibration insulation foundation. 5. Lower using cost. Effectively controlling the striking energy can lessen the vibration, reduce the noise, improve the equipment’s reliability as well as extend the die-life. If you want to get more information, please visit our website: On the principle of equality and mutual benefit, we think the business we entered into will be successful.
13 Oct 2009
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About the CHK, the power unit is controlled by high and new techniques, such as the tapered valve type control, fully hydraulic driving, programmable control, on-line sensor and digital showing. And the striking system has the structure of integrated cast steel hammer framework and anvil insert as well as dismounting actinoid wide. Therefore, the CHK not only has the simplified structure but also has circumspect running monitor system, automatic malfunction diagnosing system, energy control system as well as program striking system. With these structures, the CHK has the following advantage: 1. high efficiency, low energy cost, high operating reliability and safety. 2. firmness, durability, good rigidity and high accuracy 3. The striking energy and striking sequence can be set optionally 4. quickly return speed without closing the die 5. simplified and flexible operation It is our hope to promote, by joint efforts, both trade and friendship to our mutual advantage. We look forward to receiving your enquiries soon.
6 Aug 2010
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numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer The product is used in precision forging and multiple mould forging of all kinds of accessories. Performance: + Hit energy controled by digitization ,you can set it at will + The hit frequency is high,the hammer head return fast and no close die phenomena. + The control system show chinese word,so people can communicate with the machine. + The fault diagnosis system can diagnose the machine automated ,this can reduce the analysis of failure reason. + The U-Frame and cast steel machine body entirety. + We can supply vibration isolation device composed by spring vibration isolation and viscous damping according to the customer's requiement ,this remove the vibration produced in the working. + The X type guide rail structure ensurd the good guide and the precision of forgings. + The hydraulic liftout device ensured the reliability and stability of mold stripping. 9. It is mainly used in all kinds of industry with riveting parts,such as automobiles and trams etc。equiped with suitable apparatus,it can be used to punch,pressing-set etc
14 Oct 2009
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The King of the Hammers race is considered by some to be the toughest one-day off road race in the world. K&N sponsored rock crawlers Brad and Roger Lovell had a good showing at the 2009 edition of the race which featured 80 miles of intense desert racing and extreme rock crawling.
23 Oct 2009
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MC Hammer Suprise Kanye Visit With Autotune
29 Oct 2009
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Raw Hammer Burn Reaction Bowling Ball Video - Learn More About This Video *******bowling-ball-video-reviews.blogspot**** - *******hammer-bowling-balls-bowlingballgalaxy**** To Learn More About The Raw Hammer Burn
4 Dec 2009
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*******www***ptool**** - See site for full review. Testing finish nails in drywall to get a flush finish and not mark up the drywall. Cordless NEXTEC Auto-Hammer with DieHard 12 volt battery.
4 Dec 2009
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*******www.BlastYourBiceps**** This is a heavy dumbbell hammer curl workout that myself and Super Dave Ruel did while we were filming the DVD's for the brand new "Blast Your Biceps" training system. This is taken from Phase 2 of the program.
5 Dec 2009
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*******swburl****/b1253 Milwaukee Rotary Hammer Save On Milwaukee Power Tools Save up to 75% on Select Tools *******www.ShopWatchBuy****
6 Jan 2010
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Learn how to properly perform a seated hammer curl with Anthony Alayon. *******www.fatextinction****
22 Jan 2010
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Jagen Zhong Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd. Add: No. 6 Yangmanhe Industrial Park, Haian, Jiangsu, China Tel/ Fax: 0086-513-88891498 www.baixie**** msn:jszjghotmail**** skype:forginghammer
28 Jan 2010
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All three actors from the original "Hammer Man" return for the much anticipated sequel.
30 Jan 2010
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