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Hot and sexy Jamie Hammer shot by Dean Capture - I'll always buy what she's selling
9 Feb 2010
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Music Video by El Komander performing "El Senor de las Hammer" Movimiento Alterado by Twiins Enterprises/ La Disco Music. Video production by Batuta Studios. Video Director Miguel De Leon.
17 Mar 2010
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20 Jan 2014
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This is what really went down. all information might not be all correct but most is! Never seen the video? Don't watch if you get sick easily. The murderers film even their own faces in one of the most inhumane atrocities I have ever seen. This is much worse than anything that I have ever seen. You have been warned before watching. patience while it loads. *******forum.uncoverreality****/audio-video/52789-murderers-brutally-kill-man-camera-beware-sickest-thing-you-will-ever-see.html
15 Oct 2009
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Music video by Soulja Boy Tell'em performing Speakers Going Hammer. (C) 2010 Interscope Records
3 Jan 2011
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I'm a Road Hammer video by The Road Hammers... reaalllyy good video and song.
29 Dec 2008
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How to break the taper/remove an automotive suspension/steering balljoint using two hammers. Video to be used in an instructable on www.instructables**** These balljoints have a taper that fits into a matching taper on the suspension part, and is held in place with a nut. The nut is only there to put tension on teh taper - the taper is the part of the joint that carries all the load. When you remove the nut, usually the joint will just sit there, stuck. There are several ways to 'break' the taper joint. One - use a balljoint removal tool. These look like forked G-clamps, which try to press the taper out. They can work, but usually work best in combination with (three) or (four) Two - use wedges driven into the gap between the two components. This can work, but destroys the joint, the rubber boot, often damages the parts, and the wedges can 'shoot' back out of the joint if it is springy and hurt you. Three - try to hammer the joint out by hammering on the end of the thread where the nut was. Typically doesn't work very well. Four - the method shown - hammer either side of the taper at a slight angle. This squeezes the bottom of the housing that the taper fits into, and opens up the top. A few sharp blows and the taper pops out without damaging anything. For *really* stubbourn joints use (one) and (four) together - (one) to apply pressure and (four) to shock the joint free. I prefer 24 oz ball-pein hammers for this job - nice to handle. Avoid claw/carpenter style hammers, as it is easy to damage other parts with the end you aren't using. 4lb club hammers are great if you can get a good swing in, but I find them a little unweildy. At the end of the video you can see the joint pop up and out of the housing slightly - it is completely free at that point and can just be lifted away. A few taps, no special tools, and the joint can still be re-used afterwards.
6 Sep 2009
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Das Video zu Eiszeit wurde in New York gedreht und ist die 1. Singleauskopplung aus Massiv's 4.Soloalbum "Ghettotraum in Handarbeit", welches am 06.11.09 erscheint. Hammer Video jetzt auf aggrotv Mehr Infos zu Massiv: *******www.myspace****/kingmassiv
25 Sep 2011
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altero hammer lied hammer video aber leider nicht von mir :)
2 Sep 2012
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ein richtig tolles Lied und ein Hammer Video :))
3 Jan 2013
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