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Origami is a ancient Japanese art of folding of various figures from paper. Translated from Japanese origami means "folded deity"or" folded paper". Despite the fact that origami is considered a Japanese form of needlework, its origins are in Ancient China, where, in fact, paper was invented. Origami was originally intended only for religious ceremonies. And for a long time, this art was available only to members of the noble estates, whose possession of the technique of folding paper was considered a sign of good tone and excellent education. And only after the end of the second world war Japanese art origami -- something in Europe and America, where it immediately has found their admirers. To create a classic origami use a square evenly colored sheet of paper, with glue and scissors is prohibited.
Classy Hands is a world wide web laughter magazine that showcases works from people all over the place. We realize that there’s a lot of crap on the internet, so we try to find the good crap and bring it to you. Our mission is to host original content, re-runs, comics, songs, and essays as a forum for comedic voices that should be heard, and then we trick them into cooking chili dogs for us. Seriously, this is all a means to an end in terms of chili dogs. You wouldn’t understand. Thanks anyway.
The newest promo for the latest trashy teen show, where the teens are so filthy... rich, they need extra hands in the shower.
1 Mar 2009
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Justin Timberlake tries his hand at a variety of college sports, leading up to his presentation of the Capital One Cup trophy at the ESPYs. Hilarious.
8 Jul 2011
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This cop is a seasoned hard ass and if you choose to mess with him you will get your ass handed to you.
25 Jul 2007
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See this little girl - the world's champion! It is totaly unbelievable how she manages to do it so quickly!
23 Apr 2006
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From the movie "Idle Hands". Great shot of Jessica Alba.
9 Jul 2006
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David and Sally Shaw-Smith made HANDS, a unique, multi-award winning series of thirty-seven documentries on Irish crafts for Irish television (RTÉ). Capturing the final years of traditional rural and urban life in Ireland, during the seventies and eighties. They travelled the length and breadth of the country recording these personal and revealing films. As much about the life of the individuals, as the crafts they practised.
Here is another Lana and Clark video.. I based this on what I think Lana sees in Clark, until she found out the truth, And realized how much she still loves Clark. The song I used was "In Gods Hands" by Nelly Furtado. This took me forever to make, my video maker has been a pain.. So I did my best.. I hope yall enjoy.. PLEASE COMMENT (: All rights reserved to WB & CW..
11 Nov 2007
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Poor guy, look at his hand!
11 Apr 2006
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It's tough to clear level 10 when you're catching serious air.
12 Nov 2011
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A funny business idea to set up a Mannequin in the washroom as it gets used as a towel. really nice!
27 Jun 2007
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Strong guy throws up two girls and catches them one in each hand.
24 May 2006
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We get our hands on the game and speak with Id President about the vehicles, economy, characters, and his favorite weapon in the game.
4 Aug 2011
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A young boy with no arms swimming as fast as a fish
23 Apr 2006
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