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On this episode of Miss Hannah Minx's JWOW (Japanese Word Of the Week) the word is kasa. Kasa means 'umbrella.' The hiragana for kasa is かさ。The kanji for kasa is 傘。
11 Nov 2011
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TheBrandanbrown show July 22, as always rate, comment, and subscribe. ***********/user/MissHannahMinx#p/u/0/yLvVXYOMRyo ***********/watch?v=fVPp8fnNfaY&feature=popt00us02 ***********/user/ijustine#p/u/0/aRhmt_xVBNo ***********/watch?v=hw1tJTo0x8I ***********/watch?v=OYpwAtnywTk
23 Jul 2010
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Join Miss Hannah Minx as Elvira in watching Pet Cemetery, where doggies play dead!
25 Jun 2011
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It's the Claw from the DARK! Join Miss Hannah Minx cosplaying as Elvira in watching this spooky horror thriller.
4 May 2012
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Miss Hannah Minx is having a fun time at the ocean in the Caribbean, and also built a Sand Castle! Leave a video response talking about your summer vacation and where you've gone! =^.^= For more island adventures, check out Miss Hannah Minx's Private island trip video! ***********/watch?v=u4EocHXd51I Miss Hannah Minx on Facebook and Twitter: ********twitter****/HannahMinx *******www.facebook****/MissHannahMinx
14 Aug 2012
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Time for a little nightmare before your Christmas, mina-san. I did some Elvira Cosplay!
12 Jan 2011
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People do crazy things when they're love sick. This is what I unfortunately do. Lemme know what you do. ^_^
2 Jul 2011
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Some people didn't know what Minxy was from my last video, sooo.... NYA!
23 Aug 2011
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***********/user/MissHannahMinx *******www.facebook****/MissHannahMinx?v=info *******twitter****/hannahminx *******www.myspace****/hannahminx
8 Oct 2011
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Leave your pixel art request in the comment.
21 Mar 2012
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More from the Judges (Episode 5): ******* Subscribe to DanceOn: ******* Hannah Minx falls under a spell for her performance with Anze Skrube, but will she mesmerize the celebrity judges and make it into the next round? Watch this fun performance full of magic and chair tricks! In Dance Showdown, 12 YouTube stars train and perform with 4 professional dancers in front of 3 celebrity judges and a global voting audience for the chance to win Dance Glory and $100,000! Connect with us! Twitter: *******www.twitter****/danceonnetwork Use #DanceShowdown so we can RT you! Facebook: *******www.facebook****/danceonnetwork Instagram: DanceOnNetwork Blog: *******www.danceonnetwork.tumblr**** Pinterest: *******www.pinterest****/danceonnetwork Google Plus: ******* Featuring: Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval ***********/thedominicshow Contestant: Miss Hannah Minx Judges: Joey Fatone Laurieann Gibson Shane Dawson Dancer: Anze Skrube A DanceOn production: Executive Producers: Jason Hammonds, Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval, Amanda Taylor Director: Jason Hammonds Field Producer: Jen O'Connor Story Producer: Allan Chaykin Supervising Choreographer: Tessandra Chavez Lead Editors: Sunny Peabody, Kurt T. Jones Editors: Allyssa Smith, Noah Chavez, Steve Yee Opening Graphics by: Design on the Fly Music Supervisor: Jason Cienkus Music Provided by: APM Music & Kick Kick Snare For DanceOn: VP, Dance Showdown Franchise: David Pinsky VP, Business Affairs and Business Development: Stephanie Cohen Boxerbaum, Esq. VP, Production and Operations: Kate Palmer Moon Chief Marketing Officer: Amanda Goodfried Chief Programming Officer: Jon Small Special Thanks to: Allen Debevoise Guy Oseary Adam Relis Performance Music: "Magic" - Emii ***********/us/album/magic-radio-edit/id365724507?i=365724510 *******emii****/ ********www.facebook****/musicbyemii ********twitter****/emiimusic
3 Dec 2012
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On this episode of Miss Hannah Minx's JWOW (Japanese Word Of the Week) we have two words: koneko and koinu. Koneko means kitten and koinu means puppy. Koneko in hiragana is: こねこ and in kanji is: 子猫. Koinu in hiragana is: こいぬ and in kanji is: 子犬. Leave a video response of you saying the JWOW and show us a cute koneko or koinu. Even pictures are cute and make a good video response =^.^= And here is the BONUS yoga video: ***********/watch?v=26_-4Bc5h0A
15 Sep 2010
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On this episode of Miss Hannah Minx's JWOW (Japanese Word Of the Week) our word is undousuru. Undousuru means 'to exercise.' Miss Hannah Minx likes to do push-ups to undousuru. o(^-^)o
9 Dec 2010
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This Miss Hannah Minx Japanese Word Of the Week (JWOW) is: Iku, which means 'to go.' It's kanji is: 行く. And it's hiragana is: いく. I also got to play the Roppongi Hills edition of Monopoly this week. ^_^ It's the minxiest edition. xD
1 Jun 2011
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Miss Hannah Minx and Miss Hannah Jinx discuss Ken Tanaka's new book "Everybody Dies" before bedtime. Also watch the BONUS video: ***********/watch?v=piXV4vvsWXA Check out the book here: *******www.everybodydiesbook****/ Miss Jinx's music is performed by Ardmore Assault! \m/ *******www.myspace****/ardmoreassault And here are the links to the other fun things in the video! =^.^= Nanity Bat!!! *******nanity70****/en/goods/ Kawaii stuffed animals: *******www.clumsyplush****/ Minx's jewelry: *******www.etsy****/shop/kumacrafts Jinx's gold jewelry: *******tofebruary**** Beauty secrets: *******www.sigmabeauty****/Affiliate_info.asp
22 Jun 2011
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On this episode of Miss Hannah Minx's Japanese Word of the Week (JWOW) we have a review lesson. =^.^=
30 Jun 2011
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