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Vahid lijepa hanuma . text muzika V.Vaha Arz.Vahid Vaha lepa hanumo promo singlica promocija 2010
26 Jan 2010
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arti shree hanuma ji ki Note - Becoz of some stupid fellow ,who dont know respect others, i have to block adding comment . sorry i couldnt do this earlier becoz of business. i am sorry if anyone's
3 Jan 2010
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Govinda Hari Govinda album is visualisation of meanings of 108 namas of Lord Venkateswara. Govinda Hari Govinda is yet another album from Cyber Village Solutions in the series of its "Devotional 3D animation video albums". This album is built with an innovative concept over a period of 2 years, having huge sets, excellent technical values, outstanding special effects and exquisite graphics. This album explains meaning of each Govinda Namam and portrays, all hindu gods, animals, humans worshipping Lord Sri Hari. First part of Govinda Hari Govinda is 26 minutes. It visualizes the meaning, Importance uniqueness of each of the 108 Namams in an easily understandable way. This album visualizes all living beings (Trees, animals, humans etc), All hindu gods (AshtaDikpalakas, Hanuma, Narada, Garuda, Hayagreva, NagaRaja, Bhrama, Saraswati, Shankara, Parvati, KumaraSwami, Ayyappa, Vinayaka, Navagrahas etc), Residents of all seven lokas, Musicians like (Annamacharya, Vengamaba, Meerabai etc), Devotees (Bhramins, Vishnavaites, Great Sages, Sri Krishna Devaraya etc) worshipping Lord Govinda and visiting sacred places of Lord Sri Hari. People who just listened to Govinda Namas so far can now view them. Though millions of people listen to Govinda Namas only thousands know the real meaning of it, this album is built to explain Hanuman Chalisa to general public in easily understandable way using Computer Graphics. This album is built to cater Television, Home entertainment & Mobile audience across ages in different languages. The album is currently available in 10 different Indian languages. Work is in progress to release the album in 6 other languages. The album is available at all famous temples, music, book shops. We are currently in discussion with various television channels for broadcasting. This album is conceived, written & directed by Rambabu Pendyala. Suresh, Srilatha and Govinda Raju have actively contributed to the album across various segments. First Devotional 3D Animation Video Album Govinda Hare Govinda bhajans srinivasa govinda gokula nandana govinda govinda namalu Govinda Namavali Govinda Hare Govinda hare krishna hare rama vishnu sahasranamam sri venkateswara new suprabatham bhajan music mp3 Cyber Village Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Venkateshwara suprabhatam free download trailer tirupati tirumala venkatesa shiva vishnu kartikeya parvati saraswati hanuman narasimha budda lakshmi rama krishna ganesh sai baba ayyappa durga suprbhatam chalisa stotram slokam mp3 songs dvd vcd ttd svbc play
8 Oct 2011
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