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The best-selling animal advocate Temple Grandin offers the most exciting exploration of how animals feel since The Hidden Life of Dogs. In her groundbreaking and best-selling book Animals in Translation, Temple Grandin drew on her own experience with autism as well as her distinguished career as an animal scientist to deliver extraordinary insights into how animals think, act, and feel.Now she builds on those insights to show us how to give our animals the best and happiest life—on their terms, not ours. It’s usually easy to pinpoint the cause of physical pain in animals, but to know what is causing them emotional distress is much harder.Drawing on the latest research and her own work,Grandin identifies the core emotional needs of animals.Then she explains how to fulfill them for dogs and cats, horses, farm animals, and zoo animals.Whether it’s how to make the healthiest environment for the dog you must leave alone most of the day, how to keep pigs from being bored, or how to know if the lion pacing in the zoo is miserable or just exercising,Grandin teaches us to challenge our assumptions about animal contentment and honor our bond with our fellow creatures. Animals Make Us Human is the culmination of almost thirty years of research, experimentation, and experience. This is essential reading for anyone who’s ever owned, cared for, or simply cared about an animal.
25 Nov 2008
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HQ: First video made on my laptop, and my laptop was giving me a hell of a lot of problems this weekend with Sony Vegas. So be nice :) Buffy and Dean used to be the happiest couple, but then Dean started to get abusive, both physically and verbally. Sam tries to intervene, but it only makes the situation worse. Buffy is scared to strike back, hoping that the man she loves is still in there, and waiting to come back to her. But how much abuse can she take? How much abuse will Sam let her take? There's an underlying hint of Buffy/Sam in here, but that was totally unintentional. ALSO, I had some really cool titling for this video, but Sony Vegas was being an ass. And, I don't have very many cookie-cutter scenes, because I thought trying to fit them in the same scene would diminish the effect of the whole video. Enjoy :) October 21st: #57 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation #50 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation #51 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation October 22nd: #57 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation #53 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation
2 May 2009
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This my wedding,held at digos city,thi is my happiest day in whole life...i love you my wife...and we woild like to thanks to all our Sponsors.
29 Dec 2008
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Clement Seret 13 ans improvise jazz piano improvisation *******www.myspace****/michaelbougonsaxophone *******www.teranga**** virtuose haters christmas feliz navidad coca kpop festival naruto manga big fat quiz soulja boy cuidado son el angel capitulo 14 happiest place on earth responsible for the gazza wwe raw part live tecktonik generation dbu gad elmaleh kenza farah casting nouvelle star russia to invade usa pussy cat dolls
11 Jan 2009
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Track two from Dan Bull's 2009 album Safe. Safe is available to buy on CD from or to download for free in mp3 format from of the happiest days are when the sun rays cascade Over your back in the most naturally placid of ways You don't have to ask whether perhaps it'll rain And the centigrade never strays past twenty eight It's fantastically great kicking back with your mates And knowing no, you don't have to act to your age You can snack on a Flake or take a basket of cakes But make sure you've got some factor eight splashed on your face And the ladies make daisies attached in a chain While the lads entertain them with a basketball game And then after we're knackered and the match has been played Grab a glass of lemonade and relax in the shade We'll bask and just laze in the grass's green blades And sit back and just gaze at the paths of the planes Nothing matters today, you can chatter and play Playful antics under blankets of immaculate haze Once upon a summer The sun plays across the lawn Once upon a summer The air is sweet and warm Once upon a summer Heavenly and calm Once upon a summer It's never been this fun It's ace when you're tipsy and playing with a frisbee There ain't been better days in the pages of history And though your hay fever itches and makes you be sniffly It's blatantly plain that you'll savour and miss these Great times when they're gone, days lying in the sun Bathing, misbehaving and playfighting for fun They might have been some of the days of your life that you'll always Be reminded of when your time to pass away finally comes And as the day becomes night and the sun goes down The shadows grow slow and cloak round your home town There's no sound but the bees and the birds And slowly but certainly the season returns You turn down to the ground and there's leaves on the earth Turning brown and allowing the trees to rebirth There's a breeze in the air and it breathes through your hair And that's it - summer leaves for the year Summer's come and gone The day's no longer young Summer's come and gone But the memory lives on
6 Jan 2009
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The whole world might be in deep crisis, but could you strive and laugh like a baby? He is happiest person in the world of crisis. I'm with my hot and beautiful mom.
27 Jan 2009
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From the movie. "What good is sitting alone In your room? Come hear the music play. Life is a Cabaret, old chum, Come to the Cabaret. Put down the knitting, The book and the broom. It's time for a holiday. Life is a Cabaret, old chum Come to the Cabaret. Come taste the wine, Come hear the band. Come blow a horn, Start celebrating; Right this way, Your table's waiting. What good's permitting Some prophet of doom To wipe every smile away. Life is a Cabaret, old chum, So Come to the Cabaret! I used to have a girlfriend Known as Elsie, With whom I shared four sordid rooms in Chelsea She wasn't what you'd call a blushing flower... As a matter of fact she rented by the hour. The day she died the neighbors Came to snicker: "Well, that's what comes from too much pills and liquor." But when I saw her laid out like a Queen, She was the happiest... corpse... I'd ever seen. I think of Elsie to this very day. I remember how she'd turn to me and say: "What good is sitting all alone in you room? Come hear the music play. Life is a Cabaret, old chum, Come to the Cabaret. And as for me, And as for me, I made my mind up, back in Chelsea, When I go, I'm going like Elsie. Start by admitting, From cradle to tomb It isn't that a long a stay. Life is a Cabaret, old chum, It's only a Cabaret, old chum And I love a Cabaret.
6 Dec 2009
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A favorite Disneyland attraction returns to Fantasyland, Friday, Feb. 6, when "it's a small world" opens with some new storytelling magic. With the premiere of a new "Spirit of America" scene, new musical enhancements and a new look for some of the attraction's familiar child dolls, "it's a small world" will once again take guests of all ages on "the happiest cruise that ever sailed." To view Multimedia News Release go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/disneyland/36703/
6 Feb 2009
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Learn How To Play, "Would You Go With Me" on the acoustic guitar. Would You Go With Me lyrics Would you go with me if we rolled down streets of fire Would you hold on to me tighter as the summer sun got higher If we roll from town to town and never shut it down Would you go with me if we were lost in fields of clover Would we walk even closer until the trip was over And would it be okay if I didn't know the way If I gave you my hand would you take it And make me the happiest man in the world If I told you my heart couldn't beat one more minute without you, girl Would you accompany me to the edge of the sea Let me know if you're really a dream I love you so, so would you go with me [Instrumental] Would you go with me if we rode the clouds together Could you not look down forever If you were lighter than a feather Oh, and if I set you free, would you go with me If I gave you my hand would you take it And make me the happiest man in the world If I told you my heart couldn't beat one more minute without you, girl Would you accompany me to the edge of the sea Help me tie up the ends of a dream I gotta know, would you go with me I love you so, so would you go with me
9 Feb 2009
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The best day of your life deserves the best ride of your life. Welcome to the largest and most respected source for luxury transportation for weddings. Whether you need limo service for honeymoons, wedding party transfers or getaway cars, you've come to the right place. A few clicks and you'll receive instant price quotes, a detailed profile and previous customer comments from all our providers. The happiest day of your life is only going to get happier. Distributed by Tubemogul.
25 Mar 2009
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10 Apr 2009
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The happiest couple on an excursion :)
12 Apr 2009
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*******www.moderndecorating****/blog ----------------CLICK HERE--The living room is that place of the house where you and your family pass some of the happiest times of your life. The living room is also the place where your friends and guests...
11 Jun 2009
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As women spend over a year of their lives on their beauty routine - new research reveals when women are happiestNew research released todayreveals that the age of 28 has been identified as the Perfect Age, when women feel most happy with their love life, self confidence and body shape. Not only do they believe they look their best, but their confidence peaks and they have the best sex!The study of 25-65 year olds recorded the age at which women were most content in 12 key areas of their life. Research claimed that women are happiest in their career at 29 and one year later at 30, are happiest with their relationships, despite having the best sex at 28. But all is not lost for the over 30s, as women feel happiest with their financial situation at 33 and at ease with their home and family life at 32.However it would seem that their happiness is relatively short-lived. By the time they have turned 30, they are increasingly worried about greying, thinning and unmanageable hair with 72% believing that ageing hair (defined as thinning, coarsening, greying) is most likely to reveal their age followed by wrinkles (67%).Over half of UK women (56 %) worry about losing their looks as they get older and the average woman will spend around 600 every year on beauty products. Hair products account for HALF their weekly beauty spend costing up to 300 per year.Corrine Sweet, broadcaster and pyschologist and celebrity colourist Gary Richardson discuss the perfect age for women and give tips on how to boost womens self image. Distributed by Tubemogul.
31 Aug 2012
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Somewhere in the forest in Kulim, Kedah. Children happiest moment are when they have the chance to play in the water.
12 Jul 2009
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Fun little number. An alternative to the same old birthday song and a wish not just for a happy birthday - a wish for you to have your happiest year ever!
9 Oct 2009
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