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The clip Find your heartsong from Happy Feet (2006) with Megda Szubanski, Cesar Flores Take a moment and let it come to you. I got one! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! One at a time. Yes, Seymour. Don't push me 'Cause I am close to the edge I'm trying not to lose my head Yes, I like that one. I could really get jiggy with that. Lovely. I'm ready. I got one. Oh, I thought you might, Gloria. Midnight creeps so slowly Into hearts of those Who need more than they get Daylight deals a bad hand To a penguin Who has laid too many bets That's as far as I got so far. Oh, yes, lovely. Really lovely. That's beautiful. Well, Mumble, since you seem so keen to share. Mine's sort of a boom and a: And another boom. You heard that in there? Do you like it? I'm afraid that's not a tune. It's not? No, dear. A tune is like: Oh, okay. Who is that? That is the offspring of Memphis and Norma Jean. The wee hippity-hopper. It's not funny! No. No, not in the least. A penguin without a Heartsong is hardly a penguin at all. I think he broke my ear. In all my years, I've never, I mean-
15 Nov 2011
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