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HardKnock.TV talks to The Game, Ice Cube, Raekwon, Three 6 Mafia and Big Daddy Kane on the set of "Game's Pain" featuring Keyshia Cole. Watch exclusive behind the scenes for the new music video plus Suge Knight shows up. Check out part 2 and to hear game talk about new album LAX. Also check out HardKnock.TV to hear Game, Ice Cube, Raekwon, Three 6 Mafia and Big Daddy Kane speaking on "911 is a Joke" and the Sean Bell verdict.Hard Knock TV HardKnock TV HardKnock.TV
8 Nov 2011
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ガオアクセス! HAA! Here is the very first standard Cell Phone Changer*! The G Phone! This toy is incredibly cool and fun, but at the same time they engineered the hell out of it making it probably too complex and fragile for many children [there are some very smart kids out there though!]. Also, the electronics are kinda sparce. Everything else, however, makes up for that! This toy is truly a collector's piece. It feels like that's who they made this toy for, the older fan. A toy like say ... the Dynobuckler [Zyuranger] can stand some hard knocks from a kid. The G Phone is one that would probably break with your average toddler/child. Maybe thats why this toy is a rarity these days... If you're a Gaoranger or Sentai fan be sure to pick this one up! And spend those extra dollars to get a sealed one! My G Phone was sealed until today when I snapped a million pictures of it. You can even see in the pictures of the box that it hadn't been opened! * NOTE: The very first Cell Phone Changer was the Keitaizer and it belonged to Megasilver [Megaranger].
13 Nov 2011
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******* Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - See Me Shine Behind The Scenes of their new Music Video for their single "See Me Shine". For the first time in over a decade the original members of Bone Thugs N Harmony (Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh N Bone) have reunited to put out a new album titled Uni-5: The Worlds Enemy. In this interview Bone talks about what brought them together, what its like working in the studio with all 5 members, what we can expect from the new album, what they think of auto tunes and much more. We also got a chance to talk to music director Bobby Yan who told us the concept behind the album. Check out for more footage! Support the movement and win free prices: ******* *******www.twitter****/hardknocktv *******www.facebook****/hardknocktv ***********/hardknocktv Get your new Hard Knock TV merch (hoodies, t-shits, beanies, etc) at: *******hardknocktv.spreadshirt****/
19 Nov 2011
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The clip Seven Simple Rules For Life In Hiding from I'm Not There. (2007) with Ben Whishaw Seven simple rules for life in hiding. One... never trust a cop in a raincoat. Two... beware of enthusiasm and of love. Each is temporary and quick to sway. Three... when asked if you care about the world's problems, look deep into the eyes of he who asks. He will not ask you again. Pack up the meat, sweet. It's king for king and queen for queen. Afternoon, Mr. McCarty. George, Delia. Number four and five... Good afternoon, Billy. Howdy, Mr. B. Good morning. ... never give your real name. Afternoon, Mr. Gladstone, sir. Hey. Hey, hey. What are you doing? What are you doing? Hey! Hey, you all right, son? Please, dear man, you gotta get me outta here. This here's chicken town. And if ever told to look at yourself... never look. His singing voice, asthmatic and whiny, makes his success at first seem inconceivable, but for so many of his ardent admirers, Quinn's simple raggedness... Here we go. ...was always the sound of his truth. Could you pass me that? In it, they could conjure all the hard knocks his rough and tumble story implies, all the honest struggles their far more conventional backgrounds deny them. Jesus. On the other hand... This guy's an asshole. If Quinn's recent foray into electronic music has raised doubts concerning his sincerity in the past, the startling truth behind his famously clouded origins is sure to close the book once and for all on his future. Six... never say or do anything
28 Nov 2011
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Winner "My Name Is 2010" Amy Winehouse LOOKALIKE! Congratulations Merante for being the adult winner of the "My Name Is" final show. ("tears dry on their own" during the opening was way better, the beginning of Valerie was way off key xd. ♥ u any way) Also congratz to Lana for being the child winner of the "My Name Is" show. these are the other "adults" who were competing each other for being the best musician/artist lookalike and the songs they did: Timothy as Queen - we are the champions Mariska as Tina Turner - private dancer Drieëlle as Madonna - put the music on and these are the children who were competing each other for being the best lookalike and the songs they did: Lana as Lady Gaga - alejandro Charlotte as Anouk - nobody's wife Soraya as Annie - (medley) dumb dog & its a hard-knock life Laura as Miley Cyrus - party in the usa for official footage of the show go to: ******* who did not made it to the finals of "My name is": alicia keys beyonce rihanna justin bieber craig david ciara christina aguilera eric clapton elvis bon jovi mick jagger joe cocker fleetwood mac marilyn monroe aaron neville cher robbie williams tom jones etta james shirley bassey andrea bocelli selina marco borsato bob marley dieter koblenz jan smit michael bublé frans bauer sarah brightman nicole scherzinger usher sam gorris ac/dc guus meeuwis ciske de rat selena gomez lily allen within temptation koen wauters andre hazes christoff anna nicole smith [[User:Metacafe Affiliate User
6 Dec 2011
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From one of the biggest selling hip hop albums of alltime Vol 2:Hard Knock Life
13 Feb 2012
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******* Hard Knock TV takes you Behind the Scenes for an Exclusive preview of the NEW video for TYGA's Rack City: Directed by Chris Robinson. TYGA talks about the concept behind the video and why he decided to shot another video for Rack City. TYGA also talks about his background (Part Jamaican, Part Vietnamese), his new album Careless World: Rise of the Last King and much more. Along with checking out TYGA's thespian skills, there is plenty of eye candy including Blac Chyna (looking like Nicki Minaj with those curves and the blonde hair). We are just getting started the rest of the Interview with TYGA will be up next week! Make sure to subscribe to****/hardknocktv for our latest videos! You can also follow us at www.facebook****/hardknocktv and Hardknocktv NickHuff on twitter.
4 Apr 2012
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cute vid of kids performing hard knock life to Jay-z, Beyonce & Lebron! please rate & comment if you would like!
7 Apr 2012
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******* Hard Knock TV takes you Behind the Scenes for an Exclusive preview of Yelawolf's new music video for Daddy's Lambo, which we are told will premiere next week. Yelawolf talks to Nick Huff Barili about the concept behind the video and the inspiration behind the song. Along with checking out Yela's thespian skills, there is plenty of eye candy in the form of hot girls (Kristen Bitting) and lambos. Make sure to subscribe to****/hardknocktv to get our latest videos including part two of our interview with Yelawolf, where he calls out Rob Dyrdek, explains rotisserie Jesus, WG's and Slumerican.
18 May 2012
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HELP ME TWEET THIS TO FUN & JANELLE MONAE! Click 2 Tweet: ******* Hi B Boys and B Girls! :) Thanks for checking out my cover of Fun & Janelle Monae's smash hit single, "We Are Young!" I've been hearing this song a LOT on the radio every morning on my way to school and I really like it so I had to do it MattyB style! I thought this song was rad cool because the chorus talks about being young like a kid and shining bright! I think the most important rule when you're a kid is to just have fun and enjoy the world around you. Dream BIG and go for it! That's what it means to be young so keep your swag tight and STAY young! :) Also, thank you so much for all of your continued support! We have come a long way together and I want you to know that I'm grateful for every single time you've watched a video of mine and decided to comment, like, favorite and shared it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The support you keep on giving means the world to me! :) Keep following your dreams! OFFICIAL MATTYB LINKS MattyB Gear Store *******MattyB.Spreadshirt**** Main Channel *******www.MattyBRaps**** Vlog Channel *******www.YouTube****/MattyBVlogs Twitter *******www.Twitter****/MattyBRaps Facebook *******www.Facebook****/MattyBRaps DailyBooth (Pics) *******www.DailyBooth****/MattyBRaps Music Provided by All Star Karaoke www.AllStarCustom**** infoaudio-stream-karaoke**** To purchase the instrumental track used to record this song, click here! ***********/us/album/we-are-young-in-style-fun/id490193156 Lyrics Give me a second I I need to get my hat on right Cause I might be in this verse But not unless my swagger's tight Dreams are made to follow If you reach beyond the stars But you can't let other people's opinions Determine who you are and If I know one thing I be working hard (knock) Doing my thing Catch me rappin' like non stop In it for the team Give me the and it'll be All eyes lookin' at me What you, what you really want Tell me what you really need And everybody doubts qualities they can't see Listen the mission ain't glistening You're missing me more Man they ain't spit it like Matty before So if by the time the verse closes And you feel like falling down I'll carry you home.. Tonight we are young So let's set the world on fire We can burn brighter Than the sun (x2) I represent every kid, every nation I represent my young generation I represent music innovation You're favorite song on that FM station It's like the beat brings the best in me And no man can stop my destiny So if you're young and you're fresh And you're wild and free Then put your hands in the air Up where I can see and sing Tonight we are young So let's set the world on fire We can burn brighter Than the sun (x2) So if by the time the song closes And you feel like falling down I'll carry you home tonight
29 May 2012
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9 Jun 2012
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352nd Harvard Commencement Class Day speech June 4, 2003 Will Ferrell This is not the Worcester, Mass Boat Show, is it? I am sorry. I have made a terrible mistake. Ever since I left "Saturday Night Live," I mostly do public speaking now. And I must have made an error in the little Palm Pilot. Boy. Don't worry. I got it on me. I got the speech on me. Let's see. Ah, yes. Here we go. You know, when Bill Gates first called me to speak to you today, I was honored. But when he wanted me to be one of the Roxbury guys, I -- Sorry, that's Microsoft. I'm sorry about that. Star Trek Convention. No. NRA. NAACP. Dow Chemical. No. But that is a good one. That is a good speech. The University of Michigan Law. Johns Hopkins Medical School. I'm sorry. Are you sure this is not the boat show? No, I have it. I do have it on me. I do. It's here. Thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Faculty, Administrators, Friends and Family and, of course, the graduating Class of 2003, I wish to say hello and thank you for bestowing this honor upon me as your Class Day speaker. After months of secret negotiations, several hundred secret ballots, and a weekend retreat with Vice President Dick Cheney in his secret mountain bunker, a Class Day speaker was chosen, and it was me. You obviously have made a grave error. But it's too late now. So let's just go with it. Today's speech is going to be a little different, a little unorthodox. Some of you may find it to be shocking. I'm not going to stand up here and try to be funny. Because even though I am a professional comedian of the highest caliber, I've decided to do one thing that a lot of people are probably afraid to do, and that's give it to you straight. As most of you are probably aware, I didn't graduate from Harvard. In fact, I never even got a call back from Admissions. Damn you, Harvard! Damn you! I told myself I would not get emotional today. But damn it, I'm here, and sometimes it's just good to cry. I'm not one of you. Okay? I can't relate to who you are and what you've been through. I graduated from the University of Life. All right? I received a degree from the School of Hard Knocks. And our colors were black and blue, baby. I had office hours with the Dean of Bloody Noses. All right? I borrowed my class notes from Professor Knuckle Sandwich and his Teaching Assistant, Ms. Fat Lip Thon Nyun. That's the kind of school I went to for real, okay? So my gift to you, Class of 2003, is to tell you about the real world through my eyes, through my experiences. And I'm sorry, but I refuse to sugarcoat it. I ain't gonna do it. And I probably shouldn't use the word "ain't" during this day in which we celebrate education. But that's just the way I play it, Homes. Graduates, if you will indulge me for a moment, let me paint a picture of what it's like out there. The last four or, for some of you, five years you've been living in a fantasyland, running around, talking about Hemingway, or Clancy, or, I don't know, I mean whatever you read here at Harvard. The Novelization of the Matrix, I don't know. I don't know what you do here. But I do know this. You're about to enter into a world filled with hypocrisy and doublespeak, a world in which your limo to the airport is often a half-hour late. In addition to not even being a limo at all; often times it's a Lincoln Towncar. You're about to enter a world where you ask your new assistant, Jamie, to bring you a tall, non-fat latte. And he comes back with a short soy cappuccino. Guess what, Jamie? You're fired. Not too hard to get right, my friend. A world where your acting coach, Bob Leslie-Duncan -- yes, the Bob Leslie-Duncan -- tells you time and time again that you will never, ever be considered as a dramatic actor because you don't play things real, and are too over the top. Amazing! Simply amazing! I'm sorry, graduates. But this is a world where you aren't allowed to use your cell phone in airplanes, during live theater, at the movies, at funerals, or even during your own elective surgery. Apparently, the Berlin Wall went back up because we now live in Russia. I mean just try lighting up a cigar in a movie theater or paying for a dinner for 20 friends with an autograph. It ain't that easy. Strong words, I know. Tough talk. But more like tough love. Because this is where my faith in you guys comes into play, Harvard University's graduating Class of 2003, without a doubt, the finest...
9 Jun 2012
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Freestyling backstage on the Hard Knock Life Tour in 1999...
12 Jun 2012
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13 Jul 2012
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Download the song! - ***********/us/album/i-came-to-dig-minecraft-rap/id546349676?i=546349774 T-Shirts (US): *******www.tryhardninja.spreadshirt**** T-Shirts (EU): *******www.tryhardninja.spreadshirt**** Music Production: ***********/DocExxMusic Director: Ben Guzman Video Produced by: Nova Entertainment Group CaptainSparklez: ***********/CaptainSparklez Lead female: Porphyria Suicide - *******suicidegirls****/girls/Porphyria/ (Discretion Advised - NSFW) TryHardNinja - Lyrics and main vocals Alright Let me see your pick axes in the air and sing this one with me Chorus: I came to dig Verse 1: (TryHardNinja) We diggin' all the time and you know we won't stop We getting' diamonds man Yea you know them big rocks You playing peaceful while I'm the school of hard knocks Grew fighting every day call that Survival Block Creepers trying' to do me dirty they won't sssmirk long Just ask CaptainSparklez about that forged diamond sword Just ask the Nanner man, Shwarzenegger Arnold, there's no point in running man What you think this arrows for? Sky's the limit we be building' this is our home Another day, another structure, world that we own There's no griefin' here cause you see that gravel road? I'll leave it painted with your blood. Red stone. And I'll be building whole cities. What do you know? You still stuck playing with your daddies legos I'm getting' busy Diggy Diggy like Blue Xephos A step ahead, another class, always a Notch above You make a shack to live in I make the Taj Mahal You choppin' down a tree I made a Pokeball You are soft break apart like a clay block I'm solid like a golden oar I got this game on lock Chorus: I came to dig If you're crafting and you know it put your hands in the air Wanna see you swing that pick axe like you don't really care Came to dig, do it big Block Billionaire If you're crafting and you know it put your hands in the air Verse 2: (Captain Sparklez) Oh no this again Gotta take a sec kill a pig again Dealing with a creeper and he's hisssss hissing and I'm gonna get revenge like a tune I'm in We're a father son relationship I'm the block and you're just the chip And these boxes are my currency So I'm always stacking mine like Pringle chips From the sea and to the desert this is my reality From the caves until the nether it's my world to oversee This might seem like something special but we do this everyday This is my land. Made with my hands. This is Minecraft and I came to dig.
16 Aug 2012
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For a young girl living a "hard knock life" in a children's orphanage, things may seem pretty bad -- especially at Christmas. But feisty Annie (Alicia Morton) carries a song in her heart and hope in her locket -- the only thing she has from her parents. One day, fed up with the dastardly Miss Hannigan (Kathy Bates), Annie escapes the run-down orphanage determined to find her mom and dad. Her adventure takes her from the cold, mean streets of New York to the warm, comforting arms of bighearted billionaire Oliver Warbucks (Victor Garber) -- with plenty of mischief in between! I do not own this. No copyright infringement intended.
2 Sep 2012
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