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Watch Jay Hardwick talk about biotechnology in farming in America. The Conversations About Plant Biotechnology Web site offers additional video discussions with farmers and experts from around the world.
30 Aug 2008
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G4TV - Alison Haislip and Chris Hardwick Discuss their names
6 Feb 2009
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Betty Hardwick Center/Crisis Line *******www.talkingphonebook****/listing/123573/69026/Crisis+Line/8007583344/ZZ/ZZ/ZZ/ZZ
13 Nov 2008
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Birds Eye View met TWILIGHT director Catherine Hardwicke to discuss the film adapted from cult novel by Stephanie Meyer. We also asked Catherine for her perspective on being the female at the helm of a global hit franchise. *******www.birds-eye-view******
22 Jun 2009
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The Hardwick road race 2009
21 Jul 2009
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The road race from pilsley to hardwick hall, held 17-7-09
23 Jul 2009
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Behind the Scenes for RegardMag**** Photo: DimitryL**** Grooming: ValerieNoble**** Stylist: AyanaVanPutten**** Model: Actor Omari Hardwick Deisgner: BillionaireMafia**** Ties: Michael Warren
2 Oct 2010
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Mike Epps, Derek Luke & Omari Hardwick talk about acting in a different era and the three actors also reveal more about their characters
4 Sep 2012
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Chris Hardwick opening monologue for 2013 Streamy Awards
18 Feb 2013
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Set in the beautiful French countryside during World War II, The Green Glove is a mystery adventure centering on a valuable religious artifact stolen by a Nazi art thief. He’s captured by Michael Blake (Glenn ford), an American soldier in France. The Nazi escapes, and Michael moves on in life, but never forgets the beautiful and excessively bejeweled glove. Years later, Blake is on the brink of bankruptcy. He decides to go back to France and find the mysterious glove. Aided by a beautiful tour guide (Gaby Andre) Blake flies from one perilous adventure to the next, thwarting danger at every turn! The action and mystery of The Green Glove are superb, but what takes the film to the next level is that it’s also a radiant tour through the French countryside in the fifties!
12 Dec 2007
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This video contains comments by recipients of the Sustainable Jersey Green Grants distributed at a press conference in Trenton, NJ on June 22, 2009. The $200,000 in grants distributed to 14 towns were funded by Walmart. Produced by Professional Podcasts LLC, Cherry Hill, NJ, for Walmart.
11 Mar 2010
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Devastated over his breakup with his girlfriend, Carter Webb leaves L.A. to stay with his wacky Grandma in her suburban Detroit home, across the street from the Hardwicke family. As Carter struggles to reconcile his own inner conflicts, he is drawn into the pains and loves of the Hardwicke women -- all of whom, in their way, fall in love with Carter, and all of whom, in their way, help him find his way back.
27 Feb 2007
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Master Drew Serrano, owner of East Coast Training Systems and member of Team Bergamo (check out the Breaking All Records documentary at *******www.eastcoasttrainingsystems****/BAR%20Page.htm. ), teaching a punch defense at the annual Kar-Do-Jitsu-Ryu Karate Federation Instructors' seminar in NJ. Drew is the New England Regional Co-Director for the Kar-Do-Jitsu-Ryu Federation. This clip demonstrates a technique from the Rossi Kun Tao System/American Filipino Kun Tao. Drew's UKI is Jonathan Hardwicke. For more on Drew visit *******www.eastcoasttrainingsystems****, for more info on Team Bergamo see *******www.bergamosmartialarts**** , for more about breaking see *******www.usba**** .
6 Jan 2008
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That great institution, the British pub, is many things to many men, but for nearly two-thirds of young men it’s the place where they gather to brazenly tell a tale or two in order to impress their mates or members of the opposite sex. Research conducted by learndirect Careers Advice reveals that 60% of men between the ages of 19 and 25 often tell little white lies in the pub. For those blokes who admit to being a little economical with the truth, the figures show that: 1. 47% claim to possess a skill or talent they don’t have 2. 31% boast about being better at a sport than they really are 3. 27% frequently exaggerate about their work related responsibilities to give the impression they rule the roost 4. 31% lie about owning shiny new goods such as a car or electronic equipment 5. 28% admit to false bravado when it comes to stories of success with the opposite sex Young men in the North East are most likely to try and pull the wool over their mates’ eyes with 67% admitting to frequently fibbing in order to wow or woo. East Midland males are least likely to pull a fast one, although 50% still own up to telling the odd white lie – which highlights that many guys across the UK can’t help but tell porky pies. When work becomes the topic of pub banter, young men are as likely to stretch the truth about their success at work as they are about their success with women. What’s more, men working in property and education are most likely to exaggerate about what they do for a living. Lads think a good job and being a boss are important. In fact, a whopping 43% of young men claim to have a far more exciting job than the reality and one in five have claimed to occupy a higher position within their company than they actually do. 38% even admit to lying about what they earn – whose round is it next? Although pub lies sound harmless enough, the reasons behind these work-related fibs highlight that a high number of young men are really not happy in their current jobs. In fact, the research reveals that an alarming 62% of 19-25 year old men in full-time work actually want to trade in their current job for something they’ve always wanted to do. Based on the research, this involves being challenged more, being paid more and being seen as a success. TV and Radio 1 presenter Reggie Yates knows only too well the pitfalls of pub lies: “As a 25 year old man, I’ve come across a fair few pub Pinocchios in my time – guys will always brag, it’s in our nature. But when it comes to a job or career, you shouldn’t settle for exaggerating your monthly wedge or pretending to be your own boss – why not actually make it happen?” Reggie, who is fronting the learndirect Careers Advice campaign to encourage young men to get more out of their job or career, comments: “I’m lucky to be working in a job that I love, but lots of people leave school or college without really knowing what they want to do, and it’s not until they start working and end up getting stuck in a rut that they realise their talents may lie elsewhere. What’s important is that reaching for your dreams is possible; you may just need some straight forward advice and guidance on how to get there, which is why a service like learndirect Careers Advice is a good place to start.” learndirect Careers Advice Partnerships Manager, Paula Hardwick, says: “In the past 12 months, we have received enquiries from nearly 90,000 young men looking to make important decisions about their future. Some are simply unhappy in their job and want some kind of change, and others have a clearer view as to what job or career path they want to take, but need advice on how to get there. Our job at learndirect Careers Advice is to provide sound advice and help equip people with the means to reach their goals.” learndirect Careers Advice is a free and impartial service available online or over the phone offering personalised careers advice. A dedicated team of specially trained Careers Coaches are on hand to provide one to one career guidance sessions, helping you to assess your options and start planning for your future. They will also help with CVs, application forms and preparation for interviews. So whether you’re looking to make that step up the ladder or change your job or career direction, the learndirect Careers Advice service is available seven days a week from 8am to 10pm or 24 hours a day online. Call 0800 100 900 or log on to www.learndirect-advice******
19 Jan 2009
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British Food Fortnight is underway, and that means it’s time to celebrate Welsh Food Fortnight  too! In this video, Michelin star winning chef Stephen Terry ( who has worked under top chefs Marco Pierre White and Michel Roux) shows you how to make bread-crumbed pork belly with black pudding. The pork is from N S James and seasoned with Anglesey Sea Salt from Halen Môn, both True Taste award winning producers. Now in its seventh year, the True Taste awards scheme is managed by The Welsh Assembly Government and recognises quality, innovation and excellence in the Welsh food and drink industry with more than 900 products and services judged each year. In this short step-by-step demonstration Stephen will show you just how easy it is to create a beautiful and delicious dish using only the very best Welsh produce. Stephen Terry is chef-proprietor of True Taste of Wales award winning pub-restaurant The Hardwick, in Abergavenny.
12 Dec 2008
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The Smart Show webisode series. Starring Henry Dittman. Brought to you by Holiday Inn Express Hotels. "Savvy Solutions" segments: 1) Chris Hardwick 2) Cloud Computing 3) Cellular modems See more episodes at: *******
11 Oct 2008
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