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Vertical bamboo flooring[] gets its look because the bamboo strips are laid on sides and then bonded together. These are laid across the floor in bunches and create a more even look. Horizontal bamboo flooring[] is created by taking the bamboo strips and laying them on top of one another. Some people argue that the latter method creates a stronger product because of the way the pieces are bonded together. Either way, the bamboo-based flooring should be able to hold up to the usual dents and bumps of everyday household activity at least equally or better than other traditional materials. One of the things you will want to consider is how big the floor space is that you are trying to cover. For some floor sizes, vertical bamboo may make more sense because of its consistent look. In larger areas, you may want to consider what horizontal bamboo flooring[] can add to a room. There is slightly more variation in the way that horizontal bamboo looks relative to vertical bamboo flooring. Even if you decide not to use bamboo throughout the entire house, its durability may make it a better candidate in certain areas of the house that experience high amounts of foot traffic.