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*******hghsupplementstalk****/side-effects-of-hgh/deal-harmful-side-effects-hgh-5-easytofollow-tips.html How to Deal with Harmful Side Effects of HGH
6 Sep 2011
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BY CHRISTY LEWIS The United States Preventive Services Task Force sparked controversy after giving women in their 40s some words of wisdom: Don’t get an annual mammogram. And that panel is at the center of controversy again. This time, with a suggestion for men. Fox has more. “A key government health panel is now advising that healthy men should no longer receive those PSA blood tests that test for prostate cancer because the test may be more harm than good.” According to the American Cancer Society--studies have shown no evidence that PSA, or protein-specific-antigen tests, are lifesavers. If anything, they are the exact opposite. The New York Times explains. “From 1986 through 2005, one million men received surgery, radiation therapy or both who would not have been treated without a P.S.A. test... Among them, at least 5,000 died soon after surgery and 10,000 to 70,000 suffered serious complications. … As a result of these complications, the man who developed the test … has called its widespread use a ‘public health disaster.’” Health officials say 1 in 6 men will get prostate cancer, a normally slow-growing illness. And aside from death, a survivor could end up impotent and incontinent from testing and treatment. A CNN reporter says it’s those factors that could have the majority of men staying away from the test. “Prostate cancers are usually really slow growing and they’re not really going to hurt you. So you might find this slow-growing prostate cancer when you go to look for it and then you can make a man impotent and incontinent with the treatment when the cancer was not going to hurt him.” On the other end of the controversy is the group of people who argue in the end, the PSA tests are worth it. DR. SAMADI: “PSA has shown that over the last 10-15 years that there is a decrease in deaths and mortality.” DR. LOWE: “Because PSA isn’t 100% accurate, doesn’t mean we should not do it. I mean it has still made a major impact on people we are testing for cancer that we are detecting at a much earlier that can be treated successfully.” Adding to the controversy is the cash. A blogger for the New America Foundation says the task force is more concerned with saving the government money. And the real problem is that medical personnel are pushing the test too much. “The marketing departments of many hospitals openly admit that they offer free PSA testing as ... a means of bringing in new (paying) customers. …According to … [the] chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, some physicians have openly complained that any criticism of PSA testing could hurt their wallets by cutting down on the number of patients diagnosed.” Adding to that, the recommendations have an effect on the government. A Washington Post Health Editor featured on PBS News Hour says... “Insurance companies look to this panel to decide what they should pay for. In fact, under the health care--the federal health reform legislation that passed this panel has actually become more influential because some of the basic benefits that the federal government will require under the health reform legislation will be influenced by this panels recommendations.” The panel sought to make it clear that this is just a proposal draft. The recommendations are open for public comment and the final report will be released next week.
10 Oct 2011
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Do No Harm
15 May 2012
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*******www.emfnews****/home_protection.html Aulterra, an Idaho company, is a pioneer in the research and development of products that protect consumers from the potentially negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, cordless phones, televisions, video games, and other electronic devices. The Neutralizer™ , a small holographic disc, is Aulterra’s flagship product. It is the only product on the market today which has been scientifically proven to be significantly effective in reducing/neutralizing the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves. *******www.emfnews****/Lifewave-Cellphone-Matrix-Shield-Test.html
6 Jul 2012
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Toxic chemicals The toxic chemicals are the substance that can be poisonous or cause the health effects , They don’t break down easily in the environment , they can build up the tissues of small organisms , they can move up through the food chain . The chemicals can be toxic because they can harm us when they enter or contact the body , they can threaten the human health , The motor vehicle emissions of nitrogen and sulphur oxides cause the acid rain which poisons the fish and other aquatic organisms in the rivers and lakes . carbon dioxide gas causes the greenhouse effect and the climate change , Chlorofluorocarbons ( CFCs ) cause the destruction of ozone in the stratosphere and they create the possibility of serious environmental damage from ultraviolet radiation . The oil drilling and transport , mining and maritime operations all result in the accidental introduction of toxic materials into the marine environment , and the leakage from the storage tanks and the pipelines , and the seepage from the waste dumps . The toxic materials or substances can poison people and other life, They can cause illness and even death if swallowed or absorbed through the skin , where the pesticides , the weed killers , and many household cleaners are toxic , they occurs as a result of a variety of human activities . The industries and the sewage treatment plants discharge the wastes which contain the toxic substances directly into the waterways , These direct pipeline discharges are called the point sources .
27 Dec 2017
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Are Medicines Harming You ? This Video is about the Vastu Defects of Your Bedroom. One of the reason is Medicine should not be Displayed on the Table, Pickles should not be Kept in the Bedroom. Follow the Vaastu Tips Explained by Dr Puneet Chawla world #1 Vastu Consultants.
20 Feb 2018
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Without guardian angels, we would live no longer today, or in the wheelchair sits
11 Jun 2007
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The other George Bush Clip
17 Jul 2007
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Should you wear your ipod at work...find out.
11 Oct 2007
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This Chekhov monologue is about the world's most hen-pecked husband. It has nothing to do with smoking or tobacco!
17 Dec 2007
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Craving time on the computer results in neglect of real-life personal relationship and can lead to marital problems and even divorce.
10 Jan 2008
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Concerns over one's appearance, specifically expectations of being rejected based on appearance, can seriously affect a person's mental and physical health.
9 Jan 2008
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The Bodykini swimwear has been designed for modesty,comfort and flexibility.The swimsuit covers well during active swimming and doesn't hinder your movement while in or out of the water.The suit provides UPF protection factor 50+ www.bodykini****
31 Jan 2008
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Spam email has just celebrated its fifteenth birthday, or so we are led to believe. Now it is ever more sophisticated at penetrating your email inbox and has a negative impacty on productivity in the workplace.
7 May 2008
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Repeatedly stabbing monkeys with sharpened objects may have an adverse effect on their health, according to a new study. More coverage at:
2 Sep 2009
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Harrison Hoffman of CNET News**** and LiveSide**** says that we should weigh the benefits of a community like Digg**** before getting too upset with the downsides. Interview by TalkingHeadTV**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Aug 2008
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