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profile me why!!! im a nice guy!
15 Oct 2008
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harrassment from hackers
21 Mar 2008
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vid 5.. i had 1231 before these hackers raided my votes.
21 Mar 2008
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Watch more at *******www.theyoungturks****.
1 Dec 2008
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Nobody can deny the obvious that Mum and i totally set up with above 13.2.2012 video of Doncaster South Yorkshire Police at my house (at Mum's with HELP sign painted on front fence at the moment in evil twilight zone village of Aylesham, near Canterbury, Kent.... although Doncaster police at my house unlawfully, back in Kent at my Mum's, wow Dover and Canterbury Police a trillion times worse as they learnt how to manipulate and provoke my aspersgers syndrome, very sick and evil of them!! England's Police Complaints Commission cover it all up as well as Police Professional Standards Kent and South Yorkshire. Day after above vid on 14.2.2012 had two horrible ghastly Doncaster RDASH men come to my house, they totally ignore what my Mum is trying to tell them and just want me to admit I am crazy, no way, aspergers syndrome is a disability, does not mean I am mad, just do things differently. Mum and I still have no support whatsoever, I know it is extreme victimisation. We don't deserve this. Please help. **Update 10th Feb 2013 have now been tortured by Canterbury, Kent Police five times, District Judge help cover it up, they manipulate CCTV, everyone ignore HELP sign at Mum's since last year 26th May 2012, massive extreme vulnerable adult abuse scandal, please help us, make reasonable adjustments for us please
11 Feb 2013
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Tired of being harrassed on the web? Want to kick some cyberbullies ass? Watch this video!!
19 Oct 2008
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An Austrian Presenter reports on the drought in the outback and is harrassed and later shot at in Australian outback.
25 Mar 2009
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7-20-09-This guy in a red van came twice one morning blasting his horn btween 6:30 and 7 waking me up. Either he is too lazy to get out and walk to the door and knock on it 'cause he has NO manners or he is deliberately harrassing me. Do you see how he's looking over at my window?? More than likely he is an illegal alien as are most of the people he picks up for work at that early time in the morning which is breaking our laws also. It's also breaking the law to use a vehicle's horn for anything but a traffic need. It's disgusting and I'm sick of the noise!
8 Aug 2009
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Last month we told you that the popular Spanish-language radio talk show Piolin Por La Manana had been cancelled. While the reason for the cancellation wasn't immediately apparent, we may now have a clue. Legendary host, Eddie Sotelo tells TMZ, that a former writer, producer and performer on the morning show named Alberto "Beto" Cortez has accused him of physcially, sexually and emotionally harrassing him for three years! But here's the twist, Sotelo is tells the site that his accuser is not mentally stable, and hasn't been for years! In a statement, Piolin explains that for many years, he has helped his friend through some difficult times, and has been very generous to him. He says that Beto had admitted that his performance had become very erratic, and that Eddie could no longer protect him. Following this behavior, Univision did not renew Beto's contract, which is when the allegations against Eddie came out. Eddie calls the accusations "baseless claims in an attempt to obtain an undeserved financial windfall." He tells TMZ that he plans to be back on the radio very soon.
7 Aug 2013
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My friends and I getting 7 tickets by police in Miami Florida, getting naked in the streets, drunk girls, discovery channel spoof, walking by mistake into gay beach, just all around fun :)
6 May 2007
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What do you call a person who has no videos, friends, subscribers, subscriptions, no life, ect
8 Aug 2007
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This is a video of the lowlife scum who harasses innocent users on Youtube under the alias of DanReborn. He has a one inch dick (fully erect that is) and is a psycho faggot who spends all day long insulting anyone he comes across on the internet or on Youtube. If you spot him in Manchester, please make sure you insult him badly
2 Mar 2008
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This is how my pets put up a show for me. Enjoy.
20 Sep 2009
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It's a scary world we live in... and threatening phone calls don't make it any less scary. If you've been the victim of a scary phone call, you're probably still pretty shaken up about it. Okay, so let's look at the situation and figure out the best solution. If you've received a HARASSING phone call, then you've got the option to take legal action. For your protection, call the local police and let them know exactly what happened. Give as much information about the call as possible. It's also a good idea to give a quick call to the local police department where the call originated. Our "free scan" gives you this information instantly. Just type in the phone number on our homepage and our website will instantly return the phone number's issuing city and state. To determine the OWNER of the harassing phone number, you can purchase a full phone report directly from our website. Membership includes additional people finder tools and resources to help you protect your safety and learn more about the situation.
13 Jun 2008
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now what do they say
5 Oct 2009
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Money In The Bank is a new webseries by Gary Upton Schwartz. For details go to moneyinthebankseries****.
13 Apr 2009
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