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SPI investigated a victim who claimed to be harrassed by 5 ghosts for many nights. One night we used night vision camera to try detecting anything abnormal. During the monitor, we found 5 orbs floating in unusual manners. They were floating upwards and towards the window. If they were dusts, the air flow will blow the dusts from left to right. Also when the orbs appeared, they caused interference to our radio signals
26 Nov 2008
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The puppy is harrassing the cat.
24 Sep 2008
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A young boy, harrassed by bullies, prays for protection. He soon finds a doll, submerged in a pool of toxic water. He brings it home and wakes to find it has transformed into a real-life, six foot toy soldier. Have his prayers been answered? Or have his nightmares come to life? A cross between E.T. and My Bodyguard, THE TOY SOLDIER is part-revenge, and part-supernatural story. It imagines a new superhero, and offers an alternate vision for the world's most-loved toy. A short film intended as a trailer for a potential feature film.
28 Nov 2006
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Original comedy of two guys who work in an office. Follow Craig as he harrasses Chuck throughout the day.
8 Sep 2007
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Tired of being harrassed on the web? Want to kick some cyberbullies ass? Watch this video!!
19 Oct 2008
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Watch more at *******www.theyoungturks****.
1 Dec 2008
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Download: *******www.megaupload****/?d=UMZO46JF Here's my new video on the World Cup. Tell me what you think. "Strong Will Continue Music Video" Music (also in the end credits): 1. Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Strong Wil Continue 2. Nappy Roots - Good Day [Nas] All I do is stay focused Looking straight forward at the world and beyond I feel people pulling me down, I feel some pulling me up I can't get stuck, I just keep moving forward I got places to go man, Let's go [Damian Marley] - Chorus(Hook) When the armageddon's dark and dread A lot of weak hearted weep and moan Only the strong will continue Do you have it in you? Come, we've got a journey to go And when the battle get sour and dread A lot of weak hearted wither and moan Only the strong will continue I know you have it in you, I know you have it in you [Damian Marley] Hey, the victory's found in truth Like innocence found in youth Self defeat is your own dispute And when you put yourself in your own shoes is Either you're winning or losing, Don't you get it confused Play a star and you know your own movie Playing of the role you choose, so Stand up and fight if you know that you're right And know you will never fail Tipping the scale and the wind shall prevail And the boat shall forever sail Hey, there ain't no stopping or cruising Even when we're battered and bruised Hold gun all the sprinklers on Mt. Olympus My gat tougher than Zeus (Chorus) [Nas] As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death New York to Cali, for the money, power, respect It's a journey, some'll get left behind Cause in life, you cannot press rewind Get it right, you only have one first chance To make one first impression that lasts a life time Reputation supercedes itself Do you believe in Hell? Babylon greed for wealth Do you deceive yourself and let your ego swell? And disregard those who most need your help Thick skinned, the dark won't take my soul Survived spiritual wars, see my welts And the evil's felt, but the faith is stronger I saw grown men fall when I was a youngster But I clenched my fist, ready to go against whoever Tied my Timbs and rise in the end (Chorus) [Damian Marley] No man live forever, but never say never Every good he want better, just be a go getter And always be clever in every endeavor Now drastic time call for drastic measure Your girl try to pleasure from your neighbors, things sever The land and the treasure, work for whatever Jah said don't be a beggar, the Alpha Omega Will bless every soul no matter which name you prefer The immortal stepper, believe in every skin no matter which color they are, We never let we don't know here which kind of weather You're destined to rise like the Son of Rebecca Don't stop for a second Every man reckon, it sure would be good to be there, Whether Zion or Mecca When the gates are finally closed, And the saints go marching in (Chorus) [Nas] I'm a street lifer Always harrassed by the see cyphers Chief like Jeronimo with his piece pipe I emerged from the street life This for the homies who relate know what it be like My QB life take it and turn to the Louis XIII life twisted and mangled sort of like Bruce lee life Curse with his son Brandon If that's you and me (to)night, I pray our fates greater I speak like my stillmata? As a rapper not doubtin Even Toni Braxton signed a deal With Craig Kallman How in, the hell am i supposed stay comfy when i pay child support alamony monthly Got Maseratis and Ferraris Only like Woman who's a rider, But only hoes want me Single life crazy, niggas wives on me I say stay faithful, they say their man (cony)? So I'm, stuck with a married woman So fine, cheatin while they husband rushing on the 40-yard line, wonder if this is what my ex did the whole time Good niggas seem to always end up with some hard times, hope not If a pimp slippin in a whole plot Ain't nothin to a G in a two-tone drop, kid And it don't stop, See a nigga dissapearin with the baddest honeys in the whole spot, yeah
18 Sep 2010
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******* is avon a scam? Subject: is avon a scam? Date: December 6, 2005 at 8:12 pm PST ... Re: is avon a scam? by scammed in Pitt Meadows on 11/23/06 (3) ...Next Up on the Scam List: Avon Cosmetics However, I wanted to make sure it was legitimate card sale from Avon before commiting my hard earned dollars to a scam. Just received answer that name did ... Rip-off Report: Avon - Allied Data ripoff and harrassing and ... I will also me filing a claim against them as I've been trying to resolve issues with Avon for over a year now. I was pulled into the scam by a coworker who ... Is multi-level-marketing always a scam? Ask Metafilter 13 posts - 13 authors - Last post: 4 Sep 2005 I'd argue that multilevel marketing is not always a scam. Mary Kay, Tupperware, and Avon are examples of generally uncontroversial companies ... Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council - Warnings and Scams Stratford-on-Avon District Council is warning residents of a possible scam or prankster targeting the Council's new wheeled bin refuse and recycling service ... 419 Avon Scam 419 AVON SCAM. Following are the details of a 'Nigerian 419 scam' attempted on my wife's Avon business through her Avon website. ... Avon Cosmetics Scam? 9 posts - 9 authors - Last post: 5 May Discussion about Avon Cosmetics Scam?. Speak your mind about MLM / Pyramid Scams and be heard here at scam****. Avon Scam — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress Free Marketing Tools Avon Products Compensation Avon Distributor. STOP – before you spend time “cold calling” ... Find other items tagged with “avon-scam”: ... Protect yourself from computer fraud Avon Park FL - Avon Park FL ... Protect yourself from computer fraud Avon Park FL. Have you ever been swindled in a computer scam or know someone who has? By all accounts it's a nasty and ... WAHMS: Multi-Level Marketing: Big Scam or Big Money? at StorkNet's ... To understand how MLM can be both a scam and a legitimate opportunity lets review ... Avon requires you to purchase your own catalogues and each catalogue ...Avon Scam Make Money Online Free
7 Nov 2008
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Vicente Fenandez has revealed how he was the victim of sexual harrassment at the start of his career. The ranchera singer says that the incident happened when he sang at the Almanecer Tapatio. A female on site said to him, go take a shower and I will wait for you here. The 73 year old singer now confesses that he denied her advances and as a result he was fired. Fernandez tells TV y Notas that after he got famous, the alleged woman attended a few of his concerts at which Vicente would put the past aside and acknowledged her presence with audience applause. Overwhelmed by the love of the audience, she cried and felt sorry about the past and gracious that Vicente would still show appreciation for her.
4 Jun 2013
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vid 5.. i had 1231 before these hackers raided my votes.
21 Mar 2008
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Yellow Morning Dude Harrassing People
8 Feb 2007
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So!! someone was harrassing me on myspace so I created this video and put on there so that that waould get the hint... I dont think it worked though, cause they wrote me telling me how cute and funny it was... I wanted to DIE!!! I swear to god..
25 May 2007
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Use ******* first to find out who owns the phone number. Your full report has a link to report scammers, debt collectors, credit card companies, harrassing calls, etc.
15 May 2009
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7-20-09-This guy in a red van came twice one morning blasting his horn btween 6:30 and 7 waking me up. Either he is too lazy to get out and walk to the door and knock on it 'cause he has NO manners or he is deliberately harrassing me. Do you see how he's looking over at my window?? More than likely he is an illegal alien as are most of the people he picks up for work at that early time in the morning which is breaking our laws also. It's also breaking the law to use a vehicle's horn for anything but a traffic need. It's disgusting and I'm sick of the noise!
8 Aug 2009
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An Austrian Presenter reports on the drought in the outback and is harrassed and later shot at in Australian outback.
25 Mar 2009
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*******www.grnreport**** 843.270.5611 Global Resorts Network team leader Debbie Turner speaks her opinion about Johnny Bolton leaving GRN and jumping ship to promote to new travel club membership program, still unnamed. Turner states that the home business industry has been turned into a circus show from people jumping from one business to the other and feels there are two kinds of people who play these games. Turner's opinion is there are leaders who pursuade the unsuccessful entrepreneurs to go with them to new opportunites and clean up by making bucket loads of cash on the initial sign ups. Other's involved buy into it thinking that it's the silver bullet they were looking for instead of realizing that they just don't know how to market what they've got. It doesn't matter where they go, until they learn to be confident in who they are and their skills, they aren't going to make it. "It's total craziness", said Turner. Debbie wants to be known in the industry as one who plants her flag and builds million dollar companies. She has multiple streams of income, but there's never a conflict of interest and she's certainly not jumping from thing to thing every 6 months. Turner has been harrassed and badgered by phone calls and emails from individuals hounding her to leave GRN and join with this new unknown company. These are people she's never met before and has no relationships with. Turner said she didn't want to be associated with the people who are operating this way and there's no significant reason why she should change. Turner said, "Competition is good and I'm confident in my product with Global Resorts Network. I've used the product, dealt with customer service, met Al Morales, and made money. The company, the product and payplan is a winning combination for me and thousands of others. I'm staying. And, I'm providing a stable environment for people to join my business with me. I'm not going to uproot them in 6 months or a year. I'm here." Johnny Bolton GRN Global Resorts Network Global Resorts
15 Aug 2008
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