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"Ode to a Sandpiper" by Dave Hart Cognoscente of ocean sand and waves Peck-nibbling your days away Spindly legs ever in prestissimo gait Strafe the sand in staccacto flecks quaff an undulating tide -- a delectable salt water tope. ©David Hart 2006 Oda para Ave Zancuda Semejante a la agachadiza ---Amado pequeño ave Chico pico como pequeño espada Pequeño pata sin miedo raspadura la plaza Darse prisa Darse prisa Yanquilargo chico ave Darse un banquete del ondulante ola Amado pequeño ave Amado pequeño ave
30 Jan 2008
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''This My Dear Earth'' by Dave Hart - This My Dear Earth- by Dave Hart Now, the majestic rivers swell Rise - flood - and absorb all coasts of land This earth long violated spews up stentorian cries Tears of bright dewy lava now jettison up One hundred thousand miles in a dark blue sky A myriad of tiny cheerful stars Hasten to prickle Earths long ravaged crown.
30 Jan 2008
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''Verse'' by Mr. David Hart Be not harried by apostasy spates Surcease ye flux of basilic imprecations Adhibit ye ,supernal paracletes The pith of divinity An Achates, Vae victis In this temporal realm Chatoyant fanfaronade Sursurrant congeries Erelong abate Shun the gaffer's gammon Arcadian maundering Avaunt kaleidoscopic zealotry Bandy a cutlass perfervid Ex aequo et bono Beneficence's glaive bandies. Preside atheling echt In pharos of Nestor Bestow succor to the augean Boeothians! Malign them not--for now come the celestial shower To halidom, shepard, solace and anele Ye benighted churls vocabulary- spate-flood; arcadian-rural/simple; echt-adj.-genuine; Nestor-the god of wisdom; Achaetes-any faithful friend; chatoyant-possessing a changeable luster; rein-v.-to curb or restrain; amative-amatory; anele-v.- to annoint; harry-to torment by constant attack; perfervid-ardent/very fervid; ex aequo et bono-L.-according to the principle of fairness and good; bandy-to beat to and fro; vae victic-L.-woe to the vanquished; gammon-nonsense; gaffer- an old crone; flux-flow; fanfaronade--n.-bragging/ostentation/bluster; congeries-heap; susurrant-adj-whispering; basilic-lowly/base; pith-vigor/force/strength; supernal-celestial; imprecations-curses; halidom-a holy place/holiness; Pallas Athena-Gr.goddess of wisdom; quotha-arch.-indeed! Forsooth!; paracletes-someone who aids and supports; glaive-sword; pharos-lighthouse; atheling-ancient crown prince; adhibit-to let in/admit; benighted-adj-overtaken by darkness; bestead-to aid; anele-to annoint; contemn-v.-to view with contempt; solace-n. comfort in sorrow
22 Feb 2011
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"Issue No. B-1610" by David Hart Black rectangular, quasi-rectangular, plastic half darkened Now with shades of gray -- reflecting White steel stalk of tin Jutting out to a white sheet Small oval shape - one third severed sphere Affixed on the apex of a twin stalk - elliptical Silver and gray tube with a creviced Serpentine spine Sitting staring beaming unrelentlessly Interminable Soft muffled tones whirring the concordant monotone melody of D flat No remorse or afterthought just base exploitation of energy
8 Feb 2008
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"An Infant Sighs" by David Hart Upright in a crib, legs akimbo, an infant sighs. Windows in the ceiling--a sky light-- a warm radiance of blues, yellows, and scintillating hues of pales corruscating courteously down upon this wide-eyed infant. Upright and attent, legs akimbo, bathing in rapturous caresses of undulating streams of sparkling light, two tiny hands hold firm. Now with toothless miniature mouth, wee gums press upon the pleasure yielding coolness of the smooth plastic crib railing. Anon, incomprehensible voices --muffled and muddled-- ooze through thin walls to the infant's new ears. Contented within incomprehension and delighting in wonderment, an infant sighs.
18 Feb 2008
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Roxy Hart at Funny Girls Blackpool - Opening Number
25 Feb 2008
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Eros Tyrannos read by David Hart She fears him, and will always ask What fated her to choose him; She meets in his engaging mask All reason to refuse him. But what she meets and what she fears Are less than are the downward years, Drawn slowly to the foamless weirs Of age, were she to lose him. Between a blurred sagacity That once had power to sound him, And Love, that will not let him be The Judas that she found him, Her pride assuages her almost As if it were alone the cost-- He sees that he will not be lost, And waits, and looks around him. A sense of ocean and old trees Envelops and allures him; Tradition, touching all he sees, Beguiles and reassures him. And all her doubts of what he says Are dimmed by what she knows of days, Till even Prejudice delays And fades, and she secures him. The falling leaf inaugurates The reign of her confusion; The pounding wave reverberates The dirge of her illusion. And Home, where passion lived and died, Becomes a place where she can hide, While all the town and harbor side Vibrate with her seclusion. We tell you, tapping on our brows, The story as it should be, As if the story of a house Were told, or ever could be. We'll have no kindly veil between Her visions and those we have seen-- As if we guessed what hers have been, Or what they are or would be. Meanwhile we do no harm, for they That with a god have striven, Not hearing much of what we say, Take what the god has given. Though like waves breaking it may be, Or like a changed familiar tree, Or like a stairway to the sea, Where down the blind are driven. Edwin Arlington Robinson
3 Mar 2008
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Sweta helps Hart read his short poem in Nepalese
4 Mar 2008
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Pragati helps Hart read his poem in Telugu
30 Mar 2008
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C'est une poésie de David Hart. Elle contient un certain nombre de mot anglais obscur. "On Gelid Night" by David Hart On gelid night, prone amidst this small sea of faineant coverlets, A nimeity of somnolent susurrations-- Bombinate and pierce the greyblack night. Still, the foundling lies on bilious pillow A radiator's dolorous tintinnabulation Harmonizes a fan's punctilious paean. On this gelid night, A languid pillow kisses this naive cheek. Vocabulary Bilious-ill-tempered; Foundling-lost child; nimiety-excess (n); dolorous-sad; tintinnabulation-tinkling sound; susurrations(n)-whispers; faineant(adj)- idle; gelid-icy cold; bombinate-buzz or hum; punctilious-precise; paean- a song of praise
18 Apr 2008
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Ode to the Creator by David Hart Praise to you oh Lord For the sun, moon and the sky Praise to you oh Lord For the lake and forest and Birds that fly Praise to you oh Lord For the beautiful flowers And the Blessed Glen Praise to you oh lord For the courage to avoid Evil to the end.
2 May 2008
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Petit Cinema Pour Les Enfants Par David Hart les oeuvres d'arts par Hart
15 May 2008
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