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Roxy Hart at Funny Girls Blackpool - Opening Number
25 Feb 2008
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Eros Tyrannos read by David Hart She fears him, and will always ask What fated her to choose him; She meets in his engaging mask All reason to refuse him. But what she meets and what she fears Are less than are the downward years, Drawn slowly to the foamless weirs Of age, were she to lose him. Between a blurred sagacity That once had power to sound him, And Love, that will not let him be The Judas that she found him, Her pride assuages her almost As if it were alone the cost-- He sees that he will not be lost, And waits, and looks around him. A sense of ocean and old trees Envelops and allures him; Tradition, touching all he sees, Beguiles and reassures him. And all her doubts of what he says Are dimmed by what she knows of days, Till even Prejudice delays And fades, and she secures him. The falling leaf inaugurates The reign of her confusion; The pounding wave reverberates The dirge of her illusion. And Home, where passion lived and died, Becomes a place where she can hide, While all the town and harbor side Vibrate with her seclusion. We tell you, tapping on our brows, The story as it should be, As if the story of a house Were told, or ever could be. We'll have no kindly veil between Her visions and those we have seen-- As if we guessed what hers have been, Or what they are or would be. Meanwhile we do no harm, for they That with a god have striven, Not hearing much of what we say, Take what the god has given. Though like waves breaking it may be, Or like a changed familiar tree, Or like a stairway to the sea, Where down the blind are driven. Edwin Arlington Robinson
3 Mar 2008
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Sweta helps Hart read his short poem in Nepalese
4 Mar 2008
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Piano work by David Hart
28 Mar 2008
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Pragati helps Hart read his poem in Telugu
30 Mar 2008
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C'est une poésie de David Hart. Elle contient un certain nombre de mot anglais obscur. "On Gelid Night" by David Hart On gelid night, prone amidst this small sea of faineant coverlets, A nimeity of somnolent susurrations-- Bombinate and pierce the greyblack night. Still, the foundling lies on bilious pillow A radiator's dolorous tintinnabulation Harmonizes a fan's punctilious paean. On this gelid night, A languid pillow kisses this naive cheek. Vocabulary Bilious-ill-tempered; Foundling-lost child; nimiety-excess (n); dolorous-sad; tintinnabulation-tinkling sound; susurrations(n)-whispers; faineant(adj)- idle; gelid-icy cold; bombinate-buzz or hum; punctilious-precise; paean- a song of praise
18 Apr 2008
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Ode to the Creator by David Hart Praise to you oh Lord For the sun, moon and the sky Praise to you oh Lord For the lake and forest and Birds that fly Praise to you oh Lord For the beautiful flowers And the Blessed Glen Praise to you oh lord For the courage to avoid Evil to the end.
2 May 2008
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Petit Cinema Pour Les Enfants Par David Hart les oeuvres d'arts par Hart
15 May 2008
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The Chefs at the Red Hart in Blyth, Nottinghamshire, putting together some of the dishes for the recipes that they supplied to Head along to to see the recipes and around 100 more.
22 May 2008
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"The Giddy Tree" by David Hart Giddy tree, oh giddy tree You tickle my funny bones You see Your branches swirl and twirl And you look all gnarled and Ready to unfurl You creak and swing with Ease In a sweet swirling and Affectionate breeze Feisty tree, oh feisty tree Butterflies dance And fall in a frenzy At your knees Silly tree, oh silly tree Ladybugs sunbath and linger Giddy on your leaves Limber tree, oh limber tree You give and you live A delight to the Sight and always you please Dreamy tree, oh dreamy tree Love birds surround you and like adventurous ships sailing on Sprite and dazzling seas Charming tree, oh charming tree Little children squeal and tickle and swing on your arms in the breeze oh so fickle Mysterious tree, oh mysterious tree The sparrows adore you The squirrels they implore you The owls ever asking you, Who, who, who The stars with certainty Know you are no fool You are a funny and twisty and dreamy and mysterious and wonderful and charming tree, you.
23 May 2008
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Based in Las Vegas, Carey Hart started his tattoo shop, Hart and Huntington on a whim. His shop's success quickly spread and A&E created a show about him and his tattoo shop called, "Inked." Since then, Hart & Huntington has opened shop in Honolulu, Cabo San Lucas and Orlando. Prior to starting Hart & Huntington, Hart was a professional motocross rider and gained his notoriety with the sport. Over the years, he broke over 63 bones in his body with his daredevil stunts and tricks. Hart also starred in the fifth season of The Surreal Life and performed stunts for XXX and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Visit to see more from Carey Hart. Want more? Visit us at
12 Jun 2008
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Kim Hart from gives us a marketing tip. Video shot during eBay live.
14 Jul 2008
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Mike Hart talks to JOCKLIFE about what makes a party and his favorite booty bumpin’ song. O.T. are out take pieces which didn't make the actual interview piece. For full length interviews, check out
5 Aug 2008
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Luda persuades Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart, to play with Tommy Lee in this clip on Battleground Earth. Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee airs Thursdays at 8PM/7C on TLC.
15 Aug 2008
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Luda persuades Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart, to play with Tommy Lee in this clip on Battleground Earth. Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee airs Thursdays at 8PM/7C on TLC.
15 Aug 2008
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15 Aug 2008
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