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Corporate Social Responsibility News: Wal-Mart Canada's CSR Report; Harvard Business School + Accion's Strategic Program on Leadership for Microfinance Distributed by Tubemogul.
5 Dec 2009
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Download - Harvard Business Review #4 (April 2010) English | 128 pages | pdf | 53.49 Mb - From *******www.adobe4u****
14 Apr 2010
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Simon Zadek of Harvard University talks to OneClimate during The World People's Conference On Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth that took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April 2010. *******www.oneclimate****/bolivia
5 May 2010
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Simon Zadek of Harvard University talks to OneClimate during The World People's Conference On Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth that took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April 2010. *******www.oneclimate****/bolivia
6 May 2010
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Simon Zadek of Harvard University talks to OneClimate during The World People's Conference On Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth that took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April 2010. *******www.oneclimate****/bolivia
10 May 2010
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Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team (CHAT) is one of the most well respected civilian aerobatic team in North America. They bring the skills and professionalism to demonstrate formation aerobatics from a historic perspective with three authentic vintage WWII aircrafts. 2010 marks The Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team’s 10th Anniversary of performing across North America and their 6th appearance at the Canadian International Air Show.
15 Oct 2010
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Corporate Social Responsibility News: Harvard Business School Gets $50M Donation from Tata Trusts; Global Reporting Initiative Opens US Office. Visit: *******3blmedia****/3bltv for more CSRminute podcasts.
21 Oct 2010
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"The answer to 1984 is 1776" Official Contest Entry for INFOWARS.COM Witness the bizarre connections between a Harvard think tank report, September 11 and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Were the September 11 attacks and DHS planned in advance by US government insiders like Philip D. Zelikow? How will the unfolding police state affect you and your family? Why should you care? Watch this video and find the answers! (Harvard Report referenced in the video) Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy (If still available online) View at: ******* CREDITS: Alex Jones and the team at: INFOWARS.COM PRISONPLANET.COM MUSIC: "Redletter" "Decisions" "Dark Times" "Private Reflection" "Darkness is coming" "Show Your Moves" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech****) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" Slide: File:Homeland Security Council for H1N1 flu.jpg President Barack Obama and members of the Cabinet listen to assistant to the President for Homeland Security John Brennan at a Homeland Security Council meeting in Cabinet Room to discuss the H1N1 flu May 1, 2009. Date: 1 May 2009(2009-05-01) Source: ***********/photos/whitehouse/3492742558/ Author: White House (Pete Souza) / Maison Blanche (Pete Souza) This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States Federal Government under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code. Other slides taken by US Government employees in the line of duty. (Open Source - Non Copyrighted) Narration: tshirtfaction**** ©2011 tshirtfaction**** all rights reserved. Tags: infowars****, infowars, prisonplanet****, prison planet, tshirtfaction****, tshirtfaction, anti nwo, antinwo, alex jones, new world order, nwo, september 11, 9/11, 9 1 1, 911, 9 11, end the fed, big sis, v, v for victory, janet napolitano, dhs, department of homeland security, police state, terrorism industrial complex, military industrial complex, big brother, tyranny, g20, g20 protest, 9/11 truth, truth, inside job, 9/11 was an inside job, infowars contest, jesse ventura, bilderberg, end the fed, ron paul, liberty, freedom, election, anti obama, patriot act, anti bush, database, free, america, iraq, afghanistan, oil, rockefeller, rothschild, oppeheimer, shell, exxon, chase bank, bailout, bail out, economic collapse, rumsfeld, constitution, geithner, tim geithner, lobbying, lobby, september 11 video
17 Feb 2011
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Writer at Harvard explains how she uses her three virtual lines from VoX Mobile
2 Mar 2011
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Harvard Mathematician Figured How To Make Women Fall In Love.
16 Apr 2011
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Pre-register at ‪*******Kwatsi****‬ to enter the Kwatsi iPad giveaway for a chance to win one of three iPads. Whitfield Growdon, Harvard Medical School, talks about Kwatsi and the value of sharing knowledge. Whitfield Growdon MD works in Boston, MA in Massachusetts General Hospital and lectures at Harvard Medical School. His interest include: gynecologic oncology, invasive robotic assisted & laparoscopic surgical techniques, personalized therapy for gynecologic cancers, clinical trial design and translational research into rare gynaecology cancer. Kwatsi was founded in 2010, it is aimed at making knowledge social and more accessible for all. The Name Kwatsi is derived from the Ho Indian term which means "to overcome". Kwatsi will launch its website in Summer 2011 at ‪*******Kwatsi****‬ Kwatsi's mission is to make knowledge sharing rewarding and universally accessible.
6 Aug 2011
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BY VICTORIA CRAIG ANCHOR BLAKE HANSON You're watching multisource business video news analysis from Newsy. An ethics course in any business school seems like a good idea. But lying about an ethics course based on your life? That sounds like something Bernie Madoff would teach. Well funny enough… “Even a 150-year prison sentence hasn’t convinced Bernie Madoff to tell the truth. The convicted fraudster’s latest whoppers include a story that he’s working with Harvard Business School on ‘building an entrepreneurial course’ that will focus on his long-forgotten accomplishments, such as his role in paving the way for electronic market-making.” It turns out Harvard isn’t actually seeking help from Madoff… in any way. Harvard has released an official statement in response to the claim. “The entire matter is not true. The Business School is not working with Bernard Madoff on anything.” Madoff doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation- he was convicted of orchestrating the biggest Ponzi scheme history. Why would he openly lie again, but this time on something that’s so easily verified, and from a jail cell no less? Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino explains. “Bernie Madoff is on a major PR campaign. He’s using the media to do this, to change his image, basically soften it. To make it look like he was trapped into doing this...It’s more or less, he wants the world to know that he’s still important. And he makes stuff up…He thinks he’s a smart guy. And he thinks he’s still important. And that’s part of what’s going on here. Bernie Madoff is still living in a fantasy world.” The media aren’t buying any of Madoff’s stories. Instead, it seems they’re having fun with his most recent lie. New York Magazine blasts him in a recent article saying: “Wow! That’s bold of Harvard! Or it would be if it was a real story…Fantastic tales are a lot more credible when told from behind a fancy desk, aren’t they?” While it may seem crazy, this isn’t the first time Madoff let the media run wild with rumors of collaboration with college programs. The Huffington Post reminded readers of a similar lie Madoff told back in April. “Bernie Madoff really wants to get into academia…Madoff has floated the idea of professorships before telling the FT (Financial Times) in April that both Harvard and Northwestern were interested in his expertise in ethics.” So, if the media know Madoff’s reputation, why are so many networks and news outlets angling for an on-camera interview with him? Gasparino explains it’s the same allure that allowed his fraud to work for so long. “He is a real charmer, he sounds like he’s very down to earth, he sounds honest, he sounds forthright, and he sounds credible. But when you scratch the surface a little bit, it’s all bologna.” Follow Newsy on Twitter NewsyVideos for updates in your stream. Transcript by Newsy.
30 Aug 2011
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to view on your computer - *******tinyurl****/bsetaxk/?-3101-wbb to view on your cell phone - ******* - Boston University terriers vs. Harvard crimson , Women's Basketball, Schedule 2011 , Monmouth hawks vs. East Carolina pirates , New Hampshire wildcats vs. Dartmouth big-green , Binghamton bearcats vs. Cornell big-red , Lafayette leopards vs. Pennsylvania quakers , Charleston Southern buccaneers vs. Charleston cougars , Texas Southern tigers v, (1) Baylor lady-bears at 8:00 PM , Towson tigers v, (2) Connecticut huskies at 7:00 PM , UC Davis aggies v, (5) Stanford cardinal at 10:00 PM , Michigan wolverines v, (7) Maryland terrapins at 7:00 PM , Women's Basketball, Schedule Tv , Temple owls v, (12) Rutgers knights at 7:30 PM , (13) North Carolina tar-heels v, (15) Penn State lady-lions at 6:30 PM , Women's Basketball, Schedule Tv , Women's Basketball, Online Stream Now , Women's Basketball, Online Stream Now , Women's Basketball, Season Games , Women's Basketball, November 2011 , Women's Basketball, Schedule 2011 , Women's Basketball, Schedule Tv
30 Nov 2011
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to watch on yr mac or pc - *******tinyurl****/btas9o9/?-college-basketball-dec-319 to watch on yr handheld (pda) or mobile - *******tinyurl****/d52ord4/?-college-basketball-dec-319 - (21) Harvard at, Fordham 7:00 PM , Men's Basketball, Schedule Tv , Drake at, (24) Creighton 8:05 PM , Holy Cross at, Yale 7:00 PM , UMKC at, IUPUI 7:00 PM , Bucknell at, Dartmouth 7:00 PM , Longwood at, Army 7:00 PM , Maryland-Eastern Shore at, Lehigh 7:00 PM , Carver Bible College at, North Carolina A&T 7:00 PM , Oral Roberts at, Oakland 7:00 PM , South Carolina State at, South Carolina 7:00 PM , American Men's Basketball, Online Stream Now , Indiana-Northwest at, Toledo 7:00 PM , Milwaukee at, Western Michigan 7:00 PM , American Men's Basketball, Online Stream Now , American Men's Basketball, Online Stream Now , American Men's Basketball, Season Games , Men's Basketball, January 2012 , Men's Basketball, Schedule 2012 , Men's Basketball, Schedule Tv , American Men's Basketball, Online Stream Now , American Men's Basketball, Online Stream Now
3 Jan 2012
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******* Exclusive Starhawk Interview With Senior Producer Harvard Bonin Part 2
13 Apr 2012
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******* Exclusive Starhawk Interview With Senior Producer Harvard Bonin Part 1
13 Apr 2012
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