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The guys from Hahvahd do crazy things in the cah on the way to the yahd to play the bahl.
19 Jun 2012
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In today's show we talk about hot air balloon crashes, chair fights, bombermine games and everything else that mattered to me *******gamehackerz****/pockie-ninja-2-social-hack-cheat
2 Mar 2013
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3821 Harvard, Detroit MI 48224 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom Asking $49,500. Estimated repairs: $4,000. After rehab value: $135,000. *******www.MichiganInvestmentRealEstate****
5 Feb 2009
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(Episode 1) John is an 8 year old , and he's bored, so he's going to try to get a soupology scolarship to harvard! Will this little 8 year old get into an Ivy league college? Find out in this hilarious first episode of the great new miniseries, John
13 Apr 2009
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******* SAN FRANCISCO - Brightcove, the big video services company which powers the online video technology for a number of news organizations including The New York Times, the Washington Post and TIME****, sees growing opportunities in non-media customers, says Brightcove founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire at his company's networking event. Andy Plesser, Managing Editor Disclosure: Brightcove is a current sponsor of Beet.TV
23 Sep 2009
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Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team (CHAT) is one of the most well respected civilian aerobatic team in North America. They bring the skills and professionalism to demonstrate formation aerobatics from a historic perspective with three authentic vintage WWII aircrafts. 2010 marks The Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team’s 10th Anniversary of performing across North America and their 6th appearance at the Canadian International Air Show.
15 Oct 2010
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"The answer to 1984 is 1776" Official Contest Entry for INFOWARS.COM Witness the bizarre connections between a Harvard think tank report, September 11 and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Were the September 11 attacks and DHS planned in advance by US government insiders like Philip D. Zelikow? How will the unfolding police state affect you and your family? Why should you care? Watch this video and find the answers! (Harvard Report referenced in the video) Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy (If still available online) View at: ******* CREDITS: Alex Jones and the team at: INFOWARS.COM PRISONPLANET.COM MUSIC: "Redletter" "Decisions" "Dark Times" "Private Reflection" "Darkness is coming" "Show Your Moves" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech****) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" Slide: File:Homeland Security Council for H1N1 flu.jpg President Barack Obama and members of the Cabinet listen to assistant to the President for Homeland Security John Brennan at a Homeland Security Council meeting in Cabinet Room to discuss the H1N1 flu May 1, 2009. Date: 1 May 2009(2009-05-01) Source: ***********/photos/whitehouse/3492742558/ Author: White House (Pete Souza) / Maison Blanche (Pete Souza) This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States Federal Government under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code. Other slides taken by US Government employees in the line of duty. (Open Source - Non Copyrighted) Narration: tshirtfaction**** ©2011 tshirtfaction**** all rights reserved. Tags: infowars****, infowars, prisonplanet****, prison planet, tshirtfaction****, tshirtfaction, anti nwo, antinwo, alex jones, new world order, nwo, september 11, 9/11, 9 1 1, 911, 9 11, end the fed, big sis, v, v for victory, janet napolitano, dhs, department of homeland security, police state, terrorism industrial complex, military industrial complex, big brother, tyranny, g20, g20 protest, 9/11 truth, truth, inside job, 9/11 was an inside job, infowars contest, jesse ventura, bilderberg, end the fed, ron paul, liberty, freedom, election, anti obama, patriot act, anti bush, database, free, america, iraq, afghanistan, oil, rockefeller, rothschild, oppeheimer, shell, exxon, chase bank, bailout, bail out, economic collapse, rumsfeld, constitution, geithner, tim geithner, lobbying, lobby, september 11 video
17 Feb 2011
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Writer at Harvard explains how she uses her three virtual lines from VoX Mobile
2 Mar 2011
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Harvard Mathematician Figured How To Make Women Fall In Love.
16 Apr 2011
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Pre-register at ‪*******Kwatsi****‬ to enter the Kwatsi iPad giveaway for a chance to win one of three iPads. Whitfield Growdon, Harvard Medical School, talks about Kwatsi and the value of sharing knowledge. Whitfield Growdon MD works in Boston, MA in Massachusetts General Hospital and lectures at Harvard Medical School. His interest include: gynecologic oncology, invasive robotic assisted & laparoscopic surgical techniques, personalized therapy for gynecologic cancers, clinical trial design and translational research into rare gynaecology cancer. Kwatsi was founded in 2010, it is aimed at making knowledge social and more accessible for all. The Name Kwatsi is derived from the Ho Indian term which means "to overcome". Kwatsi will launch its website in Summer 2011 at ‪*******Kwatsi****‬ Kwatsi's mission is to make knowledge sharing rewarding and universally accessible.
6 Aug 2011
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Contact Sharon Gillette at 517-881-5503 - *******www.sharongillette**** - Welcome to 1404 Harvard in East Lansing This beautiful vintage home was built in 1939 and is an excellent example of what property preservation is all about. Note the gleaming hardwood floors throughout and large yet cozy rooms. The first floor is designed for living and entertaining and features a long living room with a custom fireplace, a library for quiet thoughts and reading, a central kitchen that looks out to a spectacular fenced backyard, a dining room, and half bath. Go up the beautifully finished hardwood stairs to three bedrooms, two full baths, and a quaint office that looks out over the backyard. The basement is partially finished with a family room and another wood burning fireplace. The fenced backyard features a pergola and playhouse and a 2-car garage with upstairs storage. The homeowner has invested more than $30,000 in this home in the last 6 years, including a new furnace, humidifier, and central air conditioning. Additionally new fireboxes in both fireplaces and a completely new chimney with ceramic flues have been completed. Please call listing agent for all showings.
6 Jul 2012
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Breakfast for Dinner went to Harvard and Stone and got down with some culinary mixology! We make three delicious breakfast inspired cocktails and party like it's 1929, what! Oh yeah, there's also another dubstep syrup masterpiece at the end! Follow us! twitter: breakfastfordin Facebook: facebook****/breakfast4dinner CLICK TO TWEET: Music: Theme music by AttackMode www.attackmodeLA**** Classical intro also by Attackmode original music by: DJ Shiny djshiny facebook****/djshiny other music by THE DOWNTOWN TRAIN cinematography by: Jeremy Light www.veilfilm**** twitter: veilfilm and Gigasnail youtube****/Gigasnail Edited by Michael Livingston written and directed by Michael and Raul produced by Michael Livingston, Raul Villareal
11 May 2013
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A CyberLaw class assignment in Harvard. Interview of Real Life Person by a Virtual Life Avatar based on MashUp of real life TV interviews/commentaries (of course, not on the same subject of this interview!)
9 Nov 2006
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If you want to protect yourself from catching the flu in your own home, Trane might be able to help. First-of-its-kind research on removing flu virus conducted by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, in collaboration with scientists at Environmental Health and Engineering Inc., (EH&E) shows that Trane CleanEffects, a whole-house air filtration system from Trane Air Conditioning, removes more than 99 percent of the common flu virus, or influenza A virus from the filtered air.
29 Apr 2009
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Former Secretary of the Treasury and current President of Harvard University, Lawrence Summers discusses the economy and the sale of Bear Stearns. Visit charlierose**** to see the full discussion.
18 Mar 2008
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A pulse of light injected into a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) can be slowed to a tiny fraction of the speed of light in a vacuum. In the movie, the top animation shows how the information in a pulse is compressed when it enters a BEC (contained inside the blue arc), and then returned to it's original form as it exits. In the movie, the lower animation illustrates a race between a light pulse that passes through a cigar-shaped BEC blob and a light pulse traveling in free space, demonstrating how light can be controlled with BECs. Techniques that slow light could potentially lead to devices that manipulate light in the same way that microelectronic chips and computers manipulate electrical signals and data. Light comes in units of energy called photons which have no mass, only energy and momentum. Modern physics tells us that massless particles must move at the speed c in a vacuum. It's possible to slow light down by making it interact with matter and, in a sense, converting photons to something with mass. That's one way to understand what Lene Hau and colleagues at the Rowland Institute of Science did in 1999 when they slowed light to 17 miles per hour in a Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC) made of ultracold sodium atoms. The BEC is usually opaque, but the researchers made the material transparent by exposing it to a specific arrangement of laser beams. The lasers allowed incoming photons to combine with atoms to form a hybrid particle known as a polariton. Because polaritons get mass from the atoms, they move slower than c. In a BEC, many atoms condense to form one large, super atom. The super atoms are very heavy, and so are the polaritons formed with the incoming photons, and as a result they move much slower than c. In 2001, Ron Walsworth, Mikhail Lukin and colleagues at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics formed slow moving polaritons in a vapor of rubidium atoms, in much the same way that Hau slowed light in a BEC. By turning down the lasers that made the vapor transparent, the researchers gradually reduced the portion of the polaritons that were made of photons and increased the portion made of atoms, and the light was effectively stopped and stored in the vapor. By turning the lasers back up, the researchers converted the polaritons back into photons, which then resumed their speed-of-light travel. At about the same time that this work was being done, Hau's group stopped light in a BEC. Among other things, stopping light might provide a way to store data in future optical computers, or lead to new ways to manipulate light.
26 Dec 2008
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