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******* Hashem is testing us- הקב"ה בודק אותנו פרשת בהעלותך PARSHAT BEHAALOTCHA
7 Jun 2009
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LAMB Messianic Music Baruch Hashem
16 Aug 2010
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What Went Wrong at Tziovs Hashem Show
31 Mar 2011
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those are really cool dance moves.. that guy has GR8 TALENT!
14 Jan 2007
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Antichrist Dajjal Series is one of the most important series you will ever see. Copy and share with the world asap. savetube**** will help. This is not entertainment, this is factual evidence of a worldwide conspiracy. Be diligent and aware. Because of the banning of this - some audio tracks may be different than the original. Each part will have a link to the original located on hashemsfilms**** Permalink:
23 Jul 2009
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Rebbe Levi Yitzchok Berdichiv How to call out in times of trouble and pray to Hashem some music with carlebach
21 Mar 2007
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11 Aug 2007
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the best computers in the world are made by men,but we cannot make a flie.Only God can.Baruch Hashem
9 Oct 2007
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Jews of the Kodesh L'Hashem Nigerian Hebrew Communities, including members from the following Igbo congregations: Ibo, Annang, Ogoni and Ibibio.
1 Feb 2010
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Breslov Musicical Entertainer Yosef Karduner plays 3 tunes in a small Shul in Brooklyn improvised for the first time as a trio with Yudi the drummer and another percussionist. the songs in order are; Hashem Melech, Hashivaynu Avinu, and Zeh Yoshianu. It has a unique funk to it and was uploaded as a special favor requested by boognish and Provided for by FlKoshertours**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Jan 2009
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Shloshim gathering for Eliezer Goldman Z"L tonight can only be described as both inspiring and emotional. The first speaker was Rabbi Shaul Goldman, Eliezer's brother, who spoke about uniqueness of Eliezer's wonderful and special character. How although Eliezer lived with difficulty he embraced it with love and be Misameach in his Avodas Hashem. He also mentioned that one of the last things his father was worried about before he passed away 7 years ago was " what will be with Eliezer". Next, Mr. Tzvi Willner a close friend and neighbor spoke about his personal experiences with Eliezer and shared many a wonderful story with us. He also emotionally recounted his personal experience with Eliezer just before his Petirah. Rabbi Chanan Balk, Rabbi of Golf Manor Synagogue in Cincinnati spole about his experiences with the Goldman family and Rabbi Yehoshua Goldman Z"L in particular as Eliezer always wanted to know about his father and was in the proccess of writing a booklet about his father. Lastly Harav Schwartz spoke regarding Eliezer's connection to the Community and specifically regarding that he was born on Yom Hameyuchas and encouraged the Olam to take strength from Eliezer and his Bitachon.
12 Jun 2009
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HAARP - The Ultimate Weapon Of The Conspiracy presented by Jerry E. Smith haarp project projekt tesla global warming weather chemtrails globale erwährmung wetter manipulation handy strahlung ionosphäre deutschland brd ufo kondensstreifen terror wolke wolken wolkendecke elf e.l.f. extreme low frequency mind control gedankenkontrolle gedanken kontrolle bewusstseinsmanipulation bewusstsein ozon ozonschicht co2 fckw tsunami hurrikan wirbelsturm sturm wetter terrorismus überschwemmung hochwasser hitze rekordsommer rekordwinter eiszeit terrorist gletscheschmelze gletscher schmelzen antarktis arktis alpen schnee sommer winter herbst frühling sonne wärme umwelt abgas öl rohöl euro dollar ölpreis benzin benzinpreis mk ultra terroristen STS 122 ATLANTIS LAUNCH NASA ESA Greenpeace chemie biologie labor h20 regen sturm wind langeweile appollo apollo apolo quanten physik quantum physics bleep scalar skalar wellen waves hollow earth hohle erde jan van helsing jo conrad michael moore alex jones abdullah hashem hashemsfilms michael tsarion ian xel lungold david icke walter veith treibhaus treibhauseffekt himmel orb ovni kornkreis crop circle maya calender kalender erde earth moon mond mars venus merkur uranus jupiter saturn pluto neptun nibiru planet x plantet-x marduk tiamat sumerer sumer babylon egypt ägypten gilgamesh gilgamesch epos freimaurer free masons jesuits jesuiten papst pope black mafia rosenkreuzer rosicrusian templer templar knights malta nazi baal horus isis odin edda vatican mason 666 antichrist jesus roman catholic römisch katholisch christ chritianity christentum bilderberger cfr concil foreign relations trilateral cmission komission coil summer autumn spring break enslavement versklavung fernsehen fernseher tv television gehirn brain reptilian shape shift shifter shapeshifter snow rain pollution luftverschmutzung abgase umwelt umweltverschmutzung gesundheit krankheit heiler heilung arzt vergiften vergiftung entgiften entgiftung doktor doctor heilpraktiker morgellons morgellonen sickness disease heal healing treatment attendance behandlung hypnose hypnosis chakra prana chi ki orgon light love ormus colloidal silver kollodales silber 2012 erloschen azteken aztecs pyramid pyramide evolution creation kreation fleet flotte pole shift polsprung sintflut rfid chip implant implantat veri chip verichip world war weltkrieg hitler arktis antarktis südpol southpole nordpol northpole hollow earth hohle innere erde new swabia
3 Dec 2009
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Unlocking the Dead Sea Scrolls - P2/2. Episode: 1753, Air Date: 3 July 2011. Welcome, cherished viewers, to the 2nd and final part of our program on the Dead Sea Scrolls, a famous collection of documents that were discovered in the 20th century. We will continue our visit at the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation in Jerusalem which takes care of the preservation, exhibition and publishing of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Also called the Qumran Scrolls for the name of the site near where they were found, these precious documents have even been regarded as the most important archeological finding of the 20th century. They are by far the oldest existing scrolls of biblical scriptures studied in three of the world’s major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Professor Emanuel Tov is a professor emeritus of the Bible at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and former editor-in-chief of the international Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project. Modern scholarship thinks that certain scrolls were written at Qumran and others were not written at Qumran but were imported to Qumran. I think we can know which, more or less, not exactly, which scrolls were written by the Qumran scribes. I think there was a Qumran scribal school. So the people who lived at Qumran, the so-called group or sect, they wrote all the sectarian writings as I described a little while ago, sectarian writings that depict the life of the community. But many other writings were brought to Qumran. What I depict in my mind is that the scrolls were brought there by the Qumran people as they moved out from the centers of society, say Jerusalem, and they went to the desert to live a spiritual life. So they took with them everything they owned, including scrolls. Some believe that the people who wrote the scrolls belonged to the spiritual order of the Essenes. Could this be true? Professor Tov has concluded that it is. But Ms. Pnina Shor, the curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls Project of the Israel Antiquities Authority, has a different view. In general, I can tell you that this group was ascetic. You know, they were very, very religious, and the idea of purification was very central to their way of life. Many scholars say that this group is not necessarily the Essenes, because nowhere in the scrolls is the name of the Essenes mentioned. The only name we can give this group is what they called themselves. They called themselves in the scrolls the “Community,” they called themselves the Yachad. The Yachad means the community. And this is why it’s called the Community Rule. In the caves at Qumran, ten fragmentary copies and one complete copy of the Community Rule of the Yachad group were found. The following is an excerpt from it in its English translation: “No man shall argue or quarrel with the men of perdition. He shall keep his council in secrecy in the midst of the men of deceit and admonish with knowledge, truth and righteous commandment those of chosen conduct, each according to his spiritual quality and according to the norm of time. He shall guide them with knowledge and instruct them in the mysteries of wonder and truth in the midst of the members of the community… He shall perform the will [of God] in all his deeds and in all strength as He has commanded. He shall freely delight in all that befalls him, and shall desire nothing except God's will...” The writings of the New Testament, which comprise the last part of the Christian Bible, were written at the same time that some of the Dead Sea Scrolls were written. However, the Dead Sea Scrolls do not contain any of the gospels of the New Testament and do not mention the name of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that the people who wrote the scrolls were early Christians. However, the spiritual group at Qumran and the early Christians shared some similarities. For example, one parallel to the Early Christians is that the scrolls of Qumran speak about the “Teacher of Righteousness,” a wise Master who was persecuted without real justification. They have in common that they both call their new religion “The New Covenant,” or as we say now, “The New Testament.” The New Testament is a new covenant with God that replaces the old contract with God. And also, the Qumran people, Essenes, speak about the New Covenant. They share all kinds of ideas. They share the idea of immersion in water to clean the body and the spirit, named baptism in the New Testament with a Greek word. They share the idea of common meals. They share the serving of God with prayer. They share the seeking for justice, the love for God. And we see very often the same types of phrases used in both places. The Sermon on the Mount has “the meek of spirit will come to me,” etc. There’s a section in one of the Qumran scrolls, co-called 4 Qumran 525 that is similar to the Sermon on the Mount. In Judaism, it is not allowed to erase or damage the name of God in Hebrew. Jewish people also refrain from pronouncing God’s name in Hebrew. It is treated with great reverence. Ms. Elena Libman, head of the Dead Sea Scrolls laboratory, showed us a scroll where the scribe had accidently written it. This is one part of a long scroll, psalm scroll, which is very interesting. There are two types of script here. A square type of script of the whole text, and sometimes you may see such a sort of another script, 4 letters actually. This one and this one. This is the name of God; four letters, Tetragrammaton in Greek, Yodh – He – Waw – He, four letters. It was forbidden, and it is forbidden, to pronounce the name of God, and only these four letters are Hashem (reference to God) in Hebrew. They are written in this script which is actually the script of the First Temple [period]. And this is very touching. When the man who wrote the scroll made a mistake, he simply erased it, like this one or this one, or the letter or even the whole word. But in this case, the name of God was written here by mistake but it was forbidden for him to simply remove it. That’s why he put dots above, above the letters and on the bottom. That means for us, for you and me, don’t read it. It’s a mistake. It’s very touching, isn’t it? We found in Qumran various commentaries on the books of the Bible. A special commentary is the one called Sharim Pesher [Pesharim]. And a Pesher is what we call a sectarian writing, namely, the so-called Pesher literature shows us the way the Hebrew Bible was viewed by the members of the Essene group. And they wanted to show us that basically, the Hebrew Bible shows that the views of the Essenes are correct, and that they are themselves already mentioned in the Bible, because every time the Bible speaks about the good men, it speaks about them, for example. And if the Bible speaks about the bad men, then it speaks about their enemies. The Dead Sea Scrolls give a clear picture of the spiritual values the people who wrote them, as well as their daily life and religious rituals. The group that lived at Qumran talk a lot about their cleansing themselves, their body. And it’s true that on the spot, we found an enormous water system. This is a very dry area. And the water fell only in the winter and when it fell, it fell with an enormous speed and they collected the water in several water basins. The texts speak about it, that the people who lived on the spot had to clean themselves several times a day. Really, the main things they talk about is learning the Bible, cleaning themselves and working and worshipping God. And the fact that they entered the water is not only a cleansing their body but also purifying their mind, and they appear more clean before their God. And this should be seen parallel to the baptism in the New Testament. They lived a life of austerity and poorness, and for them, to be poor was a virtue. Like in the Book of Psalms, they said the poor people are the ones who can serve the Lord. So, they had a very intellectual life of working and learning and all this is reflected in the writings that have been found near the Dead Sea. Next, Ms. Pnina Shor spoke to us about the digitalization of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the collaboration with Internet company Google to publish them online. It was suggested to us by a professor for the Weizmann Institute to use spectral imaging to monitor the well-being of the scrolls. Now, spectral imaging was first developed for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), and one of their senior physicists, whose name is Craig Berman, is our consultant today for this whole project. Once we decided to do that, we said, “Wow, if we’re going to image these scrolls, why don’t we do an overall project, whereby we’ll image all of the scrolls in the best possible resolution? In color and infrared and everything beyond infrared, which will then give us the best possible infrared images and those spectral images that we need for the monitoring?” And then we said, “Okay, why don’t we add all the transcriptions, the translations, the bibliography, everything that we know about the scrolls? And since it is all published, and since this is mutual cultural heritage, why don’t we share it with the world?” Soon, thanks to the meticulous expert endeavors, everyone will be able to view the Dead Sea Scrolls at home from one’s computer. They combine the millions of fragments to do the “ultimate puzzle” themselves! The idea is that once we complete the imaging, you’ll have everything online. As I always picture it, it's like you can sit back in your couch at home and google any Dead Sea Scroll that you would like to see. You'll be able to do the ultimate puzzle by taking the different fragments and trying to see if you don't like the reconstruction of the scholars, you can try and do it yourself. Ms. Pnina Shor shared with us one of her favorite quotes from the Dead Sea Scrolls. There's the famous Psalm, which says in Hebrew, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” In free translation, it says, “Behold, how good it is for brethren to sit together.” With these uplifting words, we conclude our program on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Our sincere thanks and best wishes, Professor Emanuel Tov, Ms. Pnina Shor and Ms. Elena Libman for introducing the work of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation in preserving, deciphering and publishing these illuminating ancient documents. Thank you, goodhearted viewers, for joining us today on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Up next is Our Noble Lineage, right after Noteworthy News. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. May peace, love and wisdom be ever present in your life. To find out more about the Dead Sea Scrolls, please visit: Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation: www.DeadSeaScrollsFoundation**** Israel Antiquities Authority: www.Antiquities****.il Prof. Emanuel Tov’s website:
27 Sep 2011
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Salah Al-Hashem Surah Qaf سورة ق - Ramadan 1427 A.H.
11 Nov 2008
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Asalamu alaykum, Beautiful Qur'an Recitation of Salah Al Hashem with English Translation - Surah Al Mulk (The Dominion) The Prophet (salalllahu 'alayhi wa salam) said, There is a surah in the Quran which is only thirty verses. It defended whoevere\recited it , until it puts him into paradise i.e.Surah al Mulk[Fath al Qadir 5/257, Sahihul Jamiea 1/680, Tabrani inAl-Awsat & Ibn Mardawaith] The Prophet (salallahu 'alayhi wa salam) said, Surah al Mulk is the protector from the torment of the grave [Sahihul Jamiea 1/680, Hakim 2/498 & Nasai Please view my sites: www.peace-of-islam.piczo**** www.fromtheheartofamuslimah.blogspot**** Jazakum Allah khyrn. I love you all for the sake of Allah swt. Wasalamu alaykum RoadToMadinah
28 Mar 2010
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The Antichrist Dajjal Series is one of the most important series you will ever see. Copy and share this video with the world asap. savetube**** will help. This is not entertainment, this is factual evidence of a worldwide conspiracy. Pay attention as much as you can. Because of the banning of this - some audio tracks may be different than the original. There is no more links to the original as the hashemsfilms site has been taken down. Go with God hashem. Link to Original Audio and Video File: *******www.metacafe****/watch/2400612/the_antichrist_dajjal_will_be_a_reptilian_shapeshifter_pt_3/ or *******youtube****/watch?v=ZalL_88PkJI Go with god everyone. obama facebook att iphone youtube fox news palin beijing 2008 david cook surf the channel sarah palin american idol mccain olympics ike (hurricane) miley cyrus joker breaking dawn twilight lora leigh vampire kisses new moon you what thank you please lovefinancial crisis depression bailout mortgage crisis wall street oil stock market subprime credit crisis housing crisis heath ledger bernie mac tim russert isaac hayes george carlin brad renfro randy pausch paul newman boyd coddington michael crichton who is obama who is mccain who is palin who is lil wayne who is miley cyrus who is dolla who is jonas brothers who is chris brown who is biden who is martin luther what is love what is life what is java what is sap what is rss what is scientology what is autism what is lupus what is 3g what is art how to draw how to kiss how to write how to cook how to tie how to hack how to run how to cite how to paint how to spell fox cnn abc cbs msnbc drudge report new york times snl huffington post wall street journal joe the plumber jeremiah wright maverick william ayers bridge to nowhere lipstick pig yes we can that one rashid khalidi hockey mom facebook myspace hi5 orkut linkedin nasza klasa netlog mixi meetup odnoklassniki martini mojito margarita manhattan cosmopolitan sangria bellini mai tai white russian bloody mary ice cream chili spaghetti meatloaf fried chicken chicken soup apple pie pot pie potato salad macaroni and cheese diy wedding diy tv diy solar diy tile diy audio diy home diy halloween diy electric diy concrete diy car hugh hefner holly madison danity kane jennifer aniston john mayer taylor swift joe jonas jessica simpson tony romo nick jonas george clooney sarah larson sarah silverman jimmy kimmel deanna pappas jesse csincsak heath ledger michelle williams american idol lost snl the office family guy heroes oprah one tree hill csi big brother dancing with the stars so you think you can dance the hills biggest loser americas next top model project runway real world girls next door dark knight iron man hulk star wars indiana jones twilight spiderman superman terminator harry potter with you chris brown my life lil wayne love song sara bareilles lollipop lil wayne low flo rida t-pain paper planes m.i.a. bleeding love leona lewis tonight jonas brothers forever chris brown viva la vida coldplay hannah montana kenny chesney carrie underwood radiohead madonna eagles rascal flatts
13 Oct 2010
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