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READ THIS FIRST: Angry kid remix music- DJ Rankin: Cotton Eyed Kickin Joe p.s if anybody sends my anymore hate mail then i WILL report you!!!
2 Nov 2008
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A local Nazi (played by a fan of The Brandon Show) visits The Brandon Show to read a very long message of hate about the show. Mispronunciations and shouting follow.
31 May 2006
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The 'Lunch Time' sketch from Ranting and Raving Productions. Chris is hungry and asks Jenny (His laptop) about what he should have. I am not saying the song is my own or that peanut butter jelly time is a completely original concept, this is my own spin on it with original video. Enjoy and rate, comment and subscribe! Any fan-mail, hate-mail or suggestions, please e-mail: rantingandravinghotmail******
26 Mar 2009
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*******pop17**** Magibon makes videos as a vlogger on YouTube and is one of the most popular. She gets too much hate mail and comments and I think her website isn't made by her, but I am not sure. She is almost as popular as storm troopers!
3 Dec 2008
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Sorry Fans, Blame My A.D.D. Written and Performed by Ryan Higa LYRICS: As time goes by, I learned that myspace is a great responsibility. And I realize all the things I haven't done affect all the people around me. So I wanted to take this time out and apologize for things I haven't done and things that didn't occur yet. And things I don't want to take responsibility for. Verse 1 I'm sorry that my friend request have grown Takes about an hour to approve em alone I'm sorry for the times that I had to go You were online and I did not know That you were at home just waiting for me To respond to every message and comment I see I'm sorry for the times I would neglect I'm sorry for the times that I did not check I'm sorry for the things I haven't done I'm a ninja, gangstah, emo, nerd, asian I'm sorry that I'm busy and always away I got a lot to do, what more can I say Cuz I'm doing homework like everyday I'm sorry that I had to write that fricken essay I know I didn't take all your request Like how to be gay or how to be a prep Bridge I understand that you get pissed off And its not your fault, I know All the hate mail I get from you Just because I respond too slow I should apologize for singing this song It sucks and makes a fool out of me I would respond to you right now But I'd forget cuz my A.D.D. Chorus You can blame my A.D.D. For me being so busy Its not that I am lazy Its just cuz my A.D.D. Said you can blame my A.D.D. For me being so busy Its not that I am lazy Its just cuz my A.D.D. Based on the original song: Akon - I'm Sorry, Put the Blame On Me
28 Nov 2008
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*******www.natekizerian**** *******www.myspace****/natekizerian *******www.myspace****/funkfu *******www.myspace****/flightoftheele... Just messing on my bass.Doing a little bass tapping on my seven string.This is a fun song to play.I'm working on the entire thing,so I will post it when I am finished... But for now I give you the short & sloppy version :) Yes I know that I hit a wrong note:) I'm not Jewish I'm Armenian to avoid any confusion.I like to play every style of music under the sun.From any & every culture.From spanish to middle eastern.I Love Armenian music,African and Latin hand drums.I try to keep an open mind & not leave anything out. For those of you that want to bash me for playing this.Whatever... I don't know why the world has to fight like little children in a sandbox. You would think that the Jewish people & the Armenian's could relate to one another.Considering that we have all been victims of genocide. I never thought that my own people would send me hate mail for playing a song. Free your mind & your ass will fallow!!! ~Coexist~ Category: Mu
23 Sep 2009
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I want the world to really get to know me, so I answered 5 questions that ppl ask me the most. Yes, even the ones from the haters. I really want to thank all you guys for voting for me, and taking me this far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and praying for a miracle. You never know!! Thanks again.
19 Jun 2007
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*******charlestonwellnesschiropracticcenter**** This is the rebuttal to a recent hate letter. Watch and see if you agree. Dr Joe Markovich, the Anti Aging Dr, is a wellness specialist in Mount Pleasant Charleston SC 29466. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Jun 2010
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Episode 10 of Ranting and Raving with part 2 of my slasher film review special with a review of the Wes Craven movie Scream. Be sure to come back next week for the final part of the special. Rate, comment and subscribe :D All hate-mail, fan-mail and suggestions can go to: rantingandravinghotmail******
30 Mar 2009
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Paul causes a bit of a stir with regard to a sensitive feminine grooming issue, thus causing a raft of hate mail.
30 Mar 2009
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*******www.jomadeals**** Michele CSX Mini Diamond Ladies Watch Red MWW03F000033, Blue MWW03F000049, Pink MWW03F000034. A fun yet glamorous lady’s watch from Michele’s original CSX Diamond line. This deal of the day is $479 (66% off the $1,420 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). November 11, 2009. Today’s Deal of the Day is a dainty, elegant diamond encrusted watch from Michele. And today is one of those lucky days where we’re giving you three choices instead of just the one. It’s fun yet glamorous, like Paris Hilton minus the sex tape (or the annoyingly trivial feuds between her and Nicole Richie). Now that we’re on the subject, allow me to address some of the complaints we’ve been getting (yes, complaints. About US! I know, it’s a shock to me, too, but I guess we’ll just never be good enough for some people. It’s like my childhood all over again…) that we don’t do enough ladies watches. Well, I hope this is a step in the right direction. This Michele CSX Diamond watch is a true classic. It’s the very first watch model that Michele ever made, and it has since become a best seller and an industry icon (add that to the list of icons behind the Statue of Liberty and the Star Wars Kid from youtube). It’s a fun watch that’s also high quality, so you can have an everyday watch that doesn’t make you look like a hobo (or the female equivalent word for hobo, like hobette? No, that sounds too much like Hobbit. How about Hoba? That could work…) So hopefully giving you a classic, quality female watch with a choice of 3 band styles will abate the flow of hate mail to my inbox (and the angry phone calls to my home at 2am asking for more women’s watches. Please stop. Message received, Captain Annoying). And as always, if you get this watch and anything goes wrong, the JomaDeals 2-year warranty will make sure it gets fixed and back to normal. So buy today and love our women’s watches so you can get back to criticizing my grammar and typos like usual (Sorry if I sounded bitter just now. I just needed to get that off my chest…I feel better now, thank you). Jomadeals**** does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order. SPECIFICATIONS Brand: Michele Model: MWW03F000033, MWW03F000034, MWW03F000049 Gender: Ladies Manufacturer Item: MWW03F0000 Movement: Quartz Case Material: Stainless Steel Case Dimensions: 26.5mm wide X 23mm long (30mm wide with lugs) Case Shape: Oval Case Thickness: 6.5mm Bezel Material: Stainless Steel set with diamonds Dial Color: Mother of Pearl Dial Markers: Blue Arabic numerals Dial Type: Analog Hands: Blue Collection: CSX Band Color: Pink, Red, or Light Blue Band Material: Leather Band Type: Women’s Band Width: 11mm Crystal: Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Clasp Type: Pin Buckle Power: Battery Water Resistance: 50m (165ft) Misc Information: Seconds subdial Warranty: JomaDeals 2-year ABOUT BRAND Their history begins in Belgium in the 1940's. Jack Barouh took the lesson that his father taught him to heart: watch-making is, at its heart, about patience and dedication to quality. This philosophy has informed the creation of Michele timepieces for three generations, and will continue to mark the brand’s legacy for years to come. The CSX Diamond, the very first Michele watch, has become an industry icon, and remains a high water mark of style, grace and sophistication.
21 Jan 2011
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It doesn't sound like Robert Pattinson is too hated at the premiere of his new movie, Water for Elephants, in New York City. But Pattinson tells The Mirror that before his role as Edward Cullen, he received hate mail because fans of the Twilight novels didn't want him as the iconic vampire.
18 Apr 2011
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