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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - Peace Walker Gameplay trailer
21 Jun 2011
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Silent Hill HD Collection Developer Demo
5 Jan 2012
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Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection - Release trailer
14 Mar 2012
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The E3 trailer for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS Vita
6 Jun 2012
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******* E3 2012: Zone Of The Enders HD Collection
23 Jun 2012
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Devil May Cry HD Collection review. Classic Game Room reviews the DEVIL MAY CRY HD COLLECTION for PlayStation 3 PS (also available for Xbox 360) from Capcom that contains remastered widescreen HD versions of 2001's Devil May Cry, 2003's Devil May Cry 2 and 2005's Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition.
24 Jun 2012
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God of War and inFamous HD Collections, a new Prince of Persia, and possibly the Source Engine 2 on the way today on Hard News.
14 Aug 2012
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Devil May Cry: HD Collection review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of the Devil May Cry: HD Collection for the Xbox 360. Released a few months ago, these three games were all published by Capcom. This is the Devil May Cry you remember, but it has a coat of HD paint. That's both good and bad, because although the gameplay and tone of the games remain intact, so does the terrible camera. Still, this is a good buy for fans of the first three games, or for those looking to catch up before the rebooted series starts in 2013. This video review features video gameplay footage of the Devil May Cry: HD Collection and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Gabe.
18 Sep 2012
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Zone of the Enders HD Collection review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Take your Jehuty and shop CGR! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room reviews ZONE OF THE ENDERS HD COLLECTION for PlayStation 3 PS3 (also available for Xbox 360 and Vita) which contains Zone of the Enders (2001) and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (2003) with enhanced, remastered HD visuals and a rockin' new 5.1 surround sound audio mix. Collection also includes the Metal Gear Solid Rising demo, but I'm here for robot on robot action baby! Gorgeous visuals and an excellent audio mix with some new animations make this a must have collection for Zone of the Enders fans. If you've never played the original PlayStation 2 releases from Konami by Hideo Kojima then now's the time! Strap yourself into the Jehuty and kick some ass with full widescreen HD visuals and nonstop action. CGR Zone of the Enders video review has gameplay from the PS3 version of Zone of the Enders HD Collection from Konami.
28 Nov 2012
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All three Jak and Daxter games have been given an HD makeover in the form of The Jak and Daxter Trilogy. Here's the first 10 minutes of the first game in the series
26 Feb 2012
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I suspect this opening will be hilariously confusing for anyone who hasn't actually played the games.
8 Jun 2012
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Will Raiden be less annoying in the remastered version?
8 Jun 2012
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