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How to make your own rough and ready headcam/helmet cam for shooting videos at work. I neglected to mention one important thing in the video. Look closely at the slot that I made in the hard hat. Near the front, I made a notch on both sides, about a half inch long from front to back, and just a teeny bit wider than the camera mounting plate. This is needed in order to be able to slide the plate into the slot in the hard hat. IMPORTANT NOTE: I've just been informed by the Thought Police (ie: my wife) that I should not have used the words 'quick and dirty' as part of the title, as it doesn't sound good. Not too sure just why, but maybe the word 'dirty' sounds dirty. But what do you expect from a guy that digs in the dirt all day and then drives a garbage truck on the weekends? ...or maybe it's the word 'head'... don't know... maybe she thinks that 'head cam' sounds like 'head' cam, or maybe it's all the words together 'quick and dirty head',(though one would think that it might be a bit strange using a hard hat for that purpose, though I would suggest it be properly coordinated with a high vis vest). So I hereby am instituting a new policy. From now on, you will be required to ignore the words 'quick and dirty' and 'head' in the title (Sorry, but I'm just not into retitling the vid just now). Instead, you must now refer to the video as the 'FAST, SIMPLE, BUT A BIT UNCLEAN NOGGIN CAM' video. Sorry folks, but rules are rules! One last thing: If you do end up trying to make a noggin cam as per this video, I'd be very much interested to hear about it. And of course your comments are heartily invited.
18 Mar 2007
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NFFB cead cam of Box Car rapid
2 Apr 2009
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*******PointofViewCameras****. Testing the GoPro HD high definition helmet cam while backcountry skiing near Highwood Pass, Kananaskis. It's the highest point in Canada (2206 m / 7236), which may be reached by paved highway. We skied here on Nov 29th which is the last weekend before the highway closes for the weekend. For this test I used the GoPro Head mount accessory since I was not wearing a helmet. Helmet would provided for a more stable mounting platform. I chose to shoot the video in 960p (1280x960, 4:3) resolution to get the extra vertical height, which makes the video more stable. Next time I'll wait for some better weather. Hope you like it :-) Mike
4 Dec 2009
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Neil Amonson, one of GoPro's more nutball athletes, takes a swan dive in Norway. Learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera at *******gopro****.<br><br />
5 Apr 2012
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In case you missed the broadcast, check out Winter X Gold Medalist Tom Wallisch's in-camera narration during Slopstyle course preview from Winter X Games 2012.<br><br /> For more Winter X Games '12 Aspen info visit *******www.xgames****<br><br /> Music courtesy of ESPN.<br><br />
8 Apr 2012
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Just fooling around playing some paintball. If you like this video check out my other videos.
11 Apr 2007
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This is a unique view of Team Penning - From the Riders Point of View. Very small and capable of being mounted anywhere ont he rider, the horse or the beast. Available for hire
18 Apr 2009
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Bus-Hop Hero: headcam view of freestyle jumps from building to buses!
4 Jul 2009
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*******www.yardbarker****/skiing/articles/Free_skiing_at_Mammoth_Mountain_California/382036 Errol Kerr free skis Mammoth Mountain with a head-cam.
26 Nov 2008
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A few bumps here and there.Year around riding for the most part.There is lots of traffic on weekends. So Getup early and have one of the Best rides in mid New Mexico! The sound on the video is not too good,but it was the first time out with a head cam.I'll figure it out,I hope.The headers on the V-strom sound like an hopped up 350 chevy when its cranked up.I wish the sound was better. Oh -it would be great if we had more than 100mb of video?? hard to get a feel for it? hey- Thanks Paul
29 Jul 2009
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Basejump with JT Holmes in South Africa, and see the views from his head cam, his jump buddy Espen and the HeliCam. Watch films, interviews and find gear and instructors near you too.
19 Apr 2013
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Dan Oliver
30 Jul 2009
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LG Motorsports G5X3 cam on a 114 lsa TRICKFLOW Heads cnc, milled to 60cc, Dual springs, Titanium retainers HARLAND SHARP rockers FAST intake 90mm Ls2 throttle body 30# SVO injectors ABEAR Polished aluminum valve covers LG PRO headers w/ O/R mid-pipe SLP LoudMouth Catback ASP under drive pulley HALLTECH air intake 160 degree thermostat Taylor plug wire NGK plugs Ported oil pump Ported throttle body Double roller timing chain HP Tuner Custom dyno tuning 455rwhp 422rwtq
30 Oct 2009
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This is the third run between a turbo LS1 Camaro and a Heads/QM600 Cam C6 Z06. The start was even, and the result was almost too close to call.
28 Apr 2012
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Felix Baumgartner - Red Bull Stratos Freefall
20 Oct 2012
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Head For heights arboriculture worker Steve Newman doing some light pruning on a verigated maple by removing the reverted leaves a little bit of thinning and raising the crown 3% filmed by GoPro Hero 3 Black addition using Petzle harness and wire core flip line, and a Stihl ms200t
30 Jan 2014
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