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Eminem - In Your Head (Legendado-PT/BR)
23 Dec 2017
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Nurses struck off after squashing newborn baby, head and laughing
7 Jan 2018
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These dudes went out of their mind in a party with horse face mask but that's not all, there was a huge surprise waiting for them.
29 Dec 2017
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I went down to Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota to marvel at the sea smoke in the below zero temps. When I was driving out of the parking lot, noticed that the Aerial Bridge was going up and made a u-turn and saw the marvelous Presque Isle, a 1,000 foot laker, heading into the harbor. The almost full moon was rising, the sun was setting, the lake was ice covered — with even a heart shape on the side! Crew was happy, mini die hard crowd was happy and it was the most magical New Years Eve moment I’ve ever seen in my 33 years living in Duluth!
2 Jan 2018
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LeBron James HARD ELBOW To Dwyane Wade Head During Dunk Attempt
3 Jan 2018
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2017 will go down as the year when members of the hip hop culture stepped up in a really big way to help with the needs of the world. Dez Discussions has created a list to honor and celebrate these men and women.
30 Dec 2017
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6 Jan 2018
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St. Maarten is the name of this airplane landing in a slow motion here. See the reaction people are giving when its landing crossing the people few foots over their head.
21 Dec 2017
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I know this sentence is a paradox in itself but with friends like these, you have always got to be prepared for the unexpected like a head shot perhaps.
12 Jan 2018
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You might have seen many people stretch their legs but the way this gymnast does it will make your eyes totally pop out from your head.
18 Jan 2018
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Eminem - Believe (Legendado-PT-BR)
30 Dec 2017
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Mental math is the ability to do mathematical calculations exclusively in one’s mind. With this ability, your child is able to do day-to-day computations in their head without ever needing a pencil, paper, calculator or any other form of help. Using various arithmetic techniques and practicing them in the mental space, your child is able to perform calculations within seconds that even adults would need much more time for. However, developing these skills in a child requires serious efforts. At Tinker Thinkers, we train children to do such calculations using visual learning. We do this by using an ingenious invention called a Soroban.
21 Dec 2017
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