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Lifehacks Compilation - Lifehacks from around the InterWebs brought to you in a compilation of DIY, protips, and timesavers. Pick up some new tricks and tips when it comes to cooking, emergency survival, cleaning, and more. Enjoy these lifehacks, pro tips, and repurpose ideas. No I do not recommend to repeat all the action, as shown In this video, this video was created exclusively for educational or documentary purposes, to let you know the result and have tried not to repeat what he saw everything !! instagram/4letsbefriends #4letsbefriends #Lifehacks #Halloween #EXPLOSION #Chemical #Stupidaccidents #Accidents #Fire #Discovery #Science #Google #YouTube #MetaCaFe #DailyMotion 4letsbefriends Lifehacks Halloween EXPLOSION Chemical Stupidaccidents Accidents Fire Discovery Science Google YouTube MetaCaFe DailyMotion Head In A Jar - HALLOWEEN PRANKS - Lifehacks compilation
25 Apr 2017
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The depiction of Russian mentality towards the gay community. Inspired by Warhol's blowjob, Head Out shows what's out of the original frame.
3 May 2017
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Doug "WCGRider" Polk vs Wayne "D22-soso" Chiang $10/$25 Heads Up No Limit Holdem
21 May 2017
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Massive Head Cyst Popped For Your Pleasure
23 May 2017
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A group of hunters found this bear that got stuck in a barrel and then they help the bear get free. It was indeed a good deed.
24 Apr 2017
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26 Apr 2017
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Organizing team building Sydney events will be extra helpful if you want your team to bridge gaps and become more productive. Deadlines keeps us alert to do the tasks in urgency. Team building in Sydney is giving us these helpful tips for the team to beat deadlines.
26 Apr 2017
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Machine main function and characteristic l. Winding tooling: each machine has one set winding tooling and three vertical winding forms. 2. The whole set of tooling can be changed, and it takes about 15min. 3. The turntable is two stations structure. It adopts servo system to rotate and index transfer form. 4. Allow three wires winding simultaneously. 5. Main spindle is controlled by servo motor. The coil turn number accuracy is ±1 turn. 6. The working rotation speed can be set. Machine has no distinct vibration and noise.
7 May 2017
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The seal wants to be little extra friendly. She jumped on the sea diver and started checking his headgear.
21 May 2017
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The Wonder Pets travel to Hawaii to save a baby dolphin caught in a fishing net. / The Wonder Pets rig their Flyboat for space travel and head for the stars to rescue a baby chimp.
26 Apr 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped glands throughout the body. They are part of the lymph system, which carries fluid lymph fluid, nutrients, and waste material between the body tissues and the bloodstream. The lymph system is an important part of the immune system, the body's defense system against disease. The lymph nodes filter lymph fluid as it flows through them, trapping bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances, which are then destroyed by special white blood cells called lymphocytes. Lymph nodes may be found singly or in groups. And they may be as small as the head of a pin or as large as an olive. Groups of lymph nodes can be felt in the neck, groin, and underarms. Lymph nodes generally are not tender or painful. Most lymph nodes in the body cannot be felt. Our bodies have a network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. Lymph is pronounced limf. This network is a part of the body’s immune system. It collects fluid, waste material, and other things like viruses and bacteria) that are in the body tissues, outside the bloodstream. Lymph vessels are a lot like the veins that collect and carry blood through the body. But instead of carrying blood, these vessels carry the clear watery fluid called lymph. Lymph fluid flows out from capillary walls to bathe the body’s tissue cells. It carries oxygen and other nutrients to the cells, and carries away waste products like carbon dioxide CO2 that flow out of the cells. Lymph fluid also contains white blood cells, which help fight infections. Lymph fluid would build up and cause swelling if it were not drained in some way. That’s the role of the lymph vessels. Lymph vessels draw up the lymph fluid from around the cells to send it towards the chest. There, lymph fluid collects into a large vessel that drains into a blood vessel near the heart.
28 Apr 2017
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It is always a dangerous game for DJ’s. If a beat drops, then the crowd can drop numerous things right on DJ’s head.
29 Apr 2017
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This machine has two winding heads with four working station. The main phase and auxiliary phase can be wound simultaneously. It is suitbale for high production capacity, high slot filling rate, small slot opening stator coil winding. Different winding mode can be selected in the touch screen, like auto skip, auto cutting and auto indexing. Other parameter also can be set in the touch screen, like continuous/discontinuour winding method.
2 May 2017
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High efficiency is its feature, with four winding heads and eight operation stations. The machine automatically put the coil into transfer former orderly, especially suitable for high production capacity requirement, high slot filling rate, small slot opening stator coil winding. Winding mode, such as auto skip, auto cutting and auto indexing could be completed at a time successively, parameter could be set in human-machine interface. Continuous/discontinues winding way and meets the 2 poles. 4 poles, 6 poles coils winding.
2 May 2017
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15. The Cave Shower Whoever builds a cave inside of their bathroom must be pretty obsessed with caves, to begin with or at least wants to know what a caveperson lived like. It’s cool but how do you even ask your contractor you want this? 14. The Nature Shower As far as showers go, the person who made this one seems to be a little on the extra side. The designer clearly thought something was missing and decided to add more rocks. At least it’s spacious. 13. The Horizontal Shower Lazy people unite! This design caters to those of you who sit either on the shower floor or a shower bench. This allows you to lie down as you get clean but just don’t fall asleep. 12. The Circular Shower This makes taking a shower after getting in the pool something to look forward to. Just look at that futuristic design that’s also so elegant simplistic. Your boring shower has got nothing on this. 11. The Viteo Garden Shower For those people that tire of showering in regular bathrooms, this shower will make you feel like a kid again. The water shoots straight up, unlike traditional showers, and can be yours for $930. 10. The Pocket Shower Invest in one of these mini showers to take with you on the go. Of course, these aren’t for everyday recreational use, but if you’re out camping in the middle of nowhere or at a festival it might be worth it. 9. The Multi-Color Shower If you don’t feel like splurging on a whole new shower design but still want to spruce it up, try getting one of these shower heads. Showering in the dark just became a thing. 8. The Temperature Sensitive Shower If a multi-color changing shower head just isn’t doing it for you then you might want to try installing these temperature sensitive tiles. You can get that psychedelic feeling for about $300 per square foot. 7. The Deer Stag Shower If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it would feel like to have a deer throw up on you then this is for you. The deer shower head was presented at the 2010 Milan Desig
5 May 2017
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February 24 -- There are more than one billion cars on the road worldwide today, and only one tenth of one percent of them have a plug. OPEC contends that even in the year 2040, EVs will make up just one percent. But don't be so sure. By 2020, some electric cars and SUVs will be faster, safer, cheaper, and more convenient than their gasoline counterparts. What if people just stop buying oil? In the first episode of our animated series, Sooner Than You Think, Bloomberg's Tom Randall does the math on when oil markets might be headed for the big crash.
6 May 2017
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