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Heather's doctor sent her home with a grim report and a bottle of anti-inflammatories. But after God's healing intervention, Heather now runs marathons. The Christian Broadcasting Network. To see more from The 700 Club, go to ***********
1 Aug 2008
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Gossip Girls daily celebrity gossip update. TomKat's (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) Big Apple Date, Britney Spears From LA to NYC, Hilary Duff Turns 21, Heather Locklear Gets Locked Up, Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson Ready to Travel
29 Apr 2009
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Heather Heaviland's Testimonial on Richter Studios, Chicago's video production, interactive CD-DVD, web site development and presentation services company. *******www.richterstudios****
5 Oct 2008
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Divorce Attorney Vikki Ziegler talks about the Paul McCartney and Heather Mills divorce on the Neil Cavuto Show.
19 Sep 2009
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Fine homes in Yardley PA call for Heather Jackman of Coldwell Baker Hearthside. Bucks County's premiere realtor
22 Nov 2008
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Hit TV show finalist Heather Hansen of show, the Biggest Loser is now reviving her fame with a new weight loss line. A revolutionary answer to help with portion control. Conquer the pitfalls of being a compulsive eater !!! Works 100% for 100% of users.
6 Dec 2008
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Heather Chadwell * Bobby Trendy * Childrens Hospital Charity
18 Dec 2008
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© 2006 Cindy D Martin NEW! Heather's brother is back in the USA!!! The Martin family would like to thank all who voted for Heather's video in the YouTube Awards! Also thank you for all of the prayers and kind remarks. This song is not meant to make a political statement of any kind. It's simply about a family that is missing a brother. The young man who joined the army did so of his own free will. He was 20 years old and his parents played no part in his decision to serve his country. They are proud to have such a brave son. I am only the best friend (for 34 years) of the mother, Cindy. It is my honor to post this video on YouTube. All of the wonderful messages that I have received are being forwarded to Heather and her mother. Heather loves to sing. Since she was small she has always tried to get to the microphone first at church so she could sing. She always loved karaoke and would beg for the mic. She still loves singing more than just about anything. Heather loves her brother and misses him. She has many memories of him. He comes home every chance he gets and will probably get to come home for a short time in February or March. Before I truned on the camera Heather was really acting silly and laughing. What many of you have said looks like crying at the first is just Heather rubbing her eyes like any 6 year old might do. end edit 6 year old Heather Martin sings a song that her mother wrote for her Brother Shaun who is serving in Iraq. The song is written from Heather's point of view. Lyrics When Are You Coming Home copyright © 2006 Cindy D Martin You were almost sixteen when I came into the world. Mom and Dad had you first then 3 more boys I'm the baby girl. I sure have a lot to look up to in you, you're really smart and funny with a big heart too. After one year of college you knew what you had to do. It's just like you wanting to help with the war. So you joined the army when I was only 4. This time of year we talk of big plans but you're over seas in some distant land. You can't be here for Christmas, I don't understand. Chorus: When are you coming home, Shaun? When are you coming home?! We lit up the house like we always do but it doesn't seem bright 'cause we can't have you. In my prayers I ask God to keep you safe. And I'm trying to be really brave. Tell me that the fighting's through. Come home! I really miss you. It's hard to enjoy the holidays without you. But we're so proud of you and all the red white and blue. Remember that Jesus is your best friend, And someday our families will be together again. Wow! You know we'll have a great big party then. Chorus I want to show you how tall I've grown and introduce you to my new friends at school. Maybe we could go and get some ice cream together but I really don't care what we do. Chorus
7 Feb 2009
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It's all Scotland this episode - from a nice, smoooooth Scottish Ale to a Heather Ale - perhaps the oldest beer recipe still in use, over 4000 years old! We talk about Scottish beer ratings in "shillings" - an outdated but still used beer measurement, and then all about the Gaelic tradition of Fraoch - or spiced "Heather" beers.
5 Feb 2009
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Actor and Planned Parenthood Federation of America Board of Advocates member Heather Tom explains why she loves Planned Parenthood at the Planned Parenthood inaugural brunch in Washington, DC, January 19, 2009.
11 Feb 2009
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The Arhka Chronicles is a multi-book series that centers on Stephanie, a 16-year-old girl gamer accidentally transported to the complex world of Arhka. There she faces issues involving family, loyalty, identity, and finding her inner power. To Save the World by Heather Hayashi Book Trailer Find out more here *******www.arhka**** Genre(s) of this book SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY
16 Feb 2009
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*******www.therenegadehealthshow**** - We're in the Kale Whale command center here in Anaheim, CA... Heather, our amazing team member, is here with us to help gear up for the Expo West. It's going to be a lot of fun! Please, if you're out here, come to the Expo West and meet up with us :-) (Or maybe we'll see you at Au Lac!) Anyway, we first met her when she was working with our local organic food store. She would always prepare these awesome raw soups and meals in the deli and then pass them along to us to try. Today, she shares one of her favorites...
5 Mar 2009
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See how easy and pain free getting acupuncture is. Acupuncture facelifts are safer, less expensive, and have more natural looking results than most Western options. Celebrity acupuncturist Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac. demonstrates her technique and explains how it works. She is a regular guest on KTLA Morning News, a speaker at local Whole Foods, and a published author. For more information on how Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac. can help you with improving your appearance and many more health concerns, please visit: www.breathebalance****
21 Mar 2009
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Seasoned barista Heather Perry teaches the average Joe and Jane how to make a homemade lattes for as little as $0.35 a cup. An average 12 oz. cup of latte can have as much as 1/3 of the daily recommended calcium intake, making it not only a delicious treat, but also good for you.
26 Mar 2009
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Real Estate Investment Software Heather O'Brien May 2-3, 2009 in Tempe, Arizona Automation Tools & Tactics for Real Estate Investors! Plus Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing. *******www.mypropfolio****/events.asp
22 Apr 2009
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Fabricio Cruz receiving some kind words from Heather Ann Havenwood. More info at www.retirewithfabricio**** - now!
22 Apr 2009
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