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13 Jun 2011
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The clip punishment washing dishes from Problem Child (1990) with Helena Humann, Michael Oliver Today's my birthday. Look what they gave me. Junior! Junior! What is taking you so long? We start serving dinner in 20 minutes. I only got two hands. I want these pots so shiny I can see my face in them! This one kind of looks like you. All right, now you're gonna pay for it. Junior! Yikes! A penguin in a pot! Help! I wonder if they want me to do the floorl Junior!
14 Nov 2011
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The clip arguing in office about junior's future from Problem Child (1990) with Gilbert Gottfried, Helena Humann Will you all please quiet down? Be quiet! Ladies, please, can you please quiet down? Can you quiet down? Can you act like nuns?! OK. Now, there's absolutely no proof that Junior was in any way connected with today's tragedy. Who needs proof? He's evil! Look what he did in art class! Skeletons! Headless corpses. Monsters devouring human flesh. All right, look! I don't claim to be some kind of brilliant psychologist. I'm not. All I'm saying is maybe all the child needs is to be loved. Let's cut the crap, Mr Peabody! Either Junior goes or you find yourself some new nuns. No, no, please, don't hyperventilate. Just take a deep breath and relax. The only way we can straighten this out is by hearing what Junior has to say. I'm sorry, sisters. Please, please don't make me lift those heavy stones and please don't make me scrub those dirty toilets. I just want to be a good boy. I promise! You see that? He said he's sorry. Please, give me another chance. I just want to learn my lessons and do my studies. So I can be smart and become a priest! There! You see that? A priest! A priest! It's like a nun with a jacket. It's a boy nun! He wants to be a boy nun. Let me tell you something. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes. And there is a big man! It is in the opinion of myself and my agency of which I represent that Junior will not be removed from this orphanage. Removed? What do you mean, removed?
14 Nov 2011
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