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All the things you can craft in Minecraft which weren't in the old Minecraft Crafting video. Any questions? Ask in comments, we usually answer all of them. First Crafting Video: ***********/watch?v=4LBTs6U3T5A Third Crafting Video: ***********/watch?v=PDIJRGmAYGs Twitter: *******twitter****/organicgamesyt 0:04 = Glowstone (Lightstone) 0:14 = Jack O Lantern 0:26 = Watch 0:31 = Fishing Rod 0:43 = Storage Minecart 0:54 = Powered Minecart 1:05 = Portal to the Nether 1:23 = Glowstone Picture 1:28 = Netherrack (Netherstone/Hellstone/Bloodstone) Picture 1:33 = Soul Sand Picture 1:38 = Zombie Pigman 1:44 = Ghast
26 Oct 2011
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Stream : ******* Facebook : ********www.facebook****/pages/Couillebleu/122012384639540 Twitter : ********twitter****/ChinNin1 League of Legends Chat room : Uncle Couille ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- League of Legends - Support AD Garen is a Beyblade This video shows CouilleBleu playing as an AD Garen, but he plays him as a support in the early phase of the game. Will he succeed in winning his games with his noobs builds? Don't forget to leave a comment, a thumbs up and a subscribe! Don't forget to share this on Facebook and Twitter! And most importantly, don't forget to watch in HD! This video was made thanks to Riot Games' League of Legends. The Garen gameplay and commentary was made by me. Huge thanks to League Replay which enabled me to record these gameplays. Also, here are the players featured in this video : CouilleBleu, Krazy91, Murdered, Playdark7, Skaldor, xD3M3NT3Dx, Chillirainbo, Gabe Garcia, HelloHakio, richard878, Yotipo, DankSlurpee, Picaray, bazilisk, Orangeshot, angelicfox, SmashedHippo, xcNorris, Blackballzz, JoiningPQ, AmazzingTag, Gozupber, KlavierAchse, Mikman360, Hardy44, Aeziox, HowlingCat, AllGoodIGNsTaken, IveGotThePower, ve1gar, CueK, NLH, Vzlang,youkonwme, HellStones Wanna play this game? Click this link : *******signup.leagueoflegends****/?ref=4fa074756c761031038600. This link is a referral that gives me reward if you sign up via this link. If you want to sign without a referral, click here : ********signup.leagueoflegends****/en/signup/index
24 Aug 2013
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