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At the following link you will find a blacklist over so called professionals that we can NOT recommend: The list includes individuals in a wide range of professions that have connection to the social service within the child protection services that, in our opinion, can NOT be recommended.
16 May 2008
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He's been hit by, he's been struck by hypocritical criminals.
12 Jan 2011
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Dir. By Q.P Visions for Southstate Ent. youtube****/shymeek1000 Facebook****/michenchmen
17 Feb 2012
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samurai shodown sen...
23 Mar 2017
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What a Paradox !!! bush and his henchmen tells us constantly that Syria Lies about everything and they cannot be trusted BUT......... They can be trusted not to torture people that the CIA and DOD send to their country. A funny thing happened on the way to war with Iran and Syria - We catch the bush administration in bed with the Syrian government - whoring around with them so they will torture the people they send them. Makes one think that all the sabre rattling mybe a show for the masses and that all leaders are in the same club. And their favorite sport is watching the people die in senseless wars while they count the money !!
29 Jan 2007
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This weeks Hip Hop News Presented by Sasha Solette Foxy Brown Warrant for Arrest Yayo Arrested for Lil Henchmen Attack Snoop Dogg Denied UK Visa Jay Z vs LA Reid? The Hilton - Kardashian Sex Tapes Lil Jon Breaks Bling Record
29 Mar 2007
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Fred Kohler Jr. is a tough, gun toting, muscled cowboy who likes to fight first in The Pecos Kid. Kohler’s father, Fred Kohler Sr., was also a famous western star, and his son brings the same gravitas and swagger that made his father so acclaimed. The Pecos Kid starts off rough with a young man’s entire family being murdered. Fortunately, he would grow up to be the savage Kohler, who’s more than capable of exacting revenge. And that’s exactly what he has in mind. The wealthy old baron responsible for the takeover of his family’s old home is protected by a large number of henchmen, and Kohler takes them all on in a barrage of well executed fist fights. The Pecos Kid is gritty western filmmaking like it’s supposed to be done.
30 Nov 2007
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Vintage stilted crime drama at its best, Prison Mutiny is the sordid story of Johnny Gray (Edward Norris) who is wrongfully imprisoned. Gray is just a normal sociable guy with a few minor law infractions in the course of his busy life. All this changes when Gray’s car is stolen and used for a holdup! Gray swears he’s innocent, but all the henchmen arrested in the crime swear he was the mastermind. In prison, Gray gets to know a hardened convict who is planning on organizing a mass escape. Gray himself becomes meaner, as his prospects of ever being rightfully released get slimmer and slimmer. Fortunately, Gray meets other, kinder souls in prison and learns more about life than he ever did during his carefree days on the street. Prison Mutiny is a hard look at life and crime, and the terror of wrongful imprisonment.
11 Feb 2008
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This East Side Kids feature shows Danny being seduced into the boxing ring by shady mobster Monk Martin. When Danny is disqualified from the fighting in the Golden Gloves Championship, Mugs takes his place and starts training. However, Monk and his henchmen attempt to make the public think that Mugs is a crooked fighter who intends to throw the fight. This isn’t true, and Danny and Mugs must find a way out of the mess together.
29 Mar 2008
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"Salazar Returns" In Part One of The Rookie Day 3 The Rookie, Jason Blaine takes on a Mexican drug smuggler and his henchmen. Check out Degree's The Rookie done in partnership with 24 and FOX. Tune in every Monday for a new episode. Learn more about the Rookie at: degreerookie****
1 Apr 2008
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Narrowly escaping into an alleyway, the man in the black suit and April have a moment together in safety, before they are interrupted and have a face off with some dangerous henchmen.
10 Apr 2008
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gaara fighting the ultimate weapons henchmen. band seven dust song driven. 3rd amv. I DO NOT OWN THE ANIME OR THE MUSIC
30 Sep 2009
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Bowja is back! Better, Bolder and Bigger than ever! (Well, he's still pretty short actually) This time you have to infiltrate Bigman's compound neutralise his evil henchmen, get control of a deadly missile he's planning on using, and switch off the central satellite dish. Oh... And you've gotta escape! Objective's the same this time round, complete the mission and get the hella outta there in the shortest time possible! Good luck!
9 Feb 2009
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Welcome back zappers, Im Devin Curry with *******Shazap****. Your online video source for comic book news and reviews. Follow me on Twitter at *******twitter****/devincurry. Yeah this book. It is just such a fun read and written so well. I am a sucker for nostalgia when it is fun and playful and this book is really doing it for me. Soundwave was always my favorite Disepticon as a kid because he had they cool voice and all the little henchmen and he was a tape recorder. The least menacing transformation ever but he was one of the meanest dudes out there. In this book not only is he badass but his little henchmen are too. They are set loose on New York and wreak some serious havoc on the city. One of them, the little dude Frenzy, takes out the entire military force assembled by himself. We do find out that the earth had some knowledge of the Transformers from there previous battle on earth but they obviously don’t have enough to know how to stop them. The Autobots aren’t in this issue at all and I’m just wondering how much more the people of earth can take. The end of the book is just incredible and if you’re not careful you might start cheering for the bad guys. Distributed by Tubemogul.
25 Sep 2008
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*******videogiftguide**** The Joker's Henchmen hatch a plan!
1 Nov 2008
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In an order to stop Devin's quest, the United States Department of State actually raided and planted bugs in the hotel room. Real behind the scenes footage that captures our country's henchmen hard at work.
11 Nov 2008
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