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As the first director of the Stratton Mountain Ski School, Emo Henrich nurtured generations of young ski instructors. Emo brought Austrian culture to Vermont skiing, along with dozens of Austrian instructors each year. Being from Tyrol, Austria, Emo started the Stratton Mountain Boys, an internationally-renowned musical group that sang and played music from his native Tyrol. He played with the group for decades, playing guitar, singing, dancing.
27 Nov 2009
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Consolidation in the banking industry continues at a rapid-fire pace, bringing with it an avalanche of post-merger-integration challenges. Bank of America Corp., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., and Wells Fargo & Co. are all projecting significant synergies from their recent deals, but none have offered details on how those saving will be achieved. In this edition of Inside the Deal, Corporate Dealmaker's Suzanne Stevens talks with Dino Mauricio, managing director of M&A integration for Getzler Henrich & Associates about the hurdles that lie ahead and just how long shareholders are willing to wait to see results.
14 Oct 2008
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Firngleiter - kurz auch Figl genannt - sind 50 bis 66 cm lange Skier. Bigfoot und Snowblades sind ihnen ähnlich. Emo Henrich (1922-2009) - der Erfinder und Pionier des Figlns aus Innsbruck ließ seinen Firngleiter in den frühen 1950er Jahren patentieren. Er spricht im Film über die Anfänge des Figlns. Im Jahr 1990 wurde Figln in Österreich offiziell als Sportart anerkannt und es fanden erste Meisterschaften statt. Das Figln wird vor allem bei weichem Frühlingsschnee - dem Firn - ausgeübt. Die für diese Jahreszeit typischen Schneebedingungen können mit Hilfe der Figl perfekt ausgenutzt werden. Gegen Ende der Wintersaison ist das Figln eine abwechslungsreiche und lustige Sportart für Jung und Alt. 
 Firn gliders - also known as "Figl" - are 50 to 60 centimeters long skies. Bigfoot and Snowblades are similar to that skies. Emo Henrich (1922-2009) - the inventor and pioneer of the Figl from Innsbruck patented his firn glider in the early 1950s. In the film he speaks about the beginning of Figln. In the year 1990 Figln was recognized as an official sport and the first championships took place in Austria. Figln is exercised especially at soft snow in spring - the firn. With the aid of the Figl you can perfectly utilize the typical snow conditions for this season. At the end of the season Figln is a varied and funny sport for the young and the young at heart.
6 Apr 2012
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** - VEG THE DIET OF MEDICAL DOCTORS Carter M.D.(m) The only individual action, which is a no-brainer and we all ought to be doing it, is just to stop eating meat. McDougall M.D.(m) if you make this kind of profound change, you should expect profound changes in your physical appearance, your activity levels, and the way you appear as far as age is concerned. Roba M.D.(m) Once you become vegan, your mind clears up and your spirit clears up. All that karmic, negative energy of being involved eating dead animals clears out of your system Klaper M.D.(m) I realized that an animal-based diet was not a healthful thing no matter what I had learned in school and our farm growing up. Milton Mills, M.D.(m) our bodies are not designed to handle animal foods Montgomery M.D.(m) One patient, she was wheeled into the office and exam room by her husband, and she’d had quadruple bypass (heart) surgery. She’d had a stent placed in one of the arteries subsequent to surgery, she was on 21 medications, had a history of diabetes, she was on insulin, she had arthritis, (and) she was on an oxygen tank. (She) was just discharged from the hospital; she’d had some bladder infection and some other issues. Neal Barnard M.D.(m) Our research shows several benefits of a vegan diet. Very gradually, very gently, your blood sugar starts coming down. Your weight comes down as well. Blood cholesterol comes down as well, very impressively and blood pressure comes down as well. Your digestion is better, so a person who has had chronic constipation, that’s usually fixed in about 24 to 48 hours. It’s that quick! Montgomery M.D.(m) They came back in 10 days. She was walking, talking, laughing, no wheelchair, no oxygen, etc. Alexander Dargatz, MD - Child psychiatrist; World champion bodybuilder (Germany), Vegan Anteneh Roba, MD - Ethiopian emergency medicine doctor; Co-founder and president, International Fund for Africa (USA), Vegan Arno Schneider, MD - Orthomolecular doctor (Germany), Vegetarian Baxter Montgomery, MD – Cardiologist, founder and president of Houston Cardiac Association and Wellness Center (USA), Vegan Caldwell Esselstyn, MD - Internationally renowned surgeon and author (USA), Vegan David Ryde, MD - General practice doctor, Medical adviser to British Olympics Team (United Kingdom), Vegan Ernst W. Henrich, MD - Medical doctor and naturopath (Germany), Vegan Gholamali Beski, MD - Esteemed physician, surgeon, gynecologist, environmentalist (Iran), Vegan Hans-Günter Kugler, MD - Orthomolecular doctor (Germany), Vegetarian Hwang Seong-Soo, MD - Acclaimed neurosurgeon (South Korea), Vegan John McDougall, MD - Internal medicine doctor, Bestselling author, nutrition expert (USA), Vegetarian José Luis Pérez Albela, MD – Medical Surgeon, founder and director of Institute Bien de Salud (Perú), Vegetarian Leila Masson, MD - Pediatrician (New Zealand), Vegan Luciana Baroni, MD - Neurologist, geriatrician and gerontologist (Italy), Vegetarian Mei Hsiang-yang, DMD – Dentist; Founder of the Long Chain Against Cancer Program (Formosa/Taiwan), Vegetarian Michael Greger, MD - Physician, international speaker, author (USA), Vegan Michael Klaper, MD - Physician, nutrition expert, lecturer, author (USA), Vegan Michela De Petris, MD - Surgeon and food science specialist (Italy), Vegetarian Milton Mills, MD - Internal medicine doctor and national speaker (USA), Vegetarian Neal Barnard, MD - Clinical researcher, author; Founding president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; President of The Cancer Project (USA), Vegan Pedro Silva Jaramillo, MD - Internal medicine physician, neurologist (Chile), Vegetarian Peter Carter, MD - Family physician; Founding director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (Canada), Vegan Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD - Internationally known physician, nutritionist, author (USA), Vegan Thomas Nocuń, MD - Internal medicine doctor, Women’s health specialist and author (Poland), Vegetarian Umberto Veronesi, MD - Internationally renowned surgeon and oncologist; former Italian Minister of Health (Italy), Vegetarian Wichai Ekataksin, MD - Tropical medicine faculty, Mahidol University (Thailand), Vegetarian Zareen Patel, MD - Clinical geneticist (India), Vegetarian Zarin Azar, MD - Iranian gastroenterologist, Kaiser Permanente (USA), Raw Vegan Huang Chien-Hsun, MD - Director of Hospice Ward, National Taiwan University Hospital (Formosa/Taiwan) Jérôme Bernard-Pellet, MD – Physician and Co-Founder of APSARES (France) They are some of the countless noble examples of compassion and wisdom. Dr Greger. M.D.(m) To prevent… both prevent and treat diabetes, the best thing we can do is move very rapidly to a vegan diet Neal Barnard, M.D.(m) There was a man who came into our study named Vance. It seemed to him like the easiest diet in the world, because he didn’t have to limit how much he ate. Well as time went on he lost weight, he lost weight and he lost weight. After a year he had lost 60 pounds. His blood sugar, which had been out of control, came down so much his doctor sat him down and said, “Vance, you’ve been on this diet; you don’t have diabetes anymore.” His doctor took him off his medicine. Cousens: M.D.(m) The most optimum diet, it’s again organic, vegan, 80% live food. Greger. M.D.(m) The difference between vegans and meat eaters in the United States is an average of 40 pounds. A new study published in the Journal of the American Diabetics Association, the largest study of vegans in human history ; Never before have thousands of vegans been studied at one time. And what it showed was that the only dietary group that actually achieved a healthy weight, in fact the perfect healthy weight, was the vegans. Klaper M.D.(m) I wish someone had told me in medical school how effective a plant-based diet would be for real life diseases. So keep in good company with the noble circle of vegetarian and vegan elite. Klaper M.D.(m) The truth of this is so powerful. John McDougall M.D.(m) It's a simple message: Roba M.D.(m) The first and the foremost thing anybody can do is be vegan. John McDougall M.D.(m) There's nothing complicated about this. It's one big solution. Greger. M.D.(m) You have to give it a try, and once you experience the benefits, it’s unthinkable to go back. Esseltyn M.D.(m) And the most exciting thing of all is that the benefits do nothing but continue to improve. Neal Barnard, M.D.(m) There is one regret that sometimes people have. They regret that they didn’t do this about 20 years earlier. Because to be in a body that feels healthy, it’s the best possible thing. Kids: Go Veggie! And the list goes on…Please visit www.SupremeMasterTV****/VE for further club list and info. Choose Veggie and Join the Club!
22 Jul 2011
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7 Oct 2016
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